Thursday, October 23, 2008

22 Degrees ~ BRRRRRR

This morning started out WAY too cold. I was playing with a photo of the dawgs from the other day. They are just far too spoiled. Here is a layout I made using a frame from Vicki-AWP's Pompey, and her Raining Cats and Dogs collab. One paper came from Mel's part of the kit. Both are extremely talented, as you already know.

So now, on to the business of the Pumpkin Carving Contest.

I'll take just a moment to explain a little about this. This is my "Scary Pumpkin Jean". Jean is my Cuz become adopted sister. As a child I lived with my aunt and uncle for a year while my father was fighting in Vietnam. (I really wish we, the human race, could learn that war is just plain bad for everyone). Just a little bit of my opinion! Back to life in Wisconsin. My aunt and uncle had 8 children. We were quite a group, and never bored. I had not seen any of them for about 40 years. My aunt and I had worked on a "living Memorial" video slide show for her children a couple years ago. She wanted me to make adjustments at the time of her passing so that it could be used at her memorial. Tragically, we lost her this past July. I returned to the farm, and spent 10 days there. It was amazing how the years just melted away, and we were children again. They decided that since I had been a sister of sorts, as a child, that I am still a sister, and an aunt to their children. Works for me - you can never have enough family!

So here is the process I went through coming up with my pumpkin idea. The contest was Jean's idea. I happened to take this really horrible photo of her - so I decided to use it.

I used a little Photoshop in an effort to give myself some carving guidelines.

and here is the final result. I need to address some issues next year. I have only carved a few pumpkins in my life. Perhaps I will take on Mrs. Miles idea and head on over to Martha Stewart's site for some ideas. Bur here it is, such that it is!

The glasses are important because she always wears them on her head.... I won't win any prizes, but should get a smile or two... and that is more fun anyway!!!

I trust nobody will make too much fun of me! So now the temp has risen to a whole 40 degrees F - Mr E wishes to split more wood. I am the official stacker, so off I go to do something physical. Have a wonderful day.



txbubbles said...

Ha!Ha!Ha! What a fabulous pumpkin! Can't wait to here what she has to say about it. Hey, we a a norther blow through last night, it was 42 this morning and now at 4:30 it is 64. Keep those fires burning and stay warm.
Vicki in Texas

Carol said...

Ohhh, she is gonna kill you! LOL
But in the end I think she will be honored! Hey, nobody ever made a pumpkin out of my head.....LOL
You are sooooo clever! I would of never thought of taking a picture over to PS.....Well, stacker...I was a slacker today....LOL I gotta get me butt in gear and post on my blog. Have a great night and stay WARM!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

First - what a special relationship you built with your Cuz - at least some good came out of something not so good. And inspiring you've nurtured your closeness through the years.

Too funny - she's going to LOVE you for publishing that photo, I bet haha, if it were my sister I'd be expecting a charlie horse *snort*

Your punkin turned out terrific - Martha's got nuthin on you sweet!

I liked her idea of using wood carving tools. I have a set I used to make soapstone carvings with - I bet they would work great.

Thank you for sharing - I've joined a Show and Tell Friday (check my blog) and perhaps you'll come along too sometime - you seem to have such great stuff to share!

Cicero Sings said...

Knowing how hard pumpkins are to carve ... I think you did a great job! ... But I won't be sending you a picture of me anytime soon. Ha!

Beckie said...

That Pumpkin is FABULOUS! Love your layout too!

Susie2shoes said...

You did a great job, all I can carve is a zigzag mouth a triangle for a nose and a mess for eyes.

We don't celebrate Halloween here in the UK as much as you do. I used to when my two children where small, but not now. We live in a very small village and celebrating Halloween was frowned upon. So my two little one would dress up, go out the back door and come round to the front door and knock. I would give them loads of sweets and toffee apples. I shall have to dig out a few photo's and put them on my blog. I'm sure I've got a photo of me dressed as a witch!

I love the scrap page you did with the dogs.

Big Hugs