Friday, October 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

They are calling for a beautiful day today, so I am turning off the computer and heading out to stack some firewood. Doesn't that sound like to much fun.

I came across a blog today, an I found this to be quite inspiring. I am linking to the first part of the post on poverty. It was awe inspirnin as I read it. So I thoughtI would put it out there before I shut down and go out to play. The Blog is Mermaid's Haven ~ I am sharing this because I was touched by what she had to say.

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Carol said...

Hi! First I want to say Thanks! for stoppin by my blog! It was really sweet what you said! I still have a long way to go with photography...I think I just try too hard sometimes! lol But I will get the hang of it one of these days and have plenty of time to practice, practice and practice some more! hahaha
Secondly I looked at all your photos and I am really IMPRESSED!! When I was looking and reading your post from yesterday, I think, I said to myself I want to live on your back deck!!! The view is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!! The wilderness photos are just perfect too! That photo of 'Bambi' is a WOWSER!!! Yes I could go on and on, cause I actually looked at everyone! and I totally enjoyed it! You sure do some nice work! I'll be stoppin by on occasion to see your photos and of course to read your musings, now I am hungry for some chili!!!! Thanks!! lol
Well I dont need to write you a book Just wanted to say thanks and LOVE your photos!!!