Friday, October 31, 2008

Even a Blonde Can Be Taught LOL!!!

Boy Howdy! I decided I would take on the task of snagging some Blinkies. You went to the trouble of having them made, or making them yourselves, I felt I should bring them on over to my page. Simple enough... NO! Not so much. One thing that can be said for me - I am not a quitter. (...And... I am definitely HTML code CHALLENGED) I may not do it the easiest way, but I will get it done. First of all, let me clear something up. I know I have a long list of Blinkies on my site. That is correct. How did I get them there? I went to pages that had them... with links that worked... and snagged the source code... that was the easy route. Today I actually had to use a few extra brain cells. But (Happy Dance) I am pleased to say I did it - checked the links and (YAHOO) they work! A couple didn't have links, so I had to save the picture to my desktop - load into my photobucket - grab the HTML code - copy and paste into my widget - grab the page address, link it and "wala" - well sort of. They kept linking to my photobucket... so I had to use a few more brain cells... delete the first part of my code to the image... confused? Me too... but they are there, an they work.

Mrs. Miles, who is one of my favorite reads, has some great bread ideas on her site. I don't need to link to her on this one... just on principle. You can get there from her BLINKIE!!! Anyway, go to her OCT 20th post. She links you to a site with an easy (no knead) artisan bread. "Why is she telling us this" you might ask? Yesterday I went to town. I picked up a pizza stone for this project, an am planning to give it a shot this weekend. If I don't totally embarrass myself with this attempt, I will post photos. We will just have to see how it goes.

There are two days left before it is supposed to turn down right ugly outside... so I am off to get the rest of the yard work done. I thought I would share a few fun photos with you.

My Hubby and I were married in New Zealand. Wow, I love that place. It reminds me of Montana with shoreline. One of my favorite days was spent in The Catlins (besides the wedding in Arthur's Pass, of coarse!) We were there in March, which is their Fall. We were on the South Island, so it was a little cooler than up north. It was a wondrous place. At some point I will post other photos, but for now, I want to concentrate on this one spot. We were on a beach (Cannibal Bay), by ourselves. The only company we had were a few seals and sea lions flopped around on the beach. I came across a scene between a mama and baby sealion. It was quite comical. It was so easy to to give it captions. One thing I want to point out - the photo quality is SO SO. The reason for this is that I was a total amateur at the time. (No formal education). I say this because I have always had an "eye". I often see the world around me as a photo... but I did not have the mechanics down so well. I did not know that when shooting with color film, you want to buy the professional film and cut the ISO in half. The photos themselves printed nicely, but when scanning the negatives, I find I am working with a lower quality image. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Let the fun begin

They are so cute when they are young

Then... they learn to "talk back"

Does this feel like anything familiar (mom's of teens?)

A moment of peace - ?

Or not!!!


And so am I LOL ~ Have a great day!!!


An amendment to the original post:

Carol has pointed out the photo I seem to have left out - so she used her creative talent to finish the story... Thanks for the additional insight!!! ROFL!!!


Carol said...

You'll love the pizza stone! The more you use it, the more seasoned it gets!! Love your pics, but you forgot one....LOL check your mail....LOL Have a great weekend!!!

Carol said...

Now it looks PERFECT...and how true.....Thanks my friend! I think I will be smiling for the rest of the day....hahaha

Susie2shoes said...

Te He

Fabulous post, how clever are you with the blinkies! You are so good posting every day, I'm just to lazy and my life is a little boring at the moment.

I was wondering why you picked New Zealand for your honeymoon. They say they NZ and the UK are pretty similar, I wouldn't really know has I've never been there.

The seals look so cute and the additional one from Carol is very sweet.

Have a great weekend

Cicero Sings said...

Oh, you'll have fun making that bread. I want to get the book now myself!

I wondered what you met about blinkies (I was reading your post on blog lines) until I went to your site ... then I knew. I'm not smart enough for blinkies! And I'm not blond ... just gray, gray, gray!

Susie2shoes said...

I hope you feel better soon. I had my flu shot about a month ago and it knocked me sideways for a day or two.

Mrs. Miles said...

LOL - love the photos and acompanying story! This must have been a fabulous place to visit and be on your own. How long did you stay in NZ? This is one place I'd love to visit.

OHhhhhhhh - I am SO looking forward to a glimpse of your bread! Everyone I know who's tried it has met with success, and a pizza stone is on my Christmas wish list. I bought a bag of cornmeal in preparation. OK - so secretly hoping I'll find a pizza stone at our local thrift before then haha! I can hardly wait.

Thanks for sharing. Just got back from a weekend visit from our daughter's - will post it soon.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

~ Barb

Mrs. Miles said...

ohhh - it should be RISEN by now...

hahahhhaa - over eagerly awaiting your bread!