Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling a Little "Horsey" - and - "Muley"

I'd like to start by saying that I just am not good at roasting pumpkin seeds, so I will leave it to the experts! I think the sweet concept is good, but definately would scratch the salt (that is if I was actually going to try this ever again!) I usually like sweet and salty combined, but not so much on this. For some reason, I think that they taste a little like eating sunflower seed shells. I love pumpkin seeds, but will stick to buying them at the health food store, thank you very much!
Hubby and the two doof-boys have left for the day... Augh! Peace and quiet. I actually get to run the vacuum with out one of the furballs going into full panic mode. So I plan to take full advantage. Soon, very soon.

I thought today I would share some fun photos. I had a project once that involved taking a digital image, printing it on a type of special transparency - and printing a "contact print". Basically the prints are 8x10, as are the negatives. We only had a short time to come up with a process. Ours failed miserably (VanDyke Brown). It was OK, kind of sepia and all... but I wasn't satisfied. I decided to just take it into the darkroom and call 'er good! My instructor told me that it would be very hard to get a good quality print - yeah? He didn't pay much attention to the 2 years he had me in classes. Tell ME I can't accomplish something? The prints were great! ...and I got an A. One thing I decided to do was to take several equine photos, and do some fun stuff... and here is what some of the final prints looked like. I actually had someone see a few prints I had given a friend (a thank you gift) and they ordered 2 prints and 4 magnets... Woo!Hoo!

The last one is my favorite. Look closely - No, it is not one of those "ink blot" tests. Some can see it right away, others have to give it a little thought. Which are you?

I hope to finish the Pumpkintoday... I only have a few details left... fingers crossed I don't totally mess it up! Have a great day!



Carol said...

I kept saying this is definately an inkblot test!!! yes, I am one of those that it takes awhile....LOL But I finally saw it....yippie, I am NOT retarted after all....hahahaha it only took about 5 minutes....and I see all 4 of them....LOL I was also thinking,(while trying to figure out what it was) how in the world can this be your favorite???!!!! But know I see why....looks pretty neat. I really love them all...great blending on them! But my favorite is the 4th one...looks stunning!!!!!
Sorry your pumpkin seeds didnt work, I actually have no desire for them myself, to me its like eating watermelon seeds....YUCK! hahaha
Can't wait to see this pumpkin..gonna make us wait till Halloween??? LOL I sure hope not!
Have a good one and thanks for sharing your pics!!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Wow what wonderful prints....I got the ink blot test first go...does that mean anything? Apart from I'm strange and I knew that already, lol!!
Good luck with the pumpkin too!!

txbubbles said...

Oh Wow! At first I thought I was a total tard, it did look like an ink blot, but then I saw the two horses. Yippee skippee, something went right for me today! Beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing your amazing skills.
Vicki in Texas

Susie2shoes said...

Beautiful job with these photos. Ha ha! I saw the 4 horses but thought there was more to it and tried to see what there was in the Gaussian background. There I go always looking for more then there is.

My favourite photo is the second one, the texture and light is just lovely. I would most certainly hang that photo on my walls.

I admire you trying to cook, or roast the pumpkin seeds. I hate cooking so I am happy to buy them from my local store.

Big hugs

Barbara said...


Love the prints. I saw the 4 horses right away but my fav is the 6th print. I love the horse's mane in that print. Gorgeous!

I love horses; call me weird but I love the smell of a barn with horses.

Hummie said...

Oh, printing on transparencies is something I've wanted to do for a while now...I found a great way to use them with a frame...I put it in my forum somewhere.

Thanks for sharing your photos...they are awesome.

I don't think I'll do sweet pumpkin seeds if they do not work with salt well...I love salty over sweet any day!