Monday, October 20, 2008

I Got 3 Awards

Woo ~ Hoo! Somebody cares...

The first one is from Miss T - sorry it has taken me a little bit to go pick it up. I do feel honored. I am somewhat new, but I will try to figure out 7 bloggers I have come by that I really do think are deserving. The thing is, I know how much work it is to pass this on - not so much for me, but for those I wish to pass it on to.... So I am going to drop down to the second Award, that I received from Susie2Shoes... and just make one list of my 6 favs. No disrespect intended, but I have been blogging such a short time, and aside from my photos, have done little to promote my site. It is just a good outlet, and I so appreciate the few people who have dropped by and said hello - and extended words of encouragement.

I have to tell you 6 things I love and then pass it on to 6 people.
Here are my 6 things:

The Lord, which does not need a number - it just IS...

1. Frank, my husband and our 2 goofball dogs, Morgan and Max
2. My Mom, and Brothers and sisters, which include the ones I inherited in Wisconsin (all 8 of them) - and my nieces and nephew. I am truly blessed! My Son, Step Kids, and 5 grandbabies.... FAMILY...

3. Friends ~ ones I have had for a life time, and the new ones who are scrapoholics like myself.
4. Montana - HOME
5. Scrapbooking - Photography - Making the memories carry down through the ages
6. Music ~ I LOVE MUSIC!!!

(WHEW ~ How hard was that. How do you put your passions down into such a small group?!)

I'm passing it on to the following people:

Miss T






There are so many others out there that I could nominate... but these are a few who I have come across who have alot going for them... some beginners, some advanced.

OK ~ so my "Blogger Brain" is exhausted for the moment. There is something I need to go do, and I will return later with a small gift.

And, just as I finished posting this, I went to let Carol know I had an award for her on my blog... she had an award for me on her Blog. Thank you kindy. I will try to keep my photos fresh for your enjoyment - and if all goes well, I may try my hand at designng some gifts for y'all.

a fun photo for you - some pumpkins designed by my nieces and nephew for a "family pumpkin contest" TOO CUTE!


Mrs. Miles said...

WELL DESERVED - and I don't say that lightly.

Oh - the pumpkins are TOO Adorable - what are the decorations made out of? Do you buy the parts?

Thanks for sharing & I think you would be wonderful at designing!

have a great day!

~ Barb

eilajean said...

The Pumkins were made in Wisconsin by my nieces and nephew - truthfully, they look lik Mr Potato Head piece3s. I actually have Mr Potato head kits here for our grand children to play with.

I personally have a pretty special pumpkin planned for my entry in this contest. I really should go find my carving tools! LOL!

Barbara said...


Thank you so much for the award. I feel very humbled by it. Your comments are very appreciated. By the way, I love your photos on your blog. I was showing my daughter the view from your back deck and kitchen window. What pristine views! I must say you are in God's country!

Just Passing Through

Carol said...

OMG Another I am gonna sleep tonight....LOL Ya know, when I got that first award on thurs. I thought it would be my ONLY one....LOL what a fool I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I am gonna have to get a pin and deflate my ego soon...LMAO.... I guess I know what I will be bloggin' next Ohh man, I am on cloud nine!!!

Those pumpkins are adorable, What a clever idea using Mr. Potato Head! I hate to be the judge for these, everyone would get a prize!
I used to carve pumpkins every year, I had all the perfect tools and everything, one year when I was into ceramics I took a pumpkin made of clay and carved out my last pumpkin....I should take a pic of anyway it took me hours to do it in clay, but it came out pretty good. And I havent carved another since. LOL
I totally cant wait to see what you come up with, I sure its gonna be a winner!
Thanks Again Eila, I do appreciate all your kind words, you are making this an easy adjustment into the blogging world!