Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little side trip

We had company for a couple of days. This morning, we went to breakfast and headed to Seeley Lake to button up the last bit of chores there. I just love when the lake is calm! It was only 32 degrees F (I am metrically challenged... is that ZERO C?) It is back to the wood lot for us. Only four more days to get this done. Everybody have a super fantastic day!
oops! I almost forgot... in honor of the upcoming 19th anniversary of my 29th birthday, DH is gtting me an upgrade for Photosop CS. WOO HOO - the new CS4 is out, and I am SYKED!!!!! I love all that CS3 has to offer (tried the free 30 day trial) but am glad I held out for "4". This is me doing the happy dance around my computer!!! It gives me the stregnth to go pile wood chunks!


Mrs. Miles said...

*boing boing BOING!*

I'm SYKED for ya - and a tad envious all at the same time LOL!

Ohh - what anniversary plans?


Thanks for another lovely post.

~ Barb

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Eila, Happy 48th Birthday to you!
And many more!


eilajean said...

not for a few more days.... and then CS4 WOO HOO

ruthleen said...

quite nice blog,your pictures are clear,well got to go to the beach,i think someday you will think the Virgin Islands will be a perfect getaway

eilajean said...

Someday? As winter starts to set in - I already think the Virgin Islands sound very nice!!!

Carol said...

An upgrade!!! Now, I am jealous!!! LOL How cool is that! Someday I will go beyond the Elements, probably when Pigs fly, but I can dream, can't I? LOL
Sending you a HAPPY 29th Birthday!
May all your wishes come true! and to stay 29 that long.....GOOD FOR YOU!!! LOL
That photo is WONDERFUL!!! I love it when the water is that calm, makes the reflection in the water sooo much nicer! The background is simply gorgeous! To see that in person must be a thrill!
Have a great day gf, stay warm! And I am sooooo happy to hear you didnt have to lug all the WOOD...tooo funny, I even thought that! When my hubby came home from work I had to show him that picture.. He never seen anything like it before either! So I am thinking your gonna be nice and toasty all winter!!! LOL We have been cranking our wood stove at night, and I gotta say, it feels wonderful, but I am still not sleeping in the garage....YET....LOL
Take Care!!! and Keep those photo coming!

Susie2shoes said...

Hey Eileen what a fabulous gift. Happy birthday to you, whenever it is. I have a birthday soon so we are both Scorpios. My birthday is going to be my thirty twenty two th, if that makes sense. Age is just a number and I feel in my heart that I'm still a teenager, I simply refuse to grow up, why should I? The only real difference between the 1970’s and now is that my knees and back are sore but I can now cook :D

I do believe I have eaten just a bit too much sugar this evening. We've been playing Nintendo Wii and easting candy which is always a fatal combination.

Just wanted to say that the photograph of the lake is stunning.

Big Hugs