Saturday, October 11, 2008

A previous layout

Here is another layout I had done previously. I used Vicki's zipper from her Fizzypop kit, and the paper from her Beach Holiday kit. She is so talented - and gracious. The word art is from Chantel Taake. It was a great find. (NOTE: I did not link to Chantal's site for 2 reasons... one, she seems to no longer be blogging since August - and when I was on her site checking the link... my Windows One Care popped up to tell me about some ugly trojan horses that were trying to get to my computer... that is a bad thing, so don't go there...) I do think that the word art may be a direction for me to point myself in as far as the whole creation aspect. The name frames are my own creation, again an idea for something I know I could create, and have some fun with. And, of coarse, I was the photographer for this happy occasion. Summer was so much fun this year!


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Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Eileen,

Thank you for your visit to my blog - I truly ate up your feedback! Some great thoughts there. I'm sure this is not my last struggle I'll have with this issue.

Your word frames are a VERY cool idea! I've not seen anything like this before!

I've signed up to follow your blog now, so I should get alerts when you update. I'll enjoy becoming a 'regular' to your blog.

Have a good day!
~ Barb