Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Musings

To me, life is such a miracle. There is beauty that cannot be explained any other way than the magnificent hand of God. I feel so blessed to have been able to travel and see such wonder. I sometimes forget how lucky I am. When I start to feel restless, and bored, I can take a trip in my mind to all the places and experiences I have had, and it gives me a renewed sense of self. It makes the little stuff just that ~ stuff! If you ever get the chance to see Bryce Canyon, I say DO IT! I am fortunate that two of my sisters live in Kanab, Utah. I was able to visit them this past spring. DH and I were able to go to Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon on day trips. They are so different from what we are used to here in Montana. This is home, and I would not trade the forests for the red rocks... but the red rocks are fabulous. I do have to say that Yellowstone will always be my favorite national park ~ even thought I am an hour and a half from Glacier... I'd rather do the 8 hour drive to YS... hands down! That is another one of my recommendations... Go through the Lamar Valley (one of the few roads open in the park year round)... If you do it in the early spring the wild life is abundant. Just my opinion, I could be wrong!

It is a bit nippy today. The heat just kicked on... might be time to build a fire in the ole wood stove. Speaking of which, here is a nifty little tip for anyone who uses wood for heat. To get the creosote off the glass of a fireplace/ wood stove , get a damp paper towel (actually 2) plus one dry towel. Dip the damp PT in the white ash in the stove, and scrub the glass, just like washing dishes... and it breaks up the burned on creosote. It wipes right off. Then I use the second damp PT to rinse it in a manner of speaking... then the dry PT to, obviously, dry it. Presto! You have clean glass. They make chemical stuff that you can buy... but why, when the ash is already there? I found this on the Internet when we first bought this house. It suggests using newspaper, but that gets the hands and nails so dirty.

I have been really liking this Blog thing. It has given me a chance to connect with interesting people. I am grateful for this wonderful tool. I also have a myspace page, and a Facebook. I have to admit, I don't care for Facebook. It seems so cluttered to me. My myspace page seemed to have disappeared today and I was truly unhappy. I spent alot of time designing it, personalizing it. The by some miracle, it came back YAY. I think of that page in a whole different way than this one. I don't blog on myspace. I am picky about who my friends are. Two of my sisters, and three of my nieces have pages, and are my friends. I also have several of my classmates from college, and even a few people I had not seen or talked to in ten or more years. It is a good way to send a "Hi, I am thinking about you", and a good way to keep up with what is going on with them. I don't use it to meet people I don't already know, although I have added a few musicians to my page, just cuz I like them. I linked my page if you would like to go see what I am talking about...

I see this Blog in a different way. I have passed through some pages of people I admire for their talent and some shared ideas, and interests. I am new to digital scrapping, and very intimidated by the talent I see around me. As I read the thoughts of my favorite Bloggers, I get encouraged to try my hand at it. (and I shall ~ if I could just get the dust to settle a little!) As we head for the winter slumber, I feel optimistic that I will be able to get busy. I will be patient with myself until then!
And so, off I go to finish up some new, and old projects.

Be well and may God bless you, and shine his light on your path.

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Mrs. Miles said...

GOOD thoughts today - thanks for sharing. My husband and I have been to Bryce and Grand Canyon, and they are so MAJESTIC it really does put one in Awe! I always ache for others who have never travelled and seen the wonders.

I remember once we went through Yellowstone - just happened to be when the Harley Davidson Bikers rally was heading thru on their way to the big Sturgis rally - LOL {hard to hear nature over 100's of harleys} At any rate, we are standing at one of the 'geysers' beside this BIG, BURLY, MEAN looking biker, and he watches the geyser erupt and says sooo quietly "Dang!" ... even HE was impressed. Somehow that impressed me.

If you should EVER need help scrapping etc - I'm here!

I hope to check out your other pages later, but have to admit for some reason my husband and I have never done facebook. Ever. Scares me. I know that may sound silly, but I tend to go with my instincts.

Enjoyed today's entry!

Barb (Mrs. Miles)