Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This, That, and a really tired back!

Fall seems to almost be finished... but the brilliance of the Tamaracks is as stunning as ever! Hunting season has started... not my favorite time. Our older dog Morgan just does not like the sound of gunshots. It started about 3 years ago. Thunder doesn't phase him, but let him hear a faint sound WAYYY in the distance, and he is in full panic mode. Fourth of July is NO fun... We actually have "doggy Valium" for him for that special event. Max, couldn't care less... So for a little while today, I have been forced indoors with a scared little boy.

We have been busily putting up firewood. The shed is full, but we have a few really big ones left to clean up. Carol, are you jealous? LOL - with 2 stoves, you are going to need serious wood! The above photo is the wood-lot currently. That 3rd row will be full by the end of the day... and a fourth row will be in place by the end of the week. Mr Weatherman says it is going to get bad by Sunday. THANK GOODNESS!!!!! I am not sure my back can do another week of this. Ponderosa Pine and Tamaracks are not kind when it comes to the sheer volume of their branches. So far, we have 2 piles (each over 6'7" - hubby's height). Yes, I helped drag them, and pile them. After the first good snowfall, we are going to have a couple serious "bonfires" going. Get out the s'mores can.... (remind me to get back to that... have some new s'mores ideas I will share later in the post. I am thankful that we do have a wood splitter. Hubby runs it while I play "jenga" with the cut wood. It is so sappy and knotty - so I have to twist and turn pieces just so, in order to make the pile secure... few things are as un-fun as when the pile falls over. YUK! So this is where I have been since - hmmm- what day is this, and when did I last post.... tired back, tired brain! LOL!

And there is Max, he likes to help pick up the sticks... but he is not so gifted at getting them onto the piles... in fact I think I have seen him taking the sticks out of the piles. BAAADDD MAX.

Now a little s'mores FYI. A friend came to visit our cabin this summer. We have a cute little s'mores kit.

Isn't it too cute. Ours looks different, but you get the idea. I Had to try and google this to find it. They show up every now and then at Target. Anyway, we keep ours stocked with the marshmallows, Hershey's Chocolate, and Graham crackers. YUMMMM!!!! Just what I need - NOT. Anyway, my best good friend came to hang with us this summer. Se had a new take on them. CHOCOLATE graham crackers, CHOCOLATE marshmallows... and WHITE CHOCOLATE - or - Cookies and Cream candy bars. Now those were good!

Speaking of "GOOD"

I was watching the CBS EARLY SHOW yesterday (I think - I really do have my days messed up) - Anyway, here is a link to some really YUMMY sounding things to do with Pumpkin.


I am talking "VERY YUM!"

Well, time has come for me to head out to the"wood-lot" Keep a good thought for me. I sure wish my niece, who is a Massage therapist in PA, was here to help me out... Oh well, as they say, "it is what it is".




Barbara said...

I was wondering where you were these past couple of days. That wood pile looks like back-breaking work. Do you have a jacuzzi you can soak in? :)
Stay warm! ~Barbara

Carol said...

That has to be the BIGGEST wood pile I have EVER seen!!!!!! I am surprised to see you are still ALIVE after hauling all that wood...lol I'd be in the morgue, that's for sure! LOL My body is still cringing after looking at the photo....Holy Cow girl, you have me in AWE! Better you than me, I would sit down with the dogs, crank up a fire and make Smores for everyone.....hahaha While you walk past me, you could throw on log or two on the fire, so I stay nice and toasty...hahahhahahahaha
Your Morgan sounds like my KC...she doesnt like all those noises either, heck she runs away from me when I bring the grocery bags in. I have never seen a dog like that EVER! LOL Halloween and Christmas are a real blast around here, we wont see KC for a few days...lol she is afraid of the Halloween decorations and just when she thinks it's safe.... Out comes the Xmas Tree....LOL Poor KC!!
Well I am glad to see your still around, I have been checking this blog, for what seems like weeks and I saw nothing....LOL Good to have ya back! And give that niece of yours a call, I think its time for her to visit you!!! LOL

Susie2shoes said...

It sure is what it is.

I want your wood pile, I would kill for your wood pile ;)

Poor Morgan I know what it's like to be scared to death about something. With me it's suspension bridges! LOL x

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Eileen,

haha, you are the last stop of my procrastination before I tuck into canning today. The boxes are lurking, no LOOMING in the kitchen awaiting me.

No worries about updating, I'm busier than a two tailed beaver sensing danger. haha. I can see the thought of all that hard work is making me giddy already LOL!

Oh DO make the bread. DO - and share pics. I'd LOVE it.

Sadly our printer sits unused much at the moment as we are both so durn busy! It does incredible prints - I paint digitally and the prints on canvas are amazing! We do plan to fire it up again one day soon.

Thanks for your kind comments about our photography link. Huge compliment from someone I think has amazing photos!

Miles would be (or should I say 'wood' be) of your woodpile. He is a 'woodhog' - self diagnosed. When we camped all over the place he was the wood hunter, and there'e entire stories about his adventures. I even made a layout of that haha. Will share with you one day.

Poor Puppy - here its the 'guns' they shoot continuously in the vineyards to scare the birds. A dear friend had her dog run away from fright when they started - has not returned.

Love the smores kit idea.

I'll check out the pumpkin ideas ... AFTER the tomato canning, it will be my reward.

Thanks so much for ... well, everything! Love visiting you!

~ Barb