Monday, November 10, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Woo Hoo! The Photoshop arrived. Boo Hoo... I can't use it. I checked to see if I could upgrade from CS, which they said I could... and I COULD, if I had the"stand alone" version ~ which they failed to mention. But do not feel sad for me. I have another plan... Since my son is a college student, for a few more months, I am just going to have him buy it for me at the student price (the STAND LONE) version - which will actually cost me less than the upgrade cost at full price. Adobe has agreed to refund my money - they are destroying my serial number, so it can't be used. Again - fine by me. It is useless to me anyway. I did get to play with it for a few minutes before it became inactive (using it as a trial version). It has some cool attributes for editing images. They did take away the contact sheet and the picture package, which I actually use. So, now I am in a quandary. I can always leave my CS on the computer for those two things or just have the "boy" get me the CS3... which I can upgrade later - perhaps on CS8 or something - because, I will have the STAND ALONE version... LOL!!!!

Hummie (of
Hummie's World) posed an interesting question about backing up your files. Where? It got me to thinking how much trouble some scrappers have had with viruses, and crashing systems. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have 2 external hard drives (which have been known to fail - not mine - but I have heard sad tales of this). I spent yesterday, and today burning all my scrap stuff to DVDs... which wasn't too time consuming, as I only download from a few designers. I also decided to get all my photos backed up to DVD. HOLY TOLEDO!!! I have 97.67 GB of photos on my computer. I decided to move them all to one drive and go from there. I have a few duplicates, but figure I can sort that out later, now that I have them all backed up. I wait for Costco to have a coupon for "buy-one-get-one-free" dvds... so I have plenty. I just do not know what I would do if I crashed. I ask a great deal of my computer, and am surprised it hasn't a million times over. Today, I feel accomplished! Next is the task of deleting the ones I don't want, and filing them in a better order. At least now I am safe, and can get to the rest of it.

I made that Artisan bread last week, and it was quite tasty. I am now trying out the theory that the bread dough can be frozen, so I will report on that later.

It has been rainy for days and days. The mountains just returned... yay. I am off to build a fire and just try to stay warm. Have a great day, and don't forget our Veterans tomorrow. They make our lives so much better!


Barbara said...

What a bummer about the CS4 but, like you said, you can buy it for less now...but the waiting is hard. Now you have me thinking about my backup system too.
I'm going to take my cold and rest now. Stay warm and healthy.

txbubbles said...

Oh, man, that stinks. Can they make it anymore confusing? I'm gonna just putter on with PSE5 till I can find a copy of CS3 on ebay for cheap! Stay warm & dry.
Vicki in Texas

Carol said...

Well that just BITES!!! LOL Thank goodness you have a son still in am sure there are college kids who can be adopted for a short time....hahaha

Backing up is always sooo much fun..especially when you start, but dont fret, once you get the gist of it on DVD, it'll go alot faster! On the 1st of every month I backup all my stuff on a DVD.. yeah, I got about a million of them, but its better than losing everything! And yeah, BACK UP those photos!!!!!! lol

No snow yet here, thank God!!! But it is getting colder and my DH seems to love playing with fire lately... its been so hot in this house, I am ready to KILL him.....LOL
Have a great night!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi E -

Boy, you're really having an interesting time with your software - and too late, I was crying, BAWLING for you, haha! But you got it all sorted and thats great!

All this 'stuff' we have to look after, hay - there's a saying, "every possesion, possesses YOU"
how true!

DID you freeze the dough? Can I publish your bread pics you sent me?

Its been durn rainy here too - SIGH.

I'll return soon!

~ Barb

Susie2shoes said...

Wow I am impressed. I have my photos backed up but not all of my kits. I will go to Staples and buy some more DVD’s at the weekend.

I do get confused with all different versions and names. I have Adobe Photoshop CS. It came in a suite of other programs such as Illustrator CS, InDesign CS, GoLive CS, ImageReady CS. I think it must be an old version as I've just noticed that when the flash screen come up at the start of the program it's says 1998 - 2003. But still, I can't complain as it was a gift and I'm very happy to have received it.

I love the layout you have entered for the digi challenge over at The Scrap Pad, I hope you win.

Keep snug and warm


Hummie said...

oH NO! You had your hopes so high and now they are dashed. At least they are sending a refund. I hope you are able to get it through your son as you mention.

I am glad that my post inspired you to back up! I need to continue working on mine more. I don't have enough hours in the day!

Thanks for your comment on today's post. I have never written about it on my blog before. I have encouraged it in my forums and maybe put small blurbs at DST's forum....maybe that is what you remember.

That post is due to a situation that happened last week in my forums. Several ladies were highly offended when I praised someone else for her layout mentioning that it was a "real" layout and not just a CT layout. The others took it personally, personally attacked me, and have not posted since.

I prayed before I posted that long post as I hope it helps to resolve the situation.