Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Snow

We did not get the snow we were expecting - which is fine by me. I did receive a photo of three of our grand kids having some fun with the first snow of the year. The date was actually in October... but anytime is a good time to build a snowman - grass and all! I used Vicki AWP's Merry Mistletoe kit, which is available at Scrap 'N Art in the November/December issue... it is worth taking a moment to register. There are loads of interesting tips, ideas and the occasional kit. Check it out!

I had a pretty laid back Birthday. Hubby took me to dinner at our fav local restaurant - the ONLY local restaurant. It was yummy, and we ran into some friends, so I rather enjoyed myself. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes here and in my email. Y'all ROCK! No I have to go see if I can find some Photoshop CS4 in my mailbox...

Funny Story - Hubby ordered the CS4 well in time for my bday - but it had not been released, and shipping was delayed. It obviously was not a secret - but he made the cutest page to wrap as my gift. Do you remember the old game of Concentration (TV show?) Here is his attempt. I thought it was funny. It did take me a minute to figure out how it connected, but I got there.

Typical engineer!!!

Time to go do something productive.

Have a great day!


Susie2shoes said...

Your Hubby is sweet to make the effort, although I think he cold have found a prettier ewe, that one ugly critter!

Hope it comes soon so that you can play.

txbubbles said...

Okay, I know I'm the 'tard, but is it supposed to be"photoshop + oceans of love for you"?
Glad you had a great B-Day, you'll have to keep me updated on the Photoshop so I can drool and be oh so envious! Stay warm! It's getting down to 49* here tonight!
Vicki in Texas

Carol said...

Blinkie looks COOL!!! I am gonna grab

I couldnt help but laugh at your thoughtful and not to bad on the creative side either...LOL PhotoShop CS4 For sweetttttttttt!!! LOL
Gosh, I am hoping they send it to my house by mistake....lmao!

Don't say that "S" word....I love to see it for the 1st time, but after wayyyy! I guess you get a ton there huh????

Glad you had a nice birthday!!
And I hope your gift comes soon, I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Have a great night!!!

Barbara said...

What a thoughtful hubby you have! Trying to figure out the golf ball...coming to you or driving to you?

I'm glad that you had a good birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing your work when you get your hands on your CS4.


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Glad you had a great birthday and what a fantastic birthday present!!!! Lucky you!!
I think my husband needs to take a few lessons from your!!
I love your layout...that looks really cold!!

Mrs. Miles said...

E -

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you. I'm sorry I did not come visit yesterday - too much going on here!

I hope you have a good 'snuggle in front of the fireplace' day.

If you need help anytime with your Photoshop, you know I'm here. Thats sort of a birthday prezzie, no?

{hugs} Barb

Me said...

you have an award on my blog hun!

Hummie said...

You can tell how proud they are of their's hard to believe that time of year is here again.