Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Gift for Crops - (3rd day in a row!)

I am dedicating this mornings post to Miss Carol (Crops2Dawn Creations). If you have not gone to meet the woman, you should. She is awesome... and fun. She has been at battle (figure of speech) with her sisters over the Thanksgiving Dinner. they decided this year to have clams... CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?

Needless to say, Carol was not thrilled with this concept. Check out her blog, and go back a few posts to get the story. You can also find all the elements and papers used in this layout on her site. Take a cruise down the page to the bottom. She has some absolutely STUNNING fall images.

So, in honor of your quest for a turkey on your table, I present you this layout.

We do get wild turkeys in the yard. The boys love to stare at them though the the bedroom window. Morgan even chased one a year or so ago. I did not know that Turkeys could fly. Yep, they can. LOL.

Max is the one with the "flying nun" ears. I am thinking that his ears should have been clipped and pinned as a pup... but since his first owners tossed his litter by a river (only 2 pups survived), I doubt his ears were a consideration. Some people can be so ignorant. But I will just stay out of that chat room for now.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it... I know I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Have a drumstick for me Crops!



Crops said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy that's my turkey...gosh I think I said that a few moments ago.... I was shocked then, now I am DOUBLY SHOCKED!!!! WOW....its soooo cool to see peeps using it!!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!!
Look at you keeping up with the blog...not only 1 a day, but now you are doing it morning and night...I have a hard time doing it 2x a go girl! LOL
Your layout is AWESOME, and of course I am gonna say used all my stuff!!!! LOL But I want to say thank really are way tooooo kind!!! And you also made my night...WAHHHHOOOOOOO!

Now as for seeing dots or whatever it is you see on your blinkies...please put the vodak bottle down and get some sleep....LOL cause I dont see nothing!!!!

My turkey timer just popped...YIPPIEEE.... the stove has only be on since 10:00am...thank goodness everythng is done! Time to relax and enjoy the festivities! Have a great holiday and I am sooo thankful that I got to meet you this year!!!

Chow baby!!! lol

Mrs. Miles said...

Clams??? well why not, I ask you. Sure kicks the holiday menu up a notch and I'm sure she won't have to fight at the grocery store for em. How FUNNY!

I don't know but your blinkies are blinking along wonderfully for me too.