Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello there, from Eilajean, the very bad BLOGGER!

Good morning Scrapland! I have been missing in action, and am now returning to sanity. Above are a few morning visitors from a few days ago. This photo was taken from my living room window. What you cannot see, or hear... is the whining and carrying on of two black dogs. They get so excited when the elk show up. I have to admit, so do I. I just don't run through the house like they do - from window to window. The deer don't phase them, but these ladies are quite another story.

My Photoshop is working, and I am a happy camper. There is still a good bit for me to figure out, but that is part of the fun. What it can do with Camera Raw images is amazing.

The book... Oh, the book. It was very taxing to learn the program in Snapfish, but I mostly prevailed. I was able to get it in on time to get to free book. I did some scrap pages, and I also used some of their tools. I just didn't have the time or mojo to create 20 pages. I will try to post some of the pages in a day or two. I did have an issue. (which thankfully was resolved.) The mother of the bride, who is a friend of mine, came over to check out the final project. We discussed a couple changes, and proceeded to order the book (including a copy for her). Yep, we ordered the book, without making the changes. It was really not a big deal. The big deal came the next day (yesterday) when I was looking at the book one more time. I have a habit of adding an extra "e" to Novemeber ~ see what I mean!? I do it to September as well... (HELLO EILA - SPELL CHECK!) It might have been OK, except it was on the cover of the book.

Thank You Mrs Miles for the guilded leaves - Also Thank You Barbara (Just Passing Through) for the papers - And Linda Walton - Bon Scrappit (aka Bobby's Girlfriend) for the frame. The wedding theme was a "fall" festivity... sunflowers and leaves. It was beautiful, and I liked this page for a cover. This is not meant to be the official wedding album, it was meant to be a fun book with photos of the happy event, and the festivities that followed (my gift to the happy couple). I think we did it justice.

On to the rest of the story... I realized I have made a dreadful mistake. 24 hours had passed since I ordered the book. They cannot stop an order once it has been placed. They do, however have a 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed. (which they had blown out of the gate, so I was going to make this work. I am no quitter. Have I mentioned this before?) I called the 800 number, and stayed on hold for 1 1/2 hours, yes you see that correctly! I have a headset, so I was not stopped from cleaning house, making, and eating lunch - the usual things one does when on hold. Thank goodness, there was no musac, only silence. When the young lady came on the line, I explained the problem. She credited me with another free book, and sent me to a place to get a label (online) to return the bad book when it arrives. I was then able to go back in and reorder it (corrected, of coarse). Whew, a disaster avoided! Snapfish redeemed themselves, although I do not believe I will be using them for books in the future. It is just not user friendly enough for me. There were limitations I found frustrating.

I am going to have to try Inkubook next. They seem more reasonably priced. My project for the winter is to create two family photo books, hubby's and mine. They will make great Christmas gifts, (next year). I am a huge fan of finding the Christmas gifts throughout the year... I have a closet shelf in our guest room filled with my acquisition thus far. We travel to see the grand kids a week or two before Christmas, so I always have to be finished early. I make chocolate covered pretzels, cashews (have to do something with the last little bit of chocolate at the bottom of the double boiler) - and I also make these WONDERFUL peanut butter chocolate cookies. I use Ritz Crackers (reduced fat ~ they are flakier!) and peanut butter (I used to use Reese's PB, but can no longer find it - which is a true bummer, because it was the BEST!) I make a plate full of sandwiches from the crackers and PB, and dip one at a time in chocolate almond bark. I put on a wax paper covered cookie sheet... let them come to room temp... the chocolate hardens, and you have an amazing treat! They are a favorite. My chocolate factory goes through about 20 pounds of almond bark every holiday season... I kid you not!

This is getting a little long, and I have an appointment with the dentist today, so I should sign off... and say thank you to the ladies who have pooped in to say hello.

ARG!!! I almost forgot. I got another award from the lovely Crops. TY TY TY. (Do you like how I associated dentist with you Crops?!)

I know I am a slacker, and I apologize for not acknowledging it sooner. I do appreciate it. I am supposed to pass it on to seven people, but I am not sure if 7 people total read my rantings. I do appreciate the ones who do. I find that it is nice to meet people who are from different places, with similar passions. You all know who you are, and now you can snag this if you want, cuz it it meant for you. I know, I am terrible at passing on those "pass it on to 10 people" emails too. I may forward them, but I delete the "sent it to 10 people" thing. The ones that make me laugh are the ones that say if you send it to all of your friends, and they send it back, it means you have lots of friends... I don't have LOTS of friends, but I so cherish the few I have... does that make sense? I have friends who I have known for over 30 years... it is not quantity, it IS quality. I have met some quality folks in "bloggerville" and I am thankful for that!

Have an amazing day! I will do the same - 15 degrees and sunny this morning... BRRR!



Mrs. Miles said...

Hi E.

YAY - you're back. I thought your software ate you or something LOL!

Your layout is simply lovely - may I reproduce it on my blog? I'm in awe of what you are doing already.

I hate being put on hold, too! I have a bluetooth headphone set but have not figured out how to add my phone on it yet.

Congrats on the award - you desoive it!

Its cccold here today too, but I intend to go for a good walk, no matter what!

Have a great day!

Crops said...

Please dont put DENTIST and my name in the same sentence...that is just WRONG! hahahaha Could even be considered a sin....LOL
Hope your appointment was fine!!! ughhhh...gotta drop the subject...hehehe

It's about time we heard from you! My mouth just dropped looking at those elk...holy crap what a view, I think I would die if I saw those in my KC would definately HIDE thats for sure!

So you got the book done...hehehe spelling is a killer... that happens to me all the time! I just wish more people would tell me, ya know, you can read the same thing again and again and it still looks normal...untilllllll someone points it out....LOL Gotta love it!!! Hey we are all only human!

Well, I dont want to make this a book....hehehe, no pun I better get to making dinner and maybe find sometime to do my own blog...who knows!
Take it easy GF!!!


Susie2shoes said...

Hellooooo my dear blogging friend. I'm so glad you are back, you were missed. Thanks for your lovely long blog, it was most enjoyable, humerous, hunger pang making, jaw dropping (ELK), spelling errors appreciation, I always type Lonodno, for the capitol city of England!!! I've been bad blogger, but I'm always a bad blogger, so I was worried when you went to ground :D

Have a lovely week and keep snug and toasty warm.


txbubbles said...

Glad your back! I was afraid CS4 ate your lunch! It's killing me! I had to use PSE5 to get my CT LO's done. I can't wait to show my Dad the pic of your elk. That's paradise for him! LOL!!! Regarding the photo books, I have heard really good things about ArtsCow, too.
Vicki in Texas

Barbara said...

It's so good to hear from you. It's like getting a letter in the mail from a dear friend that you haven't heard from in a while.

Can I come to your house for dessert? That chocolate sounds divine!

I'm glad that Snapfish made good on their guarantee. I hate that you had to stay on hold for that long to take care of it though.

The album cover is beautiful. I know they will treasure the book.

What a privilege to have elk right outside your house. What a view!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you are doing with CS4.

Stay warm!