Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let Our Troops Know We Care

As we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving meal, let us remember the men and women that don't have that comfort of family, now and throughout the holiday season. It only takes a second to let them know we appreciate what a sacrifice they all make for our freedom. It is so little to ask... Freedom isn't free... and so many have paid the ultimate price. Look for ways, beyond this to make the holidays better for them.

I found navigation to be strange - so here is the link


Barbara said...

Eila, What a great idea. I went to the link and did it. You're right in it only takes a few seconds to let our troops know how much we appreciate them!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anne of Alamo said...

Thanks for the comments and I think I will devour Hummies videos, then probably come and pick your brain..having Cs and not using it is beyond duh, but it is so HUGE! lol
thank you again for your kindness!

Crops said...

Just poppin in to say hello!!! Your slackin' again...lmao.. I knew it wouldnt last!!! LOL But I give ya an A for the Went to that site you told me about and downloaded it, now to find time to make the book....I played a little with it, and it does look quite easy, gonna have to play so more, thats for sure!
Well, I am just checkin' in with ya, hope all is well in part of the woods!
Take Care