Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Note To Self....

Good Morning. This is my reason for a "note to self". I often find myself driving to or from town, thinking to myself "Self - I sure wish I had my camera". Swan Lake is simply beautiful at sunset, and do you think I have a photo of it. NO, of coarse not! I suppose I have a paranoia of leaving my camera in my vehicle while shopping. I guess that is from too many years in the city. Also, in my own defense, it is really cold here, and cold temps are not good for the camera. The reason I mention this is the photo above. I took this last Saturday (Nov 15) when I was returning from the wedding. I had stopped at the top of the drive to pick up the newspaper. It was that time of day when the sun, setting over the Mission Mountains, was bouncing it's light off the Swan Mountain range to the east. As you can see, the golden larch have been replaced by snow on the peaks. I just wish we had some in the valleys too.

Now, on to the business of a couple of layout pages:

Leaf paper care of Amy Sumrall from her Fall Splendor part of the blog party. I just love this paper! I actually double layered this , rotated the top layer 180 degrees, and erased the bottom half to give it a full circle of leaves. It was perfect for their wedding setting. You will see this paper again, as I used it in 3 layouts.

This is a QP created by Linda Walton (Bon Scrappit). Check her out if you have not already. She is very creative, and talented.
Wordart by Vanessa Fellows - hers is an interesting site, worth a look. Lots of tuts, freebies, and everyday life stuff. Paper ~ Amy Sumrall ~ I meant it when I said I liked it!

This quick page is called Modern Vintage, by
Kim Smith.

I created the best friends image, the frames are Linda Walton's and the paper, of coarse... Amy Sumrall.

I have a great deal of admiration and respect for all the designers out there. I am humbled by the vast talent!

What I do alot of in Photoshop:

I have a mental block when it comes to how you all create such amazing scrap stuff in Photoshop. I mainly use it for image editing. Below is an example of "The Kiss"... I will show the original first, then the fixed image... can you pick out the differences. It is not a quiz, I promise.

Have a great day!


Mrs. Miles said...

Haha, I don't so much have a 'purse' as a bag to haul my camera around. Heavens, if it gets stolen or lost or broken, oh well. But its paid for itself time and again, in the great shots I would have missed had I not had it along. I've even been able to send photos in to our local news station, they pay a cool $50 each time they use your photos, so you never know!

In the photoshopped photo, and I've not looked too closely - but the first thing that hits my eyes is the nice, uncluttered roof!

by the way, I usually size my own pics to a small eensy blog size, but when I have some that COULD go bigger, I post a little "click photo to view larger" ... most people don't even know you can do this? It works for your two church photos.

Thanks for sharing - LOVE the mountains!

I have no doubt you will be creating your own treasures soon! I'll be cheering you on all the way.

eilajean said...

The harder part was the "blue arm" after I cropped it to fit the book... it was annoying and distracting...

Susie2shoes said...

Yes the blue arm did not go well with the photo. Great job at getting rid of the window and the lights. You are really very clever with your photo editing.

The place where you live is absolutely stunning, how lucky you are to be able to live in what I would call paradise.

I will pop by a little later as my Chinese take-away has just arrived. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast this morning and my stomach is growling so load I've had to turn the radio up a little highter that usual!

Thank you for all your lovely hugs

Twisted Scrapper said...

HI there
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. And thank you so so much for leaving such a sweet comment. It is much appreciated :)
Please feel free to stop by ay time :)

Crops said...

2 days in a row....WOWWWW....lol
go for 3???? lol

Very nice editing...you did good...now if only you could put some more hair on that bald spot on that guy, I think it would make him very happy....hahahahaha
Isnt photoshop fun!!! I am always taking light switches out and stuff that just don't belong... it's the best invention since sliced bread...LOL
Your layouts look pretty good too!!
They are certainly going to love this book!!!
Do you belong to any on line galleries??
Well, just taking a break, got all the potatoes done, now I gotta make something for hubby... Have a great night and if I dont chat with ya before Thurs. have a wonderful Thanksgiving and dont eat tooo much....yeah right! LOL