Thursday, December 4, 2008

Layout using Barbara's Wood Meets Denim

Where oh where has Eilajean been. Busy Busy Busy! I took some time away from the mountain of work on my desk to play with Barbara's Wood Meets Denim kit. Hop on over to her blog to pick it up. Being a Montana girl, I do truly love my blue jeans. I have a feeling there will be much more for me to use this kit for.

Montana Winter is trying to get here... and I surly wish it would. By now we are usually draped in a blanket of white. Not true this year. They keep promising snow, but it always seems to bypass us. I am still hopeful that we will have a white Christmas.

While I was looking for photos to use in the above layout, I came across some photos of what winter usually feels like in parts of Montana. The first one is from the Beartooth Highway - leading into Yellowstone Park. It is closed in the winter, but people ski there, and ride snow mobiles. It is one of the most beautiful places I know of.

The second is one of my favorite "stop the car" photos. We were driving on US 89 toward Yellowstone. The clouds were amazing, as they were lifting off the mountain. I shot it in Black and White. I processed the film myself in the darkroom. Unfortunately, when the film was in the drying closet, another person opened it without turning it off. My roll was horribly scratched. This is why I truly do love Photoshop.

Speaking of Photoshop... I recently was helping my daughter-in-law get her feet wet with digital scrapbooking. They are her children in the "first snow" layout I did. Anyway, she does not have Photoshop or any photo manipulation software for that matter. I did a google search, and found GIMP. I don't know if anyone is familiar with it, but it is a pretty cool program. I downloaded it to compare it with PS. It has many similar qualities... except that it is free. Free is good... LOL. One thing I really like is that you can open images as a layer. Am I missing something - is that possible in Photoshop? The reason I am even bringing this up... we all know someone who likes to scrapbook - not necessarily "design" but just play with photos and create pages. This would be a great tool for someone just starting out. It also opens png and psd files, which I think is just cool!

We are just starting to get the Christmas decs going. We have the lights on the house - but sill have the 40 foot tree left to wrap in lights... NOT FUN! It is beautiful though, so I suppose it is worth the effort. I just can't for the life of me figure out why we go to so much effort for the deer - who are the only ones who see it... Spoiled wildlife - that's all I've got to say.

I do get excited about Christmas... once the shopping is done. Monday is a trip to the dentist... and I am sure some shopping will be involved. Then, it is onto the cookies. I made magnets last year, now I have to come up with a new idea. Here are the images I used for them. These flowers were all from photos taken on film. I love when film meets digi...

Sorry it has been so long - I will try to be better, but I can promise nothing. LOL! Have a great day!




txbubbles said...

Beautiful photos! I was just thinking about you today, and then you posted. ESP?
Vicki in Texas

Crops said...

Hello ET! LOL All that comes to my mind is ....PHONE HOME! LOL

Gosh were do I even begin....ok at the beginning...the layout is SUPER! Love that denim kit, gonna have to go check it out!!! And I really like how you set it up...looks GREAT!!!!!

Layers in got some more learning to I work in layers ALL the time, thats the only way I know how...copy a picture hit control+j = duplicate layer, then you can erase and have a tranparent background...ok, that is your lesson for today....50 bucks please....and NOT the bucks in your backyard!!!! lmao....
I started with the gimp, I did learn alot on that, but I couldnt tell you anything about it now, it's been too long ago, But I think for a beginner, it is wonderful and yes the price is way tooo good! LOL
If you want to ask me more questions about PS...ask away, I am not a pro at it, but I do get around it pretty good, still have loads to learn on it myself...but I will certainly try to help ya!

Those word... SPECTACULAR... that sums it up for me.....LOVE them!!!

40 foot lighted tree for deer??????
LOL Better get a pic....I want to see it...ok?

Last but not least...the macro pictures...ohhhh man, those are my favorite!!!!!! I WANT that lens..ohhh, I just gotta get it! LOL You got some really good shots, I am in awe, that for sure! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work!

Guess I am done with this small
Take Care ET and I'll chat with ya soon!

Anne of Alamo said...

oh those photos took my breath away, I can't imagine seeing it live!
montana (is that where the great Tetons are) is a place I want to visit one day....
I enjoyed your post, was a relaxing read! thanks for sharing a part of your life!

Barbara said...

I haven't been online all day but I got on my daughter's computer to check in with you. The layout is cool. I knew you would "do me proud"! That's Southern for great job! The photos are awesome. I love the snow-covered mountain. I can almost smell the air right now. Fresh and pristine! I do wish you a white Christmas.
My husband is re-doing my computer so hopefully I'll be back soon.
Hugs and love sent to you,

Mrs. Miles said...

First of all, LOVE the layout! Wow, look at YOU!

Don't you love looking back at your photos - and OH WHAT photos you have. You definitely have an eye to pick out the dramatic and beautiful in nature.

I've been off the radar for a few days, so very very busy, but don't give up on me, I'll keep checking in now and again.

Thank YOU for your visits to my place, it really means a lot to me when people take the time to leave a comment. I'm so very very excited to see what you're doing.

Have you ever checked out
its ONLINE but you can even do a lot there too!

Gimp is great! and free haha!