Friday, October 31, 2008

Even a Blonde Can Be Taught LOL!!!

Boy Howdy! I decided I would take on the task of snagging some Blinkies. You went to the trouble of having them made, or making them yourselves, I felt I should bring them on over to my page. Simple enough... NO! Not so much. One thing that can be said for me - I am not a quitter. (...And... I am definitely HTML code CHALLENGED) I may not do it the easiest way, but I will get it done. First of all, let me clear something up. I know I have a long list of Blinkies on my site. That is correct. How did I get them there? I went to pages that had them... with links that worked... and snagged the source code... that was the easy route. Today I actually had to use a few extra brain cells. But (Happy Dance) I am pleased to say I did it - checked the links and (YAHOO) they work! A couple didn't have links, so I had to save the picture to my desktop - load into my photobucket - grab the HTML code - copy and paste into my widget - grab the page address, link it and "wala" - well sort of. They kept linking to my photobucket... so I had to use a few more brain cells... delete the first part of my code to the image... confused? Me too... but they are there, an they work.

Mrs. Miles, who is one of my favorite reads, has some great bread ideas on her site. I don't need to link to her on this one... just on principle. You can get there from her BLINKIE!!! Anyway, go to her OCT 20th post. She links you to a site with an easy (no knead) artisan bread. "Why is she telling us this" you might ask? Yesterday I went to town. I picked up a pizza stone for this project, an am planning to give it a shot this weekend. If I don't totally embarrass myself with this attempt, I will post photos. We will just have to see how it goes.

There are two days left before it is supposed to turn down right ugly outside... so I am off to get the rest of the yard work done. I thought I would share a few fun photos with you.

My Hubby and I were married in New Zealand. Wow, I love that place. It reminds me of Montana with shoreline. One of my favorite days was spent in The Catlins (besides the wedding in Arthur's Pass, of coarse!) We were there in March, which is their Fall. We were on the South Island, so it was a little cooler than up north. It was a wondrous place. At some point I will post other photos, but for now, I want to concentrate on this one spot. We were on a beach (Cannibal Bay), by ourselves. The only company we had were a few seals and sea lions flopped around on the beach. I came across a scene between a mama and baby sealion. It was quite comical. It was so easy to to give it captions. One thing I want to point out - the photo quality is SO SO. The reason for this is that I was a total amateur at the time. (No formal education). I say this because I have always had an "eye". I often see the world around me as a photo... but I did not have the mechanics down so well. I did not know that when shooting with color film, you want to buy the professional film and cut the ISO in half. The photos themselves printed nicely, but when scanning the negatives, I find I am working with a lower quality image. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Let the fun begin

They are so cute when they are young

Then... they learn to "talk back"

Does this feel like anything familiar (mom's of teens?)

A moment of peace - ?

Or not!!!


And so am I LOL ~ Have a great day!!!


An amendment to the original post:

Carol has pointed out the photo I seem to have left out - so she used her creative talent to finish the story... Thanks for the additional insight!!! ROFL!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little side trip

We had company for a couple of days. This morning, we went to breakfast and headed to Seeley Lake to button up the last bit of chores there. I just love when the lake is calm! It was only 32 degrees F (I am metrically challenged... is that ZERO C?) It is back to the wood lot for us. Only four more days to get this done. Everybody have a super fantastic day!
oops! I almost forgot... in honor of the upcoming 19th anniversary of my 29th birthday, DH is gtting me an upgrade for Photosop CS. WOO HOO - the new CS4 is out, and I am SYKED!!!!! I love all that CS3 has to offer (tried the free 30 day trial) but am glad I held out for "4". This is me doing the happy dance around my computer!!! It gives me the stregnth to go pile wood chunks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This, That, and a really tired back!

Fall seems to almost be finished... but the brilliance of the Tamaracks is as stunning as ever! Hunting season has started... not my favorite time. Our older dog Morgan just does not like the sound of gunshots. It started about 3 years ago. Thunder doesn't phase him, but let him hear a faint sound WAYYY in the distance, and he is in full panic mode. Fourth of July is NO fun... We actually have "doggy Valium" for him for that special event. Max, couldn't care less... So for a little while today, I have been forced indoors with a scared little boy.

We have been busily putting up firewood. The shed is full, but we have a few really big ones left to clean up. Carol, are you jealous? LOL - with 2 stoves, you are going to need serious wood! The above photo is the wood-lot currently. That 3rd row will be full by the end of the day... and a fourth row will be in place by the end of the week. Mr Weatherman says it is going to get bad by Sunday. THANK GOODNESS!!!!! I am not sure my back can do another week of this. Ponderosa Pine and Tamaracks are not kind when it comes to the sheer volume of their branches. So far, we have 2 piles (each over 6'7" - hubby's height). Yes, I helped drag them, and pile them. After the first good snowfall, we are going to have a couple serious "bonfires" going. Get out the s'mores can.... (remind me to get back to that... have some new s'mores ideas I will share later in the post. I am thankful that we do have a wood splitter. Hubby runs it while I play "jenga" with the cut wood. It is so sappy and knotty - so I have to twist and turn pieces just so, in order to make the pile secure... few things are as un-fun as when the pile falls over. YUK! So this is where I have been since - hmmm- what day is this, and when did I last post.... tired back, tired brain! LOL!

And there is Max, he likes to help pick up the sticks... but he is not so gifted at getting them onto the piles... in fact I think I have seen him taking the sticks out of the piles. BAAADDD MAX.

Now a little s'mores FYI. A friend came to visit our cabin this summer. We have a cute little s'mores kit.

Isn't it too cute. Ours looks different, but you get the idea. I Had to try and google this to find it. They show up every now and then at Target. Anyway, we keep ours stocked with the marshmallows, Hershey's Chocolate, and Graham crackers. YUMMMM!!!! Just what I need - NOT. Anyway, my best good friend came to hang with us this summer. Se had a new take on them. CHOCOLATE graham crackers, CHOCOLATE marshmallows... and WHITE CHOCOLATE - or - Cookies and Cream candy bars. Now those were good!

Speaking of "GOOD"

I was watching the CBS EARLY SHOW yesterday (I think - I really do have my days messed up) - Anyway, here is a link to some really YUMMY sounding things to do with Pumpkin.

I am talking "VERY YUM!"

Well, time has come for me to head out to the"wood-lot" Keep a good thought for me. I sure wish my niece, who is a Massage therapist in PA, was here to help me out... Oh well, as they say, "it is what it is".



Thursday, October 23, 2008

22 Degrees ~ BRRRRRR

This morning started out WAY too cold. I was playing with a photo of the dawgs from the other day. They are just far too spoiled. Here is a layout I made using a frame from Vicki-AWP's Pompey, and her Raining Cats and Dogs collab. One paper came from Mel's part of the kit. Both are extremely talented, as you already know.

So now, on to the business of the Pumpkin Carving Contest.

I'll take just a moment to explain a little about this. This is my "Scary Pumpkin Jean". Jean is my Cuz become adopted sister. As a child I lived with my aunt and uncle for a year while my father was fighting in Vietnam. (I really wish we, the human race, could learn that war is just plain bad for everyone). Just a little bit of my opinion! Back to life in Wisconsin. My aunt and uncle had 8 children. We were quite a group, and never bored. I had not seen any of them for about 40 years. My aunt and I had worked on a "living Memorial" video slide show for her children a couple years ago. She wanted me to make adjustments at the time of her passing so that it could be used at her memorial. Tragically, we lost her this past July. I returned to the farm, and spent 10 days there. It was amazing how the years just melted away, and we were children again. They decided that since I had been a sister of sorts, as a child, that I am still a sister, and an aunt to their children. Works for me - you can never have enough family!

So here is the process I went through coming up with my pumpkin idea. The contest was Jean's idea. I happened to take this really horrible photo of her - so I decided to use it.

I used a little Photoshop in an effort to give myself some carving guidelines.

and here is the final result. I need to address some issues next year. I have only carved a few pumpkins in my life. Perhaps I will take on Mrs. Miles idea and head on over to Martha Stewart's site for some ideas. Bur here it is, such that it is!

The glasses are important because she always wears them on her head.... I won't win any prizes, but should get a smile or two... and that is more fun anyway!!!

I trust nobody will make too much fun of me! So now the temp has risen to a whole 40 degrees F - Mr E wishes to split more wood. I am the official stacker, so off I go to do something physical. Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling a Little "Horsey" - and - "Muley"

I'd like to start by saying that I just am not good at roasting pumpkin seeds, so I will leave it to the experts! I think the sweet concept is good, but definately would scratch the salt (that is if I was actually going to try this ever again!) I usually like sweet and salty combined, but not so much on this. For some reason, I think that they taste a little like eating sunflower seed shells. I love pumpkin seeds, but will stick to buying them at the health food store, thank you very much!
Hubby and the two doof-boys have left for the day... Augh! Peace and quiet. I actually get to run the vacuum with out one of the furballs going into full panic mode. So I plan to take full advantage. Soon, very soon.

I thought today I would share some fun photos. I had a project once that involved taking a digital image, printing it on a type of special transparency - and printing a "contact print". Basically the prints are 8x10, as are the negatives. We only had a short time to come up with a process. Ours failed miserably (VanDyke Brown). It was OK, kind of sepia and all... but I wasn't satisfied. I decided to just take it into the darkroom and call 'er good! My instructor told me that it would be very hard to get a good quality print - yeah? He didn't pay much attention to the 2 years he had me in classes. Tell ME I can't accomplish something? The prints were great! ...and I got an A. One thing I decided to do was to take several equine photos, and do some fun stuff... and here is what some of the final prints looked like. I actually had someone see a few prints I had given a friend (a thank you gift) and they ordered 2 prints and 4 magnets... Woo!Hoo!

The last one is my favorite. Look closely - No, it is not one of those "ink blot" tests. Some can see it right away, others have to give it a little thought. Which are you?

I hope to finish the Pumpkintoday... I only have a few details left... fingers crossed I don't totally mess it up! Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pumpkin Contest

First of all I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments I have recieved. I have been fortunate to meet so many truly talented and wonderful bloggers since I started this littl blog ~ journal. It does wonders for the spirit, and I feel truly blessed. I look forward to being a little more active as it starts to roll into winter.
I started to carve the pumpkin last evening. It seems to be a little more detailed than I had originally hoped... but I am plugging right along, or should I say "poking"? I have a good bit of seeds from the inside of my friend... so I decided to look up recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds -

This sounds really good and really BAD for me!

Cinnasweet Pumpkin Seeds

SUBMITTED BY: CATHYANDASIA PHOTO BY: lindseywilk "These are a sweet twist on the usual roasted pumpkin seeds. Instead of salty and savory, they remind me of honey-roasted peanuts. Everyone who tastes these LOVES them!"

RECIPE RATING:Read Reviews (14)
Review/Rate This Recipe
10 Min
1 Hr
1 Hr 10 Min


4 cups pumpkin seeds, rinsed and dried
1/2 cup margarine, melted
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup white sugar, divided
Add to Recipe Box
My folders:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Combine the pumpkin seeds, margarine, brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt in a bowl; stir to coat the seeds. Spread the seeds in a single layer in a 10x15 inch jelly roll pan.
Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes; stir and return to oven for 15 minutes more; remove from oven and sprinkle 2 tablespoons sugar over the seeds; stir to coat. Return to oven and bake another 15 minutes before removing again to sprinkle with remaining sugar and stirring. Bake another 15 minutes. Allow to cool before serving. Store leftover seeds in an airtight container.

The reviews were all over the map - so check out the suggestions before you try this at home ~ LOL
This next one sounds a litte more interesting, (and healthy) except for the salt - a girls gotta watch her blood pressure!

Pumpkin Seeds with Cinnamon and Salt

SUBMITTED BY: ALISONINONTARIO PHOTO BY: Alex "This is a nice twist to pumpkin seeds. Every year I host a pumpkin carve and make this variety of pumpkin seeds, and everyone goes wild for the cinnamon flavor with the salt. Use the seasonings to taste -- the amounts really depend upon how many seeds you get from your pumpkins."

RECIPE RATING:Read Reviews (32)
Review/Rate This Recipe
10 Min
20 Min
30 Min


4 cups pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
vegetable oil cooking spray

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Grease a cookie sheet and spread the seeds out in an even layer. Lightly sprinkle with salt and cinnamon.
Bake for about 5 minutes, then stir the seeds. Season with salt and cinnamon again. Continue baking, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes, or until seeds are toasted.

Maybe I will have to do an "eenie meenie minee mo" to decide. LOL
Have a happy day!


Monday, October 20, 2008

MY Special "Blog award

OK, this is just going to a couple people. The whole point is to say "TY" for your encourangement, and/ or the inspiration I have found at your blog. You do not have to pass it on to anyone... you do not have to jump through any hoops ~ What you do have to do? Keep being the incredible person you already are!

Mrs. Miles


Vicki aka Bubbles

Vicki ~ AWP


Miss T

You all Rock, and have either helped me, or inspired me... or maybe I just like reading your blogs.

I Got 3 Awards

Woo ~ Hoo! Somebody cares...

The first one is from Miss T - sorry it has taken me a little bit to go pick it up. I do feel honored. I am somewhat new, but I will try to figure out 7 bloggers I have come by that I really do think are deserving. The thing is, I know how much work it is to pass this on - not so much for me, but for those I wish to pass it on to.... So I am going to drop down to the second Award, that I received from Susie2Shoes... and just make one list of my 6 favs. No disrespect intended, but I have been blogging such a short time, and aside from my photos, have done little to promote my site. It is just a good outlet, and I so appreciate the few people who have dropped by and said hello - and extended words of encouragement.

I have to tell you 6 things I love and then pass it on to 6 people.
Here are my 6 things:

The Lord, which does not need a number - it just IS...

1. Frank, my husband and our 2 goofball dogs, Morgan and Max
2. My Mom, and Brothers and sisters, which include the ones I inherited in Wisconsin (all 8 of them) - and my nieces and nephew. I am truly blessed! My Son, Step Kids, and 5 grandbabies.... FAMILY...

3. Friends ~ ones I have had for a life time, and the new ones who are scrapoholics like myself.
4. Montana - HOME
5. Scrapbooking - Photography - Making the memories carry down through the ages
6. Music ~ I LOVE MUSIC!!!

(WHEW ~ How hard was that. How do you put your passions down into such a small group?!)

I'm passing it on to the following people:

Miss T






There are so many others out there that I could nominate... but these are a few who I have come across who have alot going for them... some beginners, some advanced.

OK ~ so my "Blogger Brain" is exhausted for the moment. There is something I need to go do, and I will return later with a small gift.

And, just as I finished posting this, I went to let Carol know I had an award for her on my blog... she had an award for me on her Blog. Thank you kindy. I will try to keep my photos fresh for your enjoyment - and if all goes well, I may try my hand at designng some gifts for y'all.

a fun photo for you - some pumpkins designed by my nieces and nephew for a "family pumpkin contest" TOO CUTE!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I spent about 7 years living in the Susquehanna Valley In Pennsylvania. I made some great friends... ones that have and will endure the miles and years. I came across a new blogger while "blog hopping" yesterday. I very much enjoy reading about people who share similar passions to my own. I am not sure where she is n PA, but I thought I would share some photos from my day at Rickett's Glen State Park. It is located near Scranton, PA... and for those years in PA, it was a favorite playground of mine. There are several waterfalls as you wind through the mini canyon. I truly love this place. So Carol, these photos are for you. Yes! a tripod was used.

I have spent many days here, and would go back in a heartbeat if I could... Not to live, but I definitely want to hike these falls again before I go.

A good friend I met in Iowa in 1983 took this trip with me. She was from Jersey (her youth) but our paths brought us together... and the friendship has survived the years. She is now in Seattle, which is not so far from me. We have been fortunate enough to see each other every couple of years. We also went to Asbury Park to visit her family, as well as a stop in Allentown, to see my sister. Actually, we started in Maine, to Scranton, to Allentown, to New Jersey. I left her at the Philly airport. I headed back to Maine to finish my shoot - and spend some time with my brother. (My family - sibs are spread all over the country - I am number 6 of 7... and I thank God everyday for all my brothers and sisters).

I will share a few more of my finals from the New Hampshire and Maine photos. I can't believe how much territory I covered. I believe I shot 20 rolls of 36 exposure slide film (Velvia for the saturation). I was fortunate enough to be able to get the film processed before getting on the plane to come home. I found a really nifty handheld viewer for slides. It was a whole $2.50... and I still use it instead of a light table and loupe. This is what it is... basic... but handy if the light is good.

It has been raining all morning - but as I look out my window, I see that the sun is coming out. I have a ton to do, so I can go soak up some of it. As I was posting these photos, I am reminded how many of my photo slides I have not scanned. I also realize that I do have a gift, and have not used it as productively as I should have. Posting them to share with others reminds me to continue to create. Truthfully, as I am typing this, I am remembering where the spark went, and doing what I can to shed it. A part of me just shutdown when my son went to Iraq. He came home safe and sound, but a full year of inner panic has a way of embedding itself. My new mission is to truly release it once and for all...

Have a great day!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

They are calling for a beautiful day today, so I am turning off the computer and heading out to stack some firewood. Doesn't that sound like to much fun.

I came across a blog today, an I found this to be quite inspiring. I am linking to the first part of the post on poverty. It was awe inspirnin as I read it. So I thoughtI would put it out there before I shut down and go out to play. The Blog is Mermaid's Haven ~ I am sharing this because I was touched by what she had to say.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Musings

To me, life is such a miracle. There is beauty that cannot be explained any other way than the magnificent hand of God. I feel so blessed to have been able to travel and see such wonder. I sometimes forget how lucky I am. When I start to feel restless, and bored, I can take a trip in my mind to all the places and experiences I have had, and it gives me a renewed sense of self. It makes the little stuff just that ~ stuff! If you ever get the chance to see Bryce Canyon, I say DO IT! I am fortunate that two of my sisters live in Kanab, Utah. I was able to visit them this past spring. DH and I were able to go to Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon on day trips. They are so different from what we are used to here in Montana. This is home, and I would not trade the forests for the red rocks... but the red rocks are fabulous. I do have to say that Yellowstone will always be my favorite national park ~ even thought I am an hour and a half from Glacier... I'd rather do the 8 hour drive to YS... hands down! That is another one of my recommendations... Go through the Lamar Valley (one of the few roads open in the park year round)... If you do it in the early spring the wild life is abundant. Just my opinion, I could be wrong!

It is a bit nippy today. The heat just kicked on... might be time to build a fire in the ole wood stove. Speaking of which, here is a nifty little tip for anyone who uses wood for heat. To get the creosote off the glass of a fireplace/ wood stove , get a damp paper towel (actually 2) plus one dry towel. Dip the damp PT in the white ash in the stove, and scrub the glass, just like washing dishes... and it breaks up the burned on creosote. It wipes right off. Then I use the second damp PT to rinse it in a manner of speaking... then the dry PT to, obviously, dry it. Presto! You have clean glass. They make chemical stuff that you can buy... but why, when the ash is already there? I found this on the Internet when we first bought this house. It suggests using newspaper, but that gets the hands and nails so dirty.

I have been really liking this Blog thing. It has given me a chance to connect with interesting people. I am grateful for this wonderful tool. I also have a myspace page, and a Facebook. I have to admit, I don't care for Facebook. It seems so cluttered to me. My myspace page seemed to have disappeared today and I was truly unhappy. I spent alot of time designing it, personalizing it. The by some miracle, it came back YAY. I think of that page in a whole different way than this one. I don't blog on myspace. I am picky about who my friends are. Two of my sisters, and three of my nieces have pages, and are my friends. I also have several of my classmates from college, and even a few people I had not seen or talked to in ten or more years. It is a good way to send a "Hi, I am thinking about you", and a good way to keep up with what is going on with them. I don't use it to meet people I don't already know, although I have added a few musicians to my page, just cuz I like them. I linked my page if you would like to go see what I am talking about...

I see this Blog in a different way. I have passed through some pages of people I admire for their talent and some shared ideas, and interests. I am new to digital scrapping, and very intimidated by the talent I see around me. As I read the thoughts of my favorite Bloggers, I get encouraged to try my hand at it. (and I shall ~ if I could just get the dust to settle a little!) As we head for the winter slumber, I feel optimistic that I will be able to get busy. I will be patient with myself until then!
And so, off I go to finish up some new, and old projects.

Be well and may God bless you, and shine his light on your path.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A previous layout

Here is another layout I had done previously. I used Vicki's zipper from her Fizzypop kit, and the paper from her Beach Holiday kit. She is so talented - and gracious. The word art is from Chantel Taake. It was a great find. (NOTE: I did not link to Chantal's site for 2 reasons... one, she seems to no longer be blogging since August - and when I was on her site checking the link... my Windows One Care popped up to tell me about some ugly trojan horses that were trying to get to my computer... that is a bad thing, so don't go there...) I do think that the word art may be a direction for me to point myself in as far as the whole creation aspect. The name frames are my own creation, again an idea for something I know I could create, and have some fun with. And, of coarse, I was the photographer for this happy occasion. Summer was so much fun this year!


I made a layout

Miss T sent me a new kit she is getting ready to release. I played around with it, and here is the page I came up with. She has quite a few layouts and headers, in case you want to check it out.

I have a bazillion images of our grandchildren. Marissa is number 3 in age order. In the photo of me holding her, she is about 10 minutes old. She is such a delightful little peanut. As time goes by, I will be posting about the grand babies a little more. Photos of them can be seen in the slide show at the bottom of the page, although I need t bring it up a little more current.

And as you have probably guessed, I am still not working on the website. The sun is shining, and although a little brisk... I think I should go out there.

Fall Is In The Air

This is the view from my back deck. I took it last fall, but thought I would use it today for my little story. The yellow - orange on the mountain are the Larch (Tamaracks). They are a type of evergreen - pine, with a twist. Their needles change color, and drop, just like deciduous trees. They are not found east of the divide - in Montana. Here in the Swan Valley, we have an abundance. They are truly awesome when they all change. That event is coming soon. I just love taking a drive around Swan Lake because it is truly brilliant when you are on a two-laned highway lined with them. It makes the 60 mile drive to town a little more enjoyable.

Down in the meadow is where alot of life happens... Here come the winter shots... The first is of a group of elk hanging out after an April snow storm.

~ and now for a Bambi moment ~

This is a really lovely place to sit and contemplate life. Our neighbors who own this property have a summer home here, but not in our view - which I do appreciate so very much. They are here during July and August. The rest of the year, we have the place pretty much to ourselves. The dogs just love to go down there and chase the smells. An added bonus is the Swan River, which is just on the other side of the trees. In the spring, when the snow is melting, you can really hear the stregnth of the rushing water. It is the coolest thing ever to sit out there in the evenings. Everything is waking up from the winter slumber. It is truly refreshing. And now we are preparing for the slumber, and it is a wondrous time as well.

I took the boys out this morning. As I was sitting there drinking my morning coffee, I heard quite a ruckus down in the trees. Let me preface that with an explanation of the landscape. There is a hill that drops off just after the deck. There is a small open space then a few trees and the open meadow. You can somewhat see this in the photos. OK, back to the rest of the event. I hear this ruckus and I see this deer on a dead run across the lower part from one clump of trees to the other. Just skirting the trees on the outside was an animal giving chase. My early morning eyes could not make out what it was. It was too small to be a bear. It was too big to be a fox. My guess, wolf or lion. I didn't hear any sounds of distress, so I don't know it the deer got away. About a minute later, a fawn came tearing out of the side where mama had gone in. The fawn was bleating and running away. I do not know what actually happened, but I hope the doe is OK. That's how drama plays out in my world. It is like seeing a mugging on the street, except this is considered to be the balance of nature. I still gt a little broken hearted over it. This spring was not a good year for the fawns. Between the fox and the coyotes, very few survived.

It is now time for m to get back to my lessons on building ~ or should I say REbuilding my business site. I spent yesterday muddling. I did find some tutorials for GoLive, so I will see if I can't do something productive.

Have a great day.

OOPS, I almost forgot! Here is a photo I took from my kitchen window. I took it about a year and a half ago, but just really looked at it recenly. I used a 300mm lens... and was paying more attenion to the cow elk than what she was actually doing. She must have been a little miffed at me for invading her privacy, while she was relieving herself. Bad Eileen!

Have a very nice day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying again

I am going to try to upload this video again. I went into Windows Movie Maker to reduce the file size. I hope this works. I am also going to try to redesign my Imagine Photography Services web page today. No challenge there... YEAH RIGHT!

It worked ~ yay. That will teach me to try to do something like this at night. My braincells apparently function better in the morning. So, I am now off to try to figure out how to build a new site for the business.