Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Hola ladies - and gent, (I seem to have a boy follower LOL)

Yesterday, Miss Vicki (from Texas) had some great news. She had done a layout using the amazing Kim B's kit (Hearty Tarty)- and Kim B posted it. It is a really fun layout - to me especially since it had kind of a deja vu feel. I have been working diligently on my massive photograph sort. A couple days ago, I came across a couple pics from a trip I took to a Renaissance Fair in Pennsylvania in 1995 (with a co-worker). We had such a good time. Wellll, the layout Vicki did was of her and her sister locked in the stocks at the RF in Texas (I think my head may explode if I have to try to spell Renaissance one more time LOL!). I held a similar pic in my hands a few days before. So at Vicki's request, I am posting the photo... and I even thought I would throw it into a layout, since that is how we roll here in ScrapLand... (smiling again).

I used Andrea Boyer's Fall Splendor kit for this page. I just love the colors of fall.... OK, and I remember that the RF in Pennsylvania was near Allentown - but not sure where. Maybe one of my friends out there might be able to tell me where it actually is?! You know who you are GF - ROTFLMBO!!!!

While I have been writing this, I popped over to KimB's and I see that Bunny is in need of our prayers. I saw on the news that it had been pretty bad in Kentucky. I will say a prayer for her, and since most, if not all of you read her blog (the woman is just too incredible for words) - you might want to pop on over to her place to leave some encouragement for when she gets her power back. I can't imagine what those folks must be going through. We are somewhat prepared for most of what Mother Nature has to throw at us - even the inconvenience of lost power... yep, the bathtubs stay somewhat full just in case... so we can still flush - although in an extreme crisis - we do have an outhouse on the property (EWWWW - but the guys don't mind it). It is actually kind of posh - toilet seat, and a hanging air freshener on the wall - as well as a light -and coffee can on the wall to hold the TP. We even put Lye in it periodically to dissolve things.... Yeppers, we do 'er up right in Montana! Anyway - to Bunny and all the folks in KY - I am sending my prayers your way.

I need to go out to the guest cabin and light a fire. I have decided that today will be my "put the Christmas decs away" day. We have this handy cabin where our guests stay. It has a bedroom, livingroom, kitchen - cold running water... (and the outhouse - LOL). It actually is pretty nice... stove, frig, microwave, and a coffee maker - what else could you possibly need? One of the rooms is unfinished. I use it for storage. Well... after the "visitor season" passes, we tend to just throw stuff around in the cabin... for me to sort later. Yep - I believe today is that day. I need to step away from photos and computers for a couple days. I have been wanting to get to the cabin... but our drive had been an ice rink for about 3 weeks. We finally got 9 inches of snow - yay - which built a base on the ice that I can walk on... I am a happy girl.

And with that... I am outta here!


Friday, January 23, 2009

This could be a long one

It has been a little while since my last post. There have been a number of causes for this. The main cause is that I have just been a little "blah". I will blame it on PMS - and some MAJOR cramps. They say they get easier after childbirth - but it is a lie! I am feeling much better now... and actually have all kinds of things to go into.. so here it is.

First off, in my January 9th post, I posted a recipe for Beef Stew. It is an awesome recipe that I wanted to share. I scanned the physical recipe, because it was easier to display. I would however like to assure anyone who may be sensitive to copyright issues that it is online. It is from an amazing cookbook that I was given - but ALL the recipes are also on the website.

That is what makes this such a great cookbook. It is called Favorite Brands Slow Cooker Casseroles and More (I linked to it on Amazon - they have used copies for as low as $2.78 used $10.00 US new .. and it is worth it!) It is @ 375 pages of all kinds of recipes and cooking tips. The coolest thing is that right inside the front cover is the address for the website. So I am hoping I did not infringe on any copyright laws in offering it up to y'all. Here is the link to the actual recipe - just to be all formal and everything.
OK, my conscience is now clear. As a Photographer, I know how important such issues are - and I know because of all the hard work the scrap designers do... Credit should be given where credit is due. I suggest you check out the recipe site. It is a good one. Personally, I like owning the book.

I got an award, and so appreciate it. It came from Shirley. She is a wonderfully creative blogger I have recently come across. She has all kinds of random fun things on her blog. You might should go check her out.

here are the rules for receiving the Lemonade award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.

(NOTE: there are a few I would send this to... Crops - but Shirley already gave it to her. Vicki (Bubbles who babbles LOL - kidding) - but I hate to make her do any extra work during tax season - but you would have it if you weren't so busy! Mrs Miles - but she just got a bunch of awards, and is in a bit of a "cloudy day funk". I am going to cheat and count you as three of my ten without the burden - and I am linking to you because others should pop on over to your places in case they have not met you yet.)

Anne of Alamo - LOVE your Blog

Melanie - Creekside Cottage Designs - I'm new to your blog, LOVE IT 2!

Barbara~Just Passing Through - Go get her Sunflower Kit ~ AMAZING!

365 Days of Our Lives - Some wonderful Photos and great fun!

Hummie's World - She has so much to offer - Love her blog

Kimmy's Keepsakes - This lady has so much heart - and 2 simply adorable sons.

Susie2shoes - I miss her - she has not been feeling super well this year - so pop on over and send her a little sunshine. Tell her Eila sent her.

WHEW - That was easier than I thought.

Now, onto what else I have been doing. I have been buried in "my life". Holy Cow! I have led a pretty wonderful life so far. I am feeling optimistic that I will be "in order" by Spring. Aah - there is a concept - Spring...

My plan is to get things in order and make a real live book for my son who is graduating from college in May. He will be 29. He got sidetracked by 2 years in the regular Army - and 18 months in Iraq - which puts him pretty much on track for an Engineering Degree. (they take an extra year - extra credits). The coolest thing is that he is graduating on the anniversary of the day I brought his little butt home from the hospital. Funny the things you remember. That was back in the good old days when they let you stay in the hospital for 5 or 6 days to rest. I believe that if men had babies... the insurance companies would give them a full 2 weeks of bed rest! Oh well... it is what it is! We will be going to his graduation, and I even get to have breakfast with him on Mother's day! WOO HOO, I am excited! Yes, I know... I get all happy over the simple graces in life! Just for fun - I took a quick snap of a set of photos I have. The black and White is me at age one - the color is my baby boy at one. Can we spell C-L-O-N-E?! Dang - we sure were cuties, if I do say so myself!

OK, so it is Friday - and though I never got involved in the "Friday Show and Tell" that Mrs Miles used to do (WHICH I MISS - Hers were always so wonderful) ~ I have one today. I am going to take you on a photo tour of my NIGHTMARE photo sort.

After looking at the photos... it inspired me to make this little thing... It says how I feel!

So far, I have watched the American President & Happy Gilmore. Today I am going to start with To Kill a Mockingbird - and see if I can't fit in Sabrina. It is cold and a little snowy - so I feel OK just doing photos and a movie - after all - my kitchen is CLEAN!

Can you believe it... I am finished.

Have a super day everyone!

ciao for niao


Friday, January 16, 2009

Dolphins - and random stuff

A friend of mine emailed me this video clip. It is pretty cool, I have to admit. I love where I am, but would really love to be there! I thought of Miss Vicki in Texas when I watched it. I think you will really enjoy this...

I follow Hummie. She has great bits and pieces - from her insightful Bible Bits, to her ramdom challenges, to her forums and tutorials. She just has so much to offer. She is open, honest, nonjudgemental, and candid in her posts. Her blog is one of my favorite reads. Today she had a post about testing your color IQ. My score was an 8 - which is not perfect, but if you go there... you will understand how you can get a little bleary-eyed. Here is a link to the site. Here is my result.

This is how I rank in my age group

I am not feeling super creative today. I have alot to do, and am not quite finding the enegy to do it. I have been holed up with my many boxes of photos, trying to bring some order to it all. I have picked out some of my fav old VCR tapes an have been watching "chick flicks" while I work. It has been such a long time since I have treated myself to movies, just because... well, it is not "just because". It gives me some entertainment while I sort and sort, and sort some more.

So this will be a short post. I am going to go back to my pics, and see if I can't get a handle on it all.

Be Well...

And I truly hope my friends in the south get some relief from the frigid temps. We expect it here - but not so much where you are.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordle: Untitled

A Wordl ~ What FUN!!! Should I be doing something else? Probably, but Hummie has sucked me in again... LOL.

Just trying to keep it light.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surprisingly Simple

It is a new year, and as such, we have (maybe) made a resolution or two. Some people don't... I have always stuck with my old "standby" - to try to be a better person - and do more for others. So here is the deal - actually challenge. It is not related to scrapping but since ScrapLand has become such a vast universe... I challenge each person that reads this (all 5 of you LOL) to put the same info on your site. You see, the five people who visit now and then, have a much wider reach than I - and it becomes this great pyramid.

Now here is the deal...

Below is information about the Hunger Site. We are often skeptical about such (too good to be true) concepts. I did check it out on Snopes. It is what it says it is... AND it is a good cause. It is painless, and it only takes a minute out of your day. You simply click a button on your computer and you can do many things

provide food for the hungry

provide mammograms to those that cannot afford them
Help provide free heathcare for children

help provide money to save the rainforests

help with project literacy

and feed some homeless animals.

It costs you nothing, except a moment of your time.

Here is what I do - I have the site as one of my tabs on my homepage

go to tools > Internet Options > under the homepage tabs - you just past the address. It is simple. When you pop on the net to go to your favorite blogs... it is there. It is a reminder to just do it... and it is done for the day. Only one click per person per day will be counted. ALSO: make sure when you do the hunger one that it actually brings up a page that your click has been counted. Sometimes it doesn't come up on the first click.

I have been doing this for about 3 months now - since I came across it on another bloggers site. Every little bit helps... and the sheer number of scrappers out there can make such a huge difference.

The link is below - if you would like to head over now and check it out...

This is the post on Snopes where I checked out the validity of it... I pasted it in the blog so you could read it yourself. So now I have done one more thing to make the world a little better place... and there are still 11 1/2 months lft in 2009. WOO HOO! I really do hope you will check it out... do it, and pass it on.

Have a nice day all... I have a bit to do today... Hubby is off to town, so it is just me and the dawgs... and boxes of photos...

Be well,

eila The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site

Claim: You can direct money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button on a web

Status: True.

Origins: Over the last few years we've seen a plethora of altruistic appeals circulate on the Internet, each one claiming that you could donate money to a worthy cause or right some terrible injustice — at no cost to you — merely by taking some simple action, such as forwarding an e-mail message. (See our Jessica Mydek page for one example.)

All of these messages were hoaxes — until The Hunger Site came along.
At The Hunger Site, you can "donate" money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button.


The Hunger Site, the creation of John Breen, a 42-year-old computer programmer from
Bloomington, Indiana, was funded by various companies who sponsored the site for a day. Every sponsor donated the approximate cost of 1/4 of a cup of food to the United Nations' World Food Program for each user who clicks on the site during the day. (If multiple companies were sponsoring the site, the amount of food donated was multiplied by the number of sponsors.) Breen created the site in June 1999 as a personal project to help deal with hunger in developing countries, and the response was soon so overwhelming that he spent most of his time administering the site even though he received no income, loans, grants, or donations to compensate him for his time and effort or pay his expenses. Eventually The Hunger Site became part of, a shopping portal where customers could direct up to 15% of the cost of every purchase to causes they selected. ceased operations in July 2001, and The Hunger Site was temporarily shut down until took over its operations a few weeks later. Other sites also offer similar means for visitors to aid various charities:

l Animal Rescue Site
l The Breast Cancer Site

Additional Information:
World Food Program
The Hunger Site (World Food Program) (1 of 2)1/13/2009 9:40:19 AM The Hunger Site
World Food Program

The Hunger Site press release (World Food Program)
Last updated: 8 October 2007
The URL for this page is
Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2009 by
This material may not be reproduced without permission.
snopes and the logo are registered service marks of
Sources Sources:
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Monday, January 12, 2009

If you are doing a 2009 diet - leave NOW!

This is why diets don't work -
Your mug contains -
4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
Please ADD:
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil
Mix well
Add small splash of vanilla
Add 3 tbsp choc chips (optional)
Mix again
Put mug in micro, and cook 3 minutes
The cake will rise over the top of the mug
allow to cool slightly and tip out of mug onto a plate...
eat and enjoy
serves 2 (if you wish to share)
yep - so have a nice day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

This One I Made

I had changed my layout a few days ago, using a winter scene I found on Allie Brown's blog layout site. Yesterday, I decided to use a few kits from Barbara - Just Passing Through. I love her kits. They are very western in nature, and fit right in with my life and world. This blog page is a mixture of a few of her kits. She even has one named "Montana" - so there you have it, a perfect fit. Hop on over to her place and check her out. Here is the link.

The sun is shining. It is a balmy 34 degrees... Life IS Good!!!! We spent the yesterday cleaning up "avalanches". All that snow, packed with rain (up on the roof) created perfect conditions for "slides". I cannot even begin to imagine the impact of a real avalanche - or how some people actually survive them. Just the weight of the snow as it came off was intense. We only have to worry about sidewalks and porches - but even that takes a toll on the back. It is good that it finally started dropping. Shoveling snow is preferable to a collapsed roof, which was becoming a real danger.

Hubby is heading down to Seeley today to see how the summer cabin is holding up to the weight of the snow they have had there. Augh, and afternoon to myself. I love the man dearly, but really do enjoy some time to just myself now and then. Today is that day. Yippee Skippee! I just got a crockpot of good old fashioned stew going. I found this amazing recipe. You layer it (of all things) and it is fabulous. Actually, Hubby found the recipe... and he even used to be the one who made it. Here it is... try it! You'll like it!

I can't seem to get it to be any larger? So here it is such that it is... get out those magnifying glasses. *actually, I tested it... double click on it and it will open a jpg - much easier to see... YUM ~ I would never lie about food!
I am getting ready to compose a letter to our state officials. They have recently proposed a ban on pit-bulls in the state of Montana. IN THE WHOLE STATE!!!!!! It is not that I am a huge fan of that breed of dog... it is the actual verbiage of the law. THE WHOLE STATE?! Oh yeah, I got side tracked. What the ban says is that if you have a dog that even looks like it might have some pit-bull in it, it can be taken away and "DESTROYED". WHAT?!!!!! Are they nuts, or what. If your animal has been accused of having pit bloodlines, you have to prove (at your own expense) that said dog is not. Current dogs will be grandfathered in... if they are registered wit the state... BULL! OK, I am taking this a little personal. Both our boys are lab-pit mixes, we think. Yeah, here in Montana, our lawmakers will fight anyone who tries to even ask how many guns we own, but will come and take your dogs, regardless of temperament? I am sorry, but that is just WRONG.
Whew, I guess I didn't realize, as I started to type the above info... just how impassioned I am about the subject. My dogs don't chase wildlife... they are the sweetest most loved - by all who meet them - ARGGG! And while this feeling is strong, I think I will go write a letter.

Have a great day all.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it really 2009?!

It's winter in Montana
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At twenty-five below.
Oh, how I love Montana
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Montana
'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!

Author unknown.

I have been a little "away" from the computer lately. 2009 has me pretty busy, but also rested, if that makes sense. What I want to know is this... was that really me who was asking for snow? OK so thank you!!! We have it in abundance now... and it doesn't look to stop anytime soon. If you hear on the news reports about Washington State and the massive amounts of snow in Spokane? We are in the path of everything that comes their way. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful... but I think Hubby is getting a little over it!

That is him in the photo above. he looks pretty small in all that snow. Truth be known, he is 6'6". He has had to run the snowblower everyday for what seems like forever. Powder is not too bad, but when we came home after Christmas, it hads rained some on top of all the snow, which packed it pretty hard. No fun! Th poor pups can't even think about jumping in it, which they so love. There is a layer of ice about a foot down, so they fall through. Poor babies, because they SOOO love to play in it.
I had to dash to Kalispell on Sunday, as the freezer was getting pretty depleted. It was the only day that we weren't supposed to get snow. Wow, was that an adventure! The "beltheads" (snowmobilers) are sure loving this. I saw all kinds of trailers parked up and down the highway. Man it was a little of a white knuckle experience, but I was proud of myself for being so brave. It was necessary. We don't have the luxury of a garbage man, we have to haul our own 25 miles... and it was time. I did get some great deals though, so the trip was well worth it. I LOVE Pier One Imports, and they have screaming good deals on the Christmas stuff (75% off). I do love a good sale.
My sister is a consultant for Creative memories. She sent me this lovely package in the mail with some papers and embellishment packs (summer, fall and birthday). She is the one that got me hooked on digi-scrapping, but it is also fun to incorporate the paper scrap with the digital. Now if I could just find the time! LOL! I started out making a book with Storybook Creator. I bought the software so I could save the pages. There is free software, but you have to order the books from them, and they are a little pricey. If you are curious, check out Creative Memories in a google search. It is a pretty user friendly program, and I still use it in addition to everything else, and it is a good place for the novice.

These two deer were preening each other out in the drive a few days ago, and I just thought it was pretty cool, so I took a photo. This is my "share" with you photo.

Wow, I really have been gone for awhile. I feel like there is so much to catch up on. I have been seeing references to the 365 Challenge. How cool. I was given a book Looking for Summer (by Jim Brandenburg) as a gift a few years ago. He took one photo a day for 94 days, and they are STUNNING! I always thought it would be cool to do the same thing... looks like I missed the boat somewhat for this year, but that is OK... I can do it starting any day I want to. I was checking out Anne off Alamo's blog. She started a blog with just her 365 challenges, and I have to say KUDOS to her. Here is the link to her photo site - go check it out! Love it!!! Check out her scrap site for that matter...SHE ROCKS, and is ALWAYS a good read. Here is that link.

I changed my layout. I got this layout from Allie Browns site (another of my fav talents). Thanks Allie! I had designed my Christmas site layout using Crop2Dawn's Christmas kit, and I loved it, but it was too big a file, and I can't figure out how to make it smaller like Allie does. I will get there some day. If anyone knows the secret, I am all eyes (LOL... I can't hear you, but I do know how to read). By the way, Crops created a pretty amazing Fairy Fantasy Kit, go snag it at her place - but you better leave some love, cuz it is just too rude not to.

Miss Susie2Shoes, if you are around, I want you to know you are missed and I hope the New Year finds you feeling better. You are on my mind, and I wish to send some Happy 2009 Blessings your way.

It is now time for me to hit the kitchen, dinner is not going to make itself - although I would pay for that if they invented a way to make that happen. Another thing I would be willing to spend my last dime on would be a machine that you turn on when you go to bed, and it makes ALL of the dust and dog hair magically disappear.

G'nite all