Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthdays All Around!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sister Patti, oh and my friend Cathy in Colorado, hmm and Donna, my friend since the second grade!!! Hmmm I think I might be leaving someone out... Oh yeah - today is my good buddy Crop's Birthday!!!! In her honor, I have a small gift for everyone. She made a kit called Summertime - (from KimB's May CC) you can pick it up here at her blog - Crops2Dawn Creations. I made a layout with some grandchildren photos from our recent trip to Bozeman. I enjoy the color of this kit.

I also have the quickpage that goes with it. Enjoy... and why not pop over and tell Miss Croppie Happy Birthday!!!! I am pretty sure she said she is 29 AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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I have been pretty busy here of late. I know we are just moving into our Spring... but we are currently loading the woodshed with next winter's supply of wood. Did I mention I am married to a former boyscout (always be prepared) ~slash~ Engineer (I will design a plan)... so it is May , and in a few short days, the shed will be full, and I will be needing to see my chiropractor... LOL.
We have tons of trees down so the wood lot will be quite full as well. We are definitely taking advantage of the nice (but not too hot weather). We spent Memorial Day weekend at Seeley Lake - opening up the summer cabin. Friday and Saturday were beautiful - Sunday, not so we came home a little early, and found that 40 miles made a hug difference. It was great here. The time spent at Seeley was not wasted. I was up on the roof, sweeping all the pine needles and pine cones off. It helps to find any loose roofing nails. Then I got to rake all the stuff from the roof (4 wheel barrel loads). I didn't have to help per sea... I had plenty of cleaning inside to keep me busy. But I figured the faster hubby is finished, and the less tired... I may well earn a steak dinner at Lindey's. YUMMMMM, they have the best steaks. I will tell you what - work all day - a steak dinner, and poor Eilajean was DOWN for the count by 8:30. I haven't been asleep at 8:30 since I was a kid.
I am so happy that the weather is good for being outdoors, and that is where I am headed now... well, after I grab a bite, and read up on some of your blogs. I am soooo behind.
Have an awesome day all!!!
Big Hugs!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Montana Spring YAY!

Good Afternoon One and ALLLL! It is yet another gorgeous day! It did not start out that way... 26 degrees, but the temp is climbing nicely. We are at 60 now. Not bad for May. We have finally been able to start doing some things outdoors YAY! So here are a few photos of what May is doing in Montana. Patsy... How many days left?
We had elk in the yard - again - LOL. These guys are starting to shed their winter coats... so they are a bit nappy.
The fielded area by the wood shed shows where they were in relation to the house.
Below are the peonies. We finally got around to mulching. I will plant peonies all along the front by next spring. Hubby used some sticks from the yard and rope to make the fencing. Feels like home - and holds the bushiness back. I like it LOL.
Our front porch. We will be replacing it with Trex this year... and the current one is destines to become a new ramp for our dock... Always recycling.
And the back porch. We finally got the hummingbird mobile feeder up - This pic has a lot going on - you can see both dogs - the feeder - and that is an elk down in the meadow.

OK, so there is your Spring time Montana tour!
Have an awesome day!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Psychotic Hummingbirds and Renegade Grizzlies ~ HAPPY SPRING!!!

Hello... yes it would be me. I have been very remiss in my blogging, and I have no excuse, other than to say I have been side-tracked. Yes Graduation was a week ago. My son loved his new book. Of coarse the DIL now wishes to have one about her life. It is only fair. I told her she would be doing all the scanning and would have to provide info. This should keep relations good. Mothers, sons, and the women they marry ~ it can be a touchy area sometimes. I am happy this dynamic is usually fair and balanced. But I digress.

Below are photos from Graduation. I am so happy it is done, and they get to move on.

Credit goes to Creative Memories Jewel Achievements Package (free) and 1001 Free fonts - see previous blog for link...

OK, so no road trip is ever perfect. LOL! As we were driving to Bozeman for the graduation we got caught in a cattle drive. It is all part of the early Spring thing. It was fairly cloudy and icky driving there, but by the time we got there... the sun came out and it was an amazing weekend. We could not have asked for better! Especially since the forecast called for rain. I was very thankful for how it all turned out.

Sweet Spring may actually be here YAY. We have not had a fire in the wood stove in 3 whole days!!!! We did have snow last Wednesday. But today it is sunny and 75. The trees are finally getting buds... and things are green YAHOO!!!!! Yesterday we did steaks on the grill tonight it will be ribs. I have been really hungry for charbroiled food!!! It is just another sign of Spring.
Two more very distinct signs - grizzlies and the crazed hummingbirds. When we were in Utah, the hummingbirds were so laid back. They shared the feeders with ease. Here they fight - and I mean really crazy aggressive activity. I just want to know WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!
I just received notice a week or so again that we had a grizzly kill some sheep a couple miles from here. NICE! A couple miles is not much in the span of griz travel. So Bear Spray it is LOL.
I am so sorry I have been such a dolt. I think the last hold out of winter sapped my creative flow - OK - so did facebook. I will try to get back on track... Been missing all my blog buddies - except you CROPS - now get back to work... LMBO!!!! And for the record - the reason I do not miss Crops is that she has been sucked into the same facebook (games) vortex as I. But we are back to work GF Yes?
Have a wonderful day all. Have windows to do today - but after that, will try to catch up on all the reading I have missed. And I will try to never get so far behind again. You will be hearing from me soon at your places.