Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Hi, it is Eila - finally getting around to pop in to say hello. It seems to be that I posted as we were just starting to see a summer I truly believed would never get here. It did, and it was good in so many ways, and not so good in a few others.

It has been such a long time ~ I am thinking that you might want to pour a cup a coffee, and settle in. I will try to keep it short.

In early June, my mom called and said they had found a tumor in her kidney. She did not know the size, or what would be done. About a week later, it was decided that they needed to remove her kidney. It was cancer. She was very afraid... and rightfully so. She is 77 years old, and not in the greatest health anyway - and she was worried that the other one might fail. We did remind her that she has 6 children, all which would give her one if she needed it... should have gone without saying.

Surgery was scheduled for the end of June. It had been decided, since one sister lives there, and another travels there frequently... the rest of us would hang back and come one at a time, as needed to help with her aftercare - when she got out of the hospital. She lives with her cousin, and again - one sis is always there... but we needed to take some of the pressure off them. I was put in a holding pattern for the month of July. She came through the surgery well ~ the cancer was the type which confines itself to the organ it is in - so Chemo and radiation would not be needed. After a few days, they moved her to a nursing home for "after care" - which is where the real fun started. It took over 24 hours for her meds to get there. Then, she started having a really bad cough, The care (and I use that term very loosely) providers at the NH gave her Benadryl to help her sleep, because they couldn't get the Doctor (again a term I used loosely) to check in on her. Guess he was just too busy to be bothered. My sister finally took matters into her own hands, and took her to the emergency room at the hospital. They readmitted her with pneumonia. I am not an expert, but I think the term "after care" was anything but.

After 3 weeks in the hospital, mom went home. I made my reservations, and went to Kansas City. It was a very long 10 days. My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw Mom the first time. The stress of the situation had really taken its toll. She did not look at all like my mother. She was ashen and hollow (the best way to describe it). I got a place close by (as I knew I would need down time). Her cousin was there in the evening... and I spent every day with her. Each day she was a little better. Her physical therapist came every other day, and was pleased with how much she was improving each day after I arrived. My mother and I have always been close, although some days she makes me crazy. I am the one child that will tell it like it is. She has started to get cranky as she has aged... and far less tolerant of people, including her grand children. She used to tell me what a witch her great grandmother was. One day when she was speaking negatively about one of my nieces...I posed a question to her. Here is the basic conversation...

"Mom, do you remember Babo?"

"Yes, she was a witch - she was always so mean to me"

"OK Mom, now ask yourself this... Is that how YOU want to be remembered by your grand children?"

ith that, I left the room. And I could tell after I came back... that she was truly thinking about it. Later I noticed a true softening in her approach. I guess that is what I mean by me telling it like it is. She has a beautiful spirit, and I think sometimes she just forgets to put that at the forefront. She just got jaded at some point. I can see how that can happen. Kansas City is a horrible city, but then in my book, they all are. So many people, so much crime - sirens all day and all night. I was definitely a fish out of water. Mixed feelings all the way around about that trip. I did get to eat at Olive Garden TWICE (LOL). The nearest Olive Garden is about an 8 hour drive away, so needless to say, it is a treat to go there. I also spent time with 2 of my sisters, and was able to meet a friend I have not seen for 20 years for lunch (one Olive Garden experience). As I said mixed bag - happy and sad. It was too much time in the city, yet not enough time to see the people I wanted to. I cannot believe I spent such a large part of my life there. I am pretty sure I could not survive city life full time.

August 9th, I was more than ready to head home. It was 105 degrees and muggy in KC that day. Do you ever wish you could make a day in history just plain Go AWAY. I think it would be wonderful if you could go back in history an erase a day... and the terrible things that happened on that day would have never happened. August 9, 2009 would be just such a day.

I called hubby from the airport shortly before boarding. He was busy, and would be out the rest of the day. I was not looking forward to the flight. Storms were predicted in Minnesota. Deep breath... flight was bumpy. Safe take off - and landing - YAY. I did not call hubby from Minneapolis when I landed. I knew he would not be there. In hind sight, I am glad I didn't. Usually I would, just to say I was safe, and that I couldn't wait to get home.

The flight was great from Minnesota to Montana. We even got in early. (a half hour). No hubby... hmmmm. OK. I decided to call his cell to see if he was close. It was almost midnight - 1 AM - KC time. There was a message on the cell. It was him saying he needed to talk to me. He had left it shortly after I had left KC. OK, so panic. Had something happened to Mom. I guess I had to wait. He got there shortly after that. I asked him what was up. and he said "Cindy died today". OK so it took a minute to process. Cindy - vibrant - 52 years old - and the one real friend in the Swan Valley. She just collapsed and dies in her office. We spent hours in that office talking when I would go to the Mercantile. I had been her fill in girl for 3 years when they were short handed. And we shared Photoshop from the first day we met. We met the day she showed us the house we now live in. You see... she is also the local Real Estate agent. She was so many things in this valley - her greatest gift was that of "Friend". There are days I am still in shock and denial.

Her husband called me the next day and asked me to do a slide show for her post service celebration. Here they throw a major event to celebrate the life of one who has left us. It was a long week, of crying, scanning, and trying to heal. One thing about creating memorial slide shows - it is a healing process. I have never seen anything like the Mass. The church was FULL... the lobby was FULL... and the outside was FULL. Parking was spread down the highway for at least a mile. We lost someone who was so well loved. And I miss her everyday!!!

Her husband also recruited me to take over the ads and flyers for the real Estate business. So that is where I am now. I am also photographing some of the properties. The photos below are from a piece of property that is currently listed. If you have a spare 1.5 Mil - it could be yours. 1800 FT of river front. 18 Acres.

and so... now Fall is upon us... we are splitting and stacking wood... even tho we have a fullout TON!. Trees keep dying and falling. I will try to get back sooner and tell a little story about a fire we had on the property... must take photos first, and besides I believe I have taken up enough of your precious time. I apologize again for my absent behavior. I will try to do better. I miss my blog hopping - going to have to try that again...

until we meet again

Have a great day!!!!

Eila (the missing blogger)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spring... while everyone else has summer - Well - not in the Southern Hemisphere.

I have been crazy busy lately... but wanted to pop in to say hello. My poor little camera has been working overtime. It felt like Spring would never get here, but it finally did. We have had a nice amount of rain - and an equally nice amount of sunshine. We had 2 grand daughters (ages 5 and 7) spend a week here... WHO KNEW people so small could have so much energy - or that maybe I don't!!! But they were fun - I have to admit.

We have this plant that grows around here. Some of you probably know what it is. Apparently each plant only blooms about once every 5 to 7 years. This year, a bunch have bloomed.

The girls and I picked some on the way up to our place... and put them in jars with food color... What you see below is the result. Who knew?! It was a fun experiment.

I will post some layouts when I make them of the girls... I took tons of photos - no surprise there!

A couple of days ago, I went to Seeley Lake, and was taken back at the view out my windshield... I mean I go to our cabin all thetime, but sometimes I forget to look... really look. I fell quite blessed to be able to have this place in the summer.

This last photo is one of those where the light and the subject are just right. If you look at the water just to the left of the dock in the pick above... you will see where this family of geese was. I am quite pleased with this photo.

So there you have it... this is what I have been doing. I hope everyone is well, and having a splendid day - where ever you are!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthdays All Around!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sister Patti, oh and my friend Cathy in Colorado, hmm and Donna, my friend since the second grade!!! Hmmm I think I might be leaving someone out... Oh yeah - today is my good buddy Crop's Birthday!!!! In her honor, I have a small gift for everyone. She made a kit called Summertime - (from KimB's May CC) you can pick it up here at her blog - Crops2Dawn Creations. I made a layout with some grandchildren photos from our recent trip to Bozeman. I enjoy the color of this kit.

I also have the quickpage that goes with it. Enjoy... and why not pop over and tell Miss Croppie Happy Birthday!!!! I am pretty sure she said she is 29 AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Click the preview to go to 4shared

I have been pretty busy here of late. I know we are just moving into our Spring... but we are currently loading the woodshed with next winter's supply of wood. Did I mention I am married to a former boyscout (always be prepared) ~slash~ Engineer (I will design a plan)... so it is May , and in a few short days, the shed will be full, and I will be needing to see my chiropractor... LOL.
We have tons of trees down so the wood lot will be quite full as well. We are definitely taking advantage of the nice (but not too hot weather). We spent Memorial Day weekend at Seeley Lake - opening up the summer cabin. Friday and Saturday were beautiful - Sunday, not so we came home a little early, and found that 40 miles made a hug difference. It was great here. The time spent at Seeley was not wasted. I was up on the roof, sweeping all the pine needles and pine cones off. It helps to find any loose roofing nails. Then I got to rake all the stuff from the roof (4 wheel barrel loads). I didn't have to help per sea... I had plenty of cleaning inside to keep me busy. But I figured the faster hubby is finished, and the less tired... I may well earn a steak dinner at Lindey's. YUMMMMM, they have the best steaks. I will tell you what - work all day - a steak dinner, and poor Eilajean was DOWN for the count by 8:30. I haven't been asleep at 8:30 since I was a kid.
I am so happy that the weather is good for being outdoors, and that is where I am headed now... well, after I grab a bite, and read up on some of your blogs. I am soooo behind.
Have an awesome day all!!!
Big Hugs!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Montana Spring YAY!

Good Afternoon One and ALLLL! It is yet another gorgeous day! It did not start out that way... 26 degrees, but the temp is climbing nicely. We are at 60 now. Not bad for May. We have finally been able to start doing some things outdoors YAY! So here are a few photos of what May is doing in Montana. Patsy... How many days left?
We had elk in the yard - again - LOL. These guys are starting to shed their winter coats... so they are a bit nappy.
The fielded area by the wood shed shows where they were in relation to the house.
Below are the peonies. We finally got around to mulching. I will plant peonies all along the front by next spring. Hubby used some sticks from the yard and rope to make the fencing. Feels like home - and holds the bushiness back. I like it LOL.
Our front porch. We will be replacing it with Trex this year... and the current one is destines to become a new ramp for our dock... Always recycling.
And the back porch. We finally got the hummingbird mobile feeder up - This pic has a lot going on - you can see both dogs - the feeder - and that is an elk down in the meadow.

OK, so there is your Spring time Montana tour!
Have an awesome day!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Psychotic Hummingbirds and Renegade Grizzlies ~ HAPPY SPRING!!!

Hello... yes it would be me. I have been very remiss in my blogging, and I have no excuse, other than to say I have been side-tracked. Yes Graduation was a week ago. My son loved his new book. Of coarse the DIL now wishes to have one about her life. It is only fair. I told her she would be doing all the scanning and would have to provide info. This should keep relations good. Mothers, sons, and the women they marry ~ it can be a touchy area sometimes. I am happy this dynamic is usually fair and balanced. But I digress.

Below are photos from Graduation. I am so happy it is done, and they get to move on.

Credit goes to Creative Memories Jewel Achievements Package (free) and 1001 Free fonts - see previous blog for link...

OK, so no road trip is ever perfect. LOL! As we were driving to Bozeman for the graduation we got caught in a cattle drive. It is all part of the early Spring thing. It was fairly cloudy and icky driving there, but by the time we got there... the sun came out and it was an amazing weekend. We could not have asked for better! Especially since the forecast called for rain. I was very thankful for how it all turned out.

Sweet Spring may actually be here YAY. We have not had a fire in the wood stove in 3 whole days!!!! We did have snow last Wednesday. But today it is sunny and 75. The trees are finally getting buds... and things are green YAHOO!!!!! Yesterday we did steaks on the grill tonight it will be ribs. I have been really hungry for charbroiled food!!! It is just another sign of Spring.
Two more very distinct signs - grizzlies and the crazed hummingbirds. When we were in Utah, the hummingbirds were so laid back. They shared the feeders with ease. Here they fight - and I mean really crazy aggressive activity. I just want to know WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!
I just received notice a week or so again that we had a grizzly kill some sheep a couple miles from here. NICE! A couple miles is not much in the span of griz travel. So Bear Spray it is LOL.
I am so sorry I have been such a dolt. I think the last hold out of winter sapped my creative flow - OK - so did facebook. I will try to get back on track... Been missing all my blog buddies - except you CROPS - now get back to work... LMBO!!!! And for the record - the reason I do not miss Crops is that she has been sucked into the same facebook (games) vortex as I. But we are back to work GF Yes?
Have a wonderful day all. Have windows to do today - but after that, will try to catch up on all the reading I have missed. And I will try to never get so far behind again. You will be hearing from me soon at your places.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The last of the "Book" Layouts

I am finally going to finish posting some layouts from the book. I was just going through the book thread, and it kinda blows me away that I did about 90 layouts in approximately 2 weeks. That is just plain NUTS!!!!! I will NEVER do that again LOL. I am getting ready to start 2 more books (Hubby's old family photos) I want to make books for each of his siblings for Christmas. That should give me enough time to put it together. (and find a good deal on printing). I also want to put another one together for our other son and his family. The kids are growing so fast, and I have a bazillion photos... that should be a fun project.

And here are the final layouts I will post from this last endeavor...

I have really enjoyed looking back. There were so many memories that made me laugh and made me cry... It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I am so looking forward to see where it takes us from here. Gotta LOVE the pink hat!!! Let this be a lesson to all children... pictures WILL show up that are related to the past.... This was our first trip out to the US... the left page is from central Pennsylvania. If you are anywhere near Scranton, PA, put Ricketts Glen on your list of places you simply must go!!! Nice camping - and BEAUTIFUL waterfalls. We have played there many times.
ALL But One layout - and I will specify that when I get there... are made using Creative Memories Packages and 1001 fonts.

More must go places!!! Montana - I will vouch for her beauty. New Zealand is also on the top of the list. It reminded me of Montana with shoreline. I would love to live there -with one exception. I love all the wildlife we have, and theirs is fairly limited. I do, however remember playing on a beach in the Catlins (Cannibal Bay) with a bunch of seals and sea lions. We were married there - perfect setting I might add.

This next layout is my oldest brother. He was great at Baseball, but was taken from us far too early. He was killed in a car accident when he was 15. The precious memories remain even after all these years.

oops - Angel Wordart is by Inspired Mommie Designs

This is my Youngest brother. He is a year younger than I am. He is an amazing human being. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. I just love some of the photos of him!

Credit goes to Beth Turner - The kit is called Let Freedom Ring. here is her soon to be "old" site and here is her new site. She has a good bit of patriotic stuff.

Last - but certainly not least... Arizona. It was not my favorite place to live... but man 'o man, the sunsets were incredible! The other photos are from prom and a road trip he took to LA with friends. The foot prints are Jack Nicholson's

I was going to wait to post this since I JUST posted yesterday... but I have some really exciting news... so I just could not wait...


...on that note I will sign off and say see ya ~ until next time!!!!

ciao for naio,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Couple Layouts - and A Couple of Gifts

Whew - I have actually been a bit on the busy side here of late. I decided to do some spring cleaning out in our guest cabin. It doubles as storage (one room). I decided it is time to get rid of some of the things we have not even looked at in 3 years. Makes sense to me. I have had to have a fire going in the wood stove because winter has returned - and I am not so sure it will ever leave!!!! It is not even 40 degrees yet today, and it may not even get there. OK, so I will quit whining. I keep saying two words over and over in my head ("Snow Pack"). But it really is almost May, and Eila needs MORE vitamin D!!!! OK OK, I guess I just wasn't quite finished whining.

Moving on. MY BOOK IS ON THE WAY!!!! WOO HOO!!! I should have it in my hot little hands by the end of the week. I am so excited to see the fruits of my labor. I am posting just a couple more layouts because they are done using kits from some of the designers I so greatly admire, and I wish to give them credit... and a huge THANK YOU!!!!
This first set was done using a number of designs:
LEFT PAGE ~ Creative Memories (background)
Squiggly elements, bluebird, and giraffe ~ my buddy Crops - Crops2Dawn - pop over to see her, and tell her Thanks for all she does!!! She RAWKS!
Wordart by hilleke at Scrap Depot
RIGHT PAGE ~Creative Memories for the border text - the beach alpha and background is from Vicki A Work In Progress - from her Beach Holiday kit that was featured in Scrap N Art last July (I believe). She has a fairly new store... ~ Scrap That Idea ~ You can buy "her store" (the kits she currently has for a mere $30.00 - so go check it out (the offer is expiring fairly soon!!!) I have shopped there, and cannot wait to play with some of my new stuff... Was my boy just too cute or what - hence the wordart I chose to use LOL!

This one is from a kit from Mrs Miles' HEART STRINGS MINI KIT. She does some of the most beautiful work. This matches a page I had previously done - it is the opposite page in the book - you would have to go back a few posts for the other side. Thank you so much Mrs Miles. This is on of my fav all time kits. I guess because of the passion Boy and I both have for music. So pop over to her place an say "hi".

The next one was made using Barbara ~ Just Passing Through's Colorful Grunge Kit. She is a great designer, and works very hard for us - so if you snag any of her work, be sure to say a heartfelt thank you!!!

Oh GOSH!!!! I almost forgot (not really). I just happened to make a couple QPs using that very kit.

I tried to take into account those with slower downloads... so I broke it into two parts. Enjoy!
Oh yeah, and if it is not too terribly much of a bother, would you mind leaving a quick thank you if you do download. You of coarse are not obligated to do so, but it is just good manners, and I appreciate the feed back.
You can pick up the first one here
and the second one here
I really must sign out... I have a care package to put out for a friend who is going through a bit of a rough patch... Hoping to send a smile.
Ciao everyone!!! Hope it is sunny where you are cuz it sure isn't in Montana!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunshine ~ Snow ~ and 100 YEARS!!!

On Wednesday, I decided to go south to visit a friend. It was a beautiful day for a drive (120 round trip). I had the cruise control set, the sun roof open, and the tunes cranked. It was a great day to shed the cobwebs from winter. As I was heading home, I just had to stop and take a photo of what my drive was like... Blue sky and snow capped peaks... (and 70 degrees F) I love the Rocky Mountains - call me John Denver!

Yesterday was not so nice - some clouds and colder... (40s). Hubby went to town, so I used the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. My dust bunnies had moved in with their grand children... it was time, and I feel good that it is done!
Today - well... pictures speak louder than words!

I am off shortly to go help some of the local ladies set up the community center for a very special event. One of our long time residents (and our neighbor) is turning 100 years old. What a wonderful man he is too. The image below is the front of the invitation that was created (by me) for the event. In the photos used, he was 97. It was our first summer here, and he would come over on his tractor for visits. Oh, the stories a man who has lived a century has to tell. We, fortunately have a road that passes through our property to his, so he never had to go on the highway. Anyway I just wanted to say:

Happy Birthday Al Wise

I would also like to send my prayers to anyone in South Carolina who had been affected by that terrible fire.

and on that note... I must now go get some things done.

Be well, and have a great day.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today, I thought I would share a little of Montana. The other day we had more visitors... 4 turkeys were passing through. I often see them by the highway, and have had as many as 2 pass through at a time, so 4 was kind of fun. As you can see we are still waiting for things to green up... but at least the snow has melted. YAY!!! We have not had to have a fire in the wood stove for 5 days now. Sure sign of spring, if you ask me!!!
While I was engrossed in the book, I did not have time to post this next photo, but found it amusing. The boys (Max - red collar & Morgan - blue collar) were quite interested in the elk in the meadow. Those two can sit there for hours and watch for whatever company might pass through.
Max has been with us a little over a year, and I have to admit he is such a giant goofball!!! I thought Morgan had that market covered... but Max OWNS it!!! In the evening, before their dinner ("promptly at 6 PM if you do not mind") Hubby takes them out for a romp on the property. While they are away, I usually set up their bowls on the counter. You see, if I had them both in their location on the floor, it would be pandemonium while they figure out who gets which. I have to have absolute order, or it is absolute chaos. These guys take their meals VERY seriously! As soon as Hubby starts for home, Max always runs up ahead, and is always the first one back. He sits on the porch and peers in the window... his way to let me know they have returned.
I usually do see him... but sometimes I ignore him because I cannot let him in until I have 2 dogs to feed, and Morgan is a little slower getting back (old guy). After he has waited what he considers long enough... he will make an effort to grab my attention. I actually waited for both of these photos (above & below) because I KNEW they would come. Our pets are soooo predictable!
We have established, in our household, who the alpha is - it would be me! The boys are required to sit until I tell them they can go get their food. Otherwise, I would be in a tangle of dogs while trying to feed them. Morgan is looking toward the counter, because, that is where the food is. All he really wants is for me to take the photo, and get the bowls where they are supposed to be. On a side note - Morgan has to be in front - he is sooo afraid Max will get his food. No trust!
To give you an idea of just how silly they are - Max, just his morning - went around to the front of the house when I let them out to attend to their morning "business". I was on the back deck - but can see through the house. There were deer all over the front yard. Out goes Max, and I am watching him... he starts to work his way toward the trees. The deer are as well. Now keep in mind, he has done NOTHING wrong so far. I headed through the house to rein him in before he gets into trouble. When I get there, he is about 25 feet, at the most, away from a doe. They are both just kind of staring at each other. No drama yet. I call him... and he comes immediately, tail between the legs. Keep in mind he has done nothing wrong. He did not chase them... he was calm, they were calm... but he comes in and proceeds to "slink" to his bed. It just cracked me up. I guess he KNEW he had been engaging in "impure" thoughts, so he felt guilty. I do not care what Caesar Milan (the dog whisperer) says. They are smarter and have much more of a clue than he thinks. I had to give him a little extra attention to get him to know he was not in trouble. Now if we could get our kids to be so well behaved LOL.
OK, I am done rambling. I will post a few layouts next time, I just wasn't up for all the linking today.
Have a wonderful one. The sun is shining and I am off to play somewhere besides the computer.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Words simply cannot express the relief I feel after finishing this project. Holy Cow!!!! (I guess those would be a start). I woke up Friday at 5 AM with so many ideas racing thru my little 'over worked' brain. So I got up - poured some coffee, and got to work... The last "heritage" page was the O'Sullivans. I had some history that went back to Ireland, and the potato famine. So I made it a little more green. I used Crops2Dawn overlay of shamrocks for the first page - from her kit Bring on the Leprechauns... I just softened it somewhat. I like the feel of it. I used Creative Memories - Shabby Cottage Package for the overall layout.

*on a side note* I have linked the Creative Memories to my sister's page in CM. I think if anyone knows someone who would like to make memory books, but doesn't want to work too hard learning Photoshop, it is a great program to own. There is a free version, but it is so limiting. You can not add your own papers, and cannot save your papers. With the paid version, you can do both. I was able to use kits from my favorite designers and save my work. The thing is that with the free one, you have to order your book from them. With the paid version, you can print your own, or as I did, use a different book program to purchase it. I got 4 - 120 page books (11x11) for 55.00 each including shipping. With CM, a 20 page 8x8 is 60.00 - In these tough economic times, you gotta do the math. I love the program, but can't justify the expense of the books. As far as the program, it comes with very basic packages, but there are SEVERAL you can download free. It is like having SEVERAL Quick pages, but you can rearrange the elements. Trust me, I know... LOL! Just something to keep in mind if you are looking for the perfect gift. Check out my sis... thanks... OK, I am done advertising... now onto the rest of the reveal.

The O'Sullivans

Check out the younger Daniel in the lower right corner of the left side page... does he look a little like this guy? Or should I say... does this guy look a little like him?

One thing that was interesting through this process was the strength of the similarities in my families visual features. (strong gene pool)

OK, NEXT....

These are a series of group shots of us - I was #6 out of 7...

I used Crops2Dawn - You're a Star kit for the paper and Autumn Moments for the half torn edge overlay... YOU RAWK CROPPIE!!!! You will be seeing more of her stuff in posts to come. Go check her out! She is a great read, and pretty darned talented too... The wordart... Elegant Wordart (Bethany) for the family. The brothers and sisters had no TOU and is not named with the designers tag, so your guess is as good as mine... (I just spent an hour searching the web... and digi free, and I even know what date I downloaded it... so kudos to the designer, and sorry I cannot link to you) and the text is "girls are weird" from 1001 free fonts.
My brother was killed in an auto accident when he was 15. that is why the later shots have one less. In the black and white, my youngest brother was not here just yet. We are 7 children with an age range of 8 1/2 years from oldest to youngest. Can anyone say Catholic?

Each of my brothers and sisters got a side by side layout... The oldest is all about animals. She works for Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Utah. I made the cat plaque a long time ago for her to put on a memorial spot on the animals place in Angel's Rest at the sanctuary... I used Mel Haines Raining Cats and Dogs (a collab she did a while back with Vicki Parker) - they have a somewhat new store out there - Scrap That Idea - you should check it out... and a little piece from Cats and Daisies.

This is another of my sisters - this is all Barbara at Just Passing Through. (Grand Canyon - Old Barn) I just love her kits, and she is a really fine person as well... Stop in and say hello, and it should go without saying, but you really need to say thank you to any and ALL designers whenever you download a kit.

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!! (below). I think that in light of the fact that it was one of the very last pages I did after several days of "psycho scrapping" - I NAILED it! This is from two more kits from Barbara - see above...this is from Cork Meets Plaid and Wood Meets Denim. I have all these silly things that I have saved in a file most of his life... so what better way to display them than a bulletin board. (and I am aware I spelled Bulletin wrong - DANG - I should use spell check ALWAYS!!!!

Of Coarse, I had to do some pages for me - I am "The Mom" after all... these are all Creative Memories Packages - Soft Baby Girl, and the text is all from 1001 Free Fonts.

I used Barbara's (Just Passing Through) for this one as well... It is the Wood Meets Denim and it matches a page I did WAYYYY back when...
The last layout for today is "All Me" With a little help from 1001 Free Fonts. We have gone to Washington DC on MANY occasions throughout our time in Pennsylvania. I used a blended photo of the White House for the background. Man oh man, we had so many great times there.
I drove a bright orange VW Super Beetle for about 7 years. LOVED that car. His Name was "Syd" It is one of those cultural oddities... when you own an older bug - it is supposed to have a name. I had an 8-Ball on the gear shift - and a rainbow in the back window. That way I was always behind the 8-Ball with a Rainbow over my shoulder - kind of a "cosmic balance thing". OK, cut me some slack - it was mostly in my 20's. I was a bit of a "free spirit". So you might be wondering what the heck I am ranting about this for. In the pic below, you will see a photo my son took once, as a surprise to me. We were in DC for yet another July 4th celebration. (If you live close - crops... I am talking to you - and maybe Melanie too?) You have to do a July 4th there. It is the coolest thing ever, and I do not like crowds... OK back to the photo... he had gone to the Museum of American History with one of the people we were there with. He had the camera... and he saw what he called a "Syd-a-Saurus". The boy just cracks me up!!!! If you bring up the photo by clicking on it, you can see the literal sea of people in the photos. One year we even watched the fireworks while standing in the reflecting pool... probably would not do that again (again own it to youth... LOL)
OK, so I am done for today. I will post more of the layouts over the next week or so. Thanks to those that encouraged me and believed I could do this. There were moments when I thought it might be 110... but as it turned out - it was the exact right number. Now I am off to say hello to y'all. I have been remiss in visiting. I have a lot of reading and hellos to catch up on. So until the next time...
BE WELL and God Bless,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Short and Sweet

I FINISHED!!!!!!! With 2 hours to spare. I am going to have a bit of dinner, and call it a day - WOO HOO!!!

nite nite,


Monday, April 13, 2009


I am not totally sure, but I think "Moe & Joe" might just have relocated to the Swan Valley in Montana!!! Following are 29 of the 60+ layouts I have done since my last post. My deadline is coming up... and here, I get an email from Inkubook, offering me 28% off my book order if I can get it in by Friday the 17th. I am ordering 3 copies of a 120 page book (Boys - plus - one for me and one for my mom)... so 28% figures out to @ 60 Bucks... So I have been jamming. I dream scrap layouts these days!!!! It is a good thing I sorted all my photos. It has been quite useful as I come up with ideas. I scanned @ 1000 photos about a month ago... yet I am still thinking of photos I want to use that I have not scanned. At least I know EXACTLY where to find them. YAY!!! My desk an immediate office area are pretty scary - negative sheets, CD notebooks, and photo boxes...

And in the middle of it all, I tweaked my back. I was making the bed on Friday and I felt that little tingle you get just before it causes you to walk like you are 100 years old. I actually think it might be a pinched nerve. I am sitting OK - which means I can scrap - but getting up and walking around is a bit of a challenge. it is getting better everyday.
OK, so I have to get back to Photoshop and Creative Memories... so here are the Pages. Keep in mind that I am doing them in twos... and as always, it is a work in progress... Aren't we all?!
First off - the wedding. Who gets married in Montana in January?! Three words for their wedding day (THIRTY DEGREES BELOW!!!!!) - yep, and then they went off to Victoria BC for the honeymoon - had to get off the plane in Seattle and drive the rest of the way because of a snow storm... LOL. They never take the easy way!!! This is a sample of the 14 pages I did... of just the wedding.
first image only - wordart - elegant wordart
everything else is Creative Memories Cherish Package
For his 16th Birthday we went to San Francisco - I had a BOGO airfare from Phoenix, (which is where we lived) and a friend to stay with - so it was affordable... By some fluke, my sister was there the same days on business (from Pennsylvania)... so it was a major bonus. What a great memory. We went to Carmel and Monterey to see my niece and her mom...
Th background blends are single photos that will go across both pages - same with the street-shot of San Francisco -
Fonts - 1001 Free Fonts (also one Creative Memories element)
Iowa - what can I say - we were there, and I actually made some of the best lifelong friends. There are 3 friends from there that are still my bestest good friends (25 years later). You know the ones - You talk to them and email them on a regular basis. (one even lives here in Montana...) another in Seattle - I see a visit to her in my future, since that is where Boy and Girl are moving...
background - Amy Sumrall Designs - MAN I Love that particular paper - I have used it before, and will surely use it again!!! The guilded leaves were a gift from Mrs Miles, I don't even know where you can get them, or if you can - but I LOVE them... and use them alot as well!!!
all me and 1001 free fonts (I love the Dear Teacher font for pages like this - I used it one other time...

Boy's day of Deployment - the background is a Main Street photo I had...I like it... again 1001 free fonts... linked above (these links are slowing me down... LOL)
I am using some full page images for a little balance - only a few - but when used, they apply...
The teacher... no idea whose wordart - no TOU with if it is yours... I salute you, it is PERFECT!!!!! Same fonts... the kit belongs to Lilybelle Scraps

I made this layout using - HEART STRINGS MINI KIT - If you have not been over to Mrs. Miles' Place, stop by and say hello - it is always a good read. Wordart belongs to Bethany at Elegant Wordart

He was 5 when he made this - silly things we save!

Grunge frame courtesy - Numb Bum Wordart ~ Vanessa Fellow (whose blog is no longer with

The next two are the covers Front first - then back - I used a quote from Richard Bach's ~ There's No Such Place As Far Away... a favorite (short) book of mine. The photos are mine - and the font is from 1001 fonts. I used these as covers so that it is something they will want to have on the coffee table (artistic - yet beautiful). I had t do that border so the gulls wings would be all on the front - after going around the book - All these things to consider LOL!!!

My Father was Uncle Sam in a parade a few years ago in Pennsylvania - so I decided to make a page honoring that. He was a retired Marine Lt Col, and loved this country deeply. Semper Fi Dad, we miss you.

The kit is by Beth Turner - called Let Freedom Ring here is her soon to be "old" site and here is her new site. She has a good bit of patriotic stuff.

This is the opposite page - I used Creative Memories Soft Baby Boy package for this.

A "ME" page using Creative Memories Jewel Achievement Package and Movie Font from 1001 Fonts... links above.

These layouts are my sis and her kids - using Barbara (Just Passing Through) Michele's Sunflower Kit. She does some awesome creating - pop on over and say Hi... Tell her Eila sent you...

Who doesn't Love Disneyland? Boy and Girl (that is what I call them) love Disney - they own every movie, and watch them regularly - She is from that part of California, so they get to go when ever they go see her folks. The first two are all me - my photos etc - except the font - which is waltograph from 1001 The fireworks one is a combo of a bunch of photos we took when we went in 2003. The other is from a play. Everyone should go to Disneyland at least once in life...

The one below is a combination of alot of stuff - I took the pic of the mouse flower garden - but I will have you know there were people in the pic - construction stuff... utterly took we weeks (in school) t clean this up... glad I found a use for it.
font - 1001
inner frame - Lindsay Jane Designs
Wordart by - elegant wordart

I cannot believe I finally finished this post!!!! It took almost as long as making the pages... LOL... so now if you wonder why you have not heard from me for awhile, this covers the rest of April... I will be by to see everyone soon. I have been glancing at who is posting, but really have to stay focused. I have 4 days left to finish - (tomorrow is Dr appontments, and in town all day.)
Have a wondrous day!!!