Monday, February 8, 2010

Road Warriors ~ or just plain crazy!

You may ask yourself... "Self - what could possibly have Eila up at 5 AM, actually posting to her blog?" In truth a couple things have led to this. One, in the past week, three loverly ladies have popped in to say hello." I might add a heartfelt thank you for that. Hummie, the winter photos may actually make it in the next post... which could be sooner than you think.
The second reason... I am in Kansas City, preparing for a true adventure (we are talking EPIC proportions!!!!)
I had surgery in December (BTW). I am healing nicely (woman issues - that will no longer be issues - thank heavens!!!!) I was going about my business, walking every day - hitting the gym... just feeling generally good. Then on Tuesday, we got some scary news.
my mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Every family has to deal with blows, this one is pretty huge. Decisions have been made very quickly. In an effort to prevent her from being put in a nursing home in KC - my brother volunteered to have her come stay with him and his family. In actuality, he and my mother had been talking about this for awhile, anyway. This just stepped it up.
Let's face is, care in small towns is usually a bazillion times better than in the big cities. So, Maine it is. In a nut shell, my sister drove to Kansas City from Utah arriving yesterday. I flew in on Saturday. My other sister and I spent the day yesterday packing. In a couple hours we are going to be picking up a Uhaul trailer... and by afternoon, we will he heading east. Has it occurred to anyone just exactly what that means? Hmmm I am thinking there is a storm heading that way SOON. And so the adventure begins. Wish us luck, and a prayer or twenty couldn't hurt!
I will try to post along the way, as we are looking for it to take several days to get there (shorter legs of the journey on the way out) We do not have to be back here until the 18th (Kansas City). And I look forward to seeing one of my buddies in Pennsylvania... Until then... hugs all around!