Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The last of the "Book" Layouts

I am finally going to finish posting some layouts from the book. I was just going through the book thread, and it kinda blows me away that I did about 90 layouts in approximately 2 weeks. That is just plain NUTS!!!!! I will NEVER do that again LOL. I am getting ready to start 2 more books (Hubby's old family photos) I want to make books for each of his siblings for Christmas. That should give me enough time to put it together. (and find a good deal on printing). I also want to put another one together for our other son and his family. The kids are growing so fast, and I have a bazillion photos... that should be a fun project.

And here are the final layouts I will post from this last endeavor...

I have really enjoyed looking back. There were so many memories that made me laugh and made me cry... It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I am so looking forward to see where it takes us from here. Gotta LOVE the pink hat!!! Let this be a lesson to all children... pictures WILL show up that are related to the past.... This was our first trip out to the US... the left page is from central Pennsylvania. If you are anywhere near Scranton, PA, put Ricketts Glen on your list of places you simply must go!!! Nice camping - and BEAUTIFUL waterfalls. We have played there many times.
ALL But One layout - and I will specify that when I get there... are made using Creative Memories Packages and 1001 fonts.

More must go places!!! Montana - I will vouch for her beauty. New Zealand is also on the top of the list. It reminded me of Montana with shoreline. I would love to live there -with one exception. I love all the wildlife we have, and theirs is fairly limited. I do, however remember playing on a beach in the Catlins (Cannibal Bay) with a bunch of seals and sea lions. We were married there - perfect setting I might add.

This next layout is my oldest brother. He was great at Baseball, but was taken from us far too early. He was killed in a car accident when he was 15. The precious memories remain even after all these years.

oops - Angel Wordart is by Inspired Mommie Designs

This is my Youngest brother. He is a year younger than I am. He is an amazing human being. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. I just love some of the photos of him!

Credit goes to Beth Turner - The kit is called Let Freedom Ring. here is her soon to be "old" site and here is her new site. She has a good bit of patriotic stuff.

Last - but certainly not least... Arizona. It was not my favorite place to live... but man 'o man, the sunsets were incredible! The other photos are from prom and a road trip he took to LA with friends. The foot prints are Jack Nicholson's

I was going to wait to post this since I JUST posted yesterday... but I have some really exciting news... so I just could not wait...


...on that note I will sign off and say see ya ~ until next time!!!!

ciao for naio,



txbubbles said...

Congrats, girlfriend! I can't believe you accomplished that many LO's in such a short time! You make me want to attempt it, if I ever find the time!

Crops said...

Soooo happy for you! I bet it looks OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!
Keep Dancin' girl!!
Can't play called into work....ugh! So have a good one!!! Chat with ya Friday after I get back from the dreaded chair!

I did put those layout in my gallery at SBM, if you wanna have a peak.....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

You did a marvelous job here! Pretty!



xashee's corner said...

90 layouts in two weeks... WOW!!! big CONGRATS on such an accomplishment!!:)
i use to live soooo close to Scranton and never knew about Ricketts Glen, it sounds BEAUTIFUL!!!
i LOVE all your layouts!!
i am soo looking forward to seeing your Hubby's rock collection too! :) Have a FANTASTIC day!!

nancy said...

Wow! Do you want to do mine? LOL..LOve the LO's and you did great. I love your Btother LO's,papers are awesome. YOu have a good week and I will dance too! Nancy

Cicero Sings said...

Happy dancing with you. Glad they turned out so fantastic.

Barbara said...

Your layouts are beautiful. I am glad to be back from vacation. I think I need a vacation now just to rest from the vacation I just had! :) Just trying to get back in my routine.
Hugs from Mississippi,