Monday, May 18, 2009

Psychotic Hummingbirds and Renegade Grizzlies ~ HAPPY SPRING!!!

Hello... yes it would be me. I have been very remiss in my blogging, and I have no excuse, other than to say I have been side-tracked. Yes Graduation was a week ago. My son loved his new book. Of coarse the DIL now wishes to have one about her life. It is only fair. I told her she would be doing all the scanning and would have to provide info. This should keep relations good. Mothers, sons, and the women they marry ~ it can be a touchy area sometimes. I am happy this dynamic is usually fair and balanced. But I digress.

Below are photos from Graduation. I am so happy it is done, and they get to move on.

Credit goes to Creative Memories Jewel Achievements Package (free) and 1001 Free fonts - see previous blog for link...

OK, so no road trip is ever perfect. LOL! As we were driving to Bozeman for the graduation we got caught in a cattle drive. It is all part of the early Spring thing. It was fairly cloudy and icky driving there, but by the time we got there... the sun came out and it was an amazing weekend. We could not have asked for better! Especially since the forecast called for rain. I was very thankful for how it all turned out.

Sweet Spring may actually be here YAY. We have not had a fire in the wood stove in 3 whole days!!!! We did have snow last Wednesday. But today it is sunny and 75. The trees are finally getting buds... and things are green YAHOO!!!!! Yesterday we did steaks on the grill tonight it will be ribs. I have been really hungry for charbroiled food!!! It is just another sign of Spring.
Two more very distinct signs - grizzlies and the crazed hummingbirds. When we were in Utah, the hummingbirds were so laid back. They shared the feeders with ease. Here they fight - and I mean really crazy aggressive activity. I just want to know WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!
I just received notice a week or so again that we had a grizzly kill some sheep a couple miles from here. NICE! A couple miles is not much in the span of griz travel. So Bear Spray it is LOL.
I am so sorry I have been such a dolt. I think the last hold out of winter sapped my creative flow - OK - so did facebook. I will try to get back on track... Been missing all my blog buddies - except you CROPS - now get back to work... LMBO!!!! And for the record - the reason I do not miss Crops is that she has been sucked into the same facebook (games) vortex as I. But we are back to work GF Yes?
Have a wonderful day all. Have windows to do today - but after that, will try to catch up on all the reading I have missed. And I will try to never get so far behind again. You will be hearing from me soon at your places.


txbubbles said...

Ah!Ha! I TOLD you that facebook was a black hole! And you two tried your darndest to suck me in!
Seriously, we must have that ESP thing going on, I was just thinking this morning that I needed to shoot 'ya an email and make sure everything was okay. Love those graduation pics, you have a right to be proud!
Big hugs,

Crops said...

HAHAHAHA.....It's about time you blog....HAHAHAHAHA Vicki, FB is still calling your name!!! I really don't have to much to say to you ET, as we talk several times a
But I love seeing those layouts, WOW they really came out nice!! Now you have to do another book for DIL....yikesss Should be loads of fun.
Great to see those cattle too... I've been waiting to see
the scenery there is soooo PRETTY!!! and seeing the cows is an
Ok, maybe I will try get a layout done this I said Talk to ya real soon!!!

nancy said...

I love your LO's. Nice job. Glad you're seeing green and not snow.. Glad to see you posting. I wonder what was going on with your YOu take care. Nancy

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice to read you again... I was wondering if you had stopped blogging!

Wonderful graduation and nature pictures!



Anne of Alamo said...

oh yeah! so glad to see your name pop up as a new post, was pondering you just yesterday! So glad he liked the book, and I am so proud of his accomplishment also!
and a BIG yahoo on spring finally arriving for you, we hit 103degrees yesterday and the a/c is on and
facebook huh? eek, scared to even register

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

It's lovely to hear from you and to see you blogging again. I lvoe your photogrpahs and description of what's happening in your part of the world.
Congratulations on the graduation, you must be very proud!! My daughter is due to graduate from uni 23 June so I'm getting ready for my trip to the cermenony and garden party, lol!!
Have a great day!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi E!

Since you like to travel you will LOVE the element pack I put on my blog just now LOL!

Your book layouts look WONDERFUL and will be such treasures. Its pretty incredible to see them in print as well. Did you tell me which company you used in the end?

I just made one for the Principal using Blurb ( It was 110 pages long, premium paper wraparound cover 11 x 13 - VERY impressive! The think I thought you might like to know you can have Blurb "SLURP" your blog to create a book! I was VERY very impressed, shipped in like ONE DAY.

Thx for stopping by my blog too, and I'll try to be more diligent in coming to visit here.

♥ Barb

xashee's corner said...

Hi there!! it was GREAT hearing (reading) from you!! LOVE your layouts and soooooo GLAD Spring has finally arrived for you!! :) LOVE the photos of the herd too! HUGS! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Barbara said...

It's so good to hear from you and see that Spring is finally coming your way! The graduation layouts are beautiful--I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I loved the cattle drive pictures. I'll be back on my blog as soon as I get my computer wiped clean. It's sick AGAIN.