Thursday, May 21, 2009

Montana Spring YAY!

Good Afternoon One and ALLLL! It is yet another gorgeous day! It did not start out that way... 26 degrees, but the temp is climbing nicely. We are at 60 now. Not bad for May. We have finally been able to start doing some things outdoors YAY! So here are a few photos of what May is doing in Montana. Patsy... How many days left?
We had elk in the yard - again - LOL. These guys are starting to shed their winter coats... so they are a bit nappy.
The fielded area by the wood shed shows where they were in relation to the house.
Below are the peonies. We finally got around to mulching. I will plant peonies all along the front by next spring. Hubby used some sticks from the yard and rope to make the fencing. Feels like home - and holds the bushiness back. I like it LOL.
Our front porch. We will be replacing it with Trex this year... and the current one is destines to become a new ramp for our dock... Always recycling.
And the back porch. We finally got the hummingbird mobile feeder up - This pic has a lot going on - you can see both dogs - the feeder - and that is an elk down in the meadow.

OK, so there is your Spring time Montana tour!
Have an awesome day!!!


Crops said...

Cool photos and look how clean your windows are....HAHAHA...sorry, couldn't help but see how sparkly they look! And those elk are ALIVE....that would be soooo COOL to see in my backyard!! I do have See ya at the farm!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm jealous of your back porch and the place where you live ;-P! My dream!

Montana must look beautiful in the spring. Here, the temperatures have risen and we have been sweating a lot lately...



txbubbles said...

26* to 60*? Sounds like Texas weather! LOL! Glad to hear ya'll are finally getting some nice days. Thanks for the spring tour!
Big hugs,

xashee's corner said...

GREAT photos!! LOVE the tour! your place is AMAZING! :) Thank you for sharing! Have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend! :)

nancy said...

Glad to hear that spring have finally arrived at your place. The photos are nice. It's in the upper 60's here and it was in the low 8o's yesterday(THURS). Have a nice weekend. Can't believe May is almost over. Take care!

Barbara said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Would the elk run away if you went outside (without the dogs) or do they ignore you? I'm glad that you can enjoy some lovely weather and grilling now.

Cicero Sings said...

Definitely spring here ... the mosquitoes have arrived en force!

Susie2shoes said...

And a lovely tour it was as well. We've just had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, with three days of sun and temp in the 75 and not a spot of rain. This can't be England for goodness sakes!

Big hugs