Friday, January 9, 2009

This One I Made

I had changed my layout a few days ago, using a winter scene I found on Allie Brown's blog layout site. Yesterday, I decided to use a few kits from Barbara - Just Passing Through. I love her kits. They are very western in nature, and fit right in with my life and world. This blog page is a mixture of a few of her kits. She even has one named "Montana" - so there you have it, a perfect fit. Hop on over to her place and check her out. Here is the link.

The sun is shining. It is a balmy 34 degrees... Life IS Good!!!! We spent the yesterday cleaning up "avalanches". All that snow, packed with rain (up on the roof) created perfect conditions for "slides". I cannot even begin to imagine the impact of a real avalanche - or how some people actually survive them. Just the weight of the snow as it came off was intense. We only have to worry about sidewalks and porches - but even that takes a toll on the back. It is good that it finally started dropping. Shoveling snow is preferable to a collapsed roof, which was becoming a real danger.

Hubby is heading down to Seeley today to see how the summer cabin is holding up to the weight of the snow they have had there. Augh, and afternoon to myself. I love the man dearly, but really do enjoy some time to just myself now and then. Today is that day. Yippee Skippee! I just got a crockpot of good old fashioned stew going. I found this amazing recipe. You layer it (of all things) and it is fabulous. Actually, Hubby found the recipe... and he even used to be the one who made it. Here it is... try it! You'll like it!

I can't seem to get it to be any larger? So here it is such that it is... get out those magnifying glasses. *actually, I tested it... double click on it and it will open a jpg - much easier to see... YUM ~ I would never lie about food!
I am getting ready to compose a letter to our state officials. They have recently proposed a ban on pit-bulls in the state of Montana. IN THE WHOLE STATE!!!!!! It is not that I am a huge fan of that breed of dog... it is the actual verbiage of the law. THE WHOLE STATE?! Oh yeah, I got side tracked. What the ban says is that if you have a dog that even looks like it might have some pit-bull in it, it can be taken away and "DESTROYED". WHAT?!!!!! Are they nuts, or what. If your animal has been accused of having pit bloodlines, you have to prove (at your own expense) that said dog is not. Current dogs will be grandfathered in... if they are registered wit the state... BULL! OK, I am taking this a little personal. Both our boys are lab-pit mixes, we think. Yeah, here in Montana, our lawmakers will fight anyone who tries to even ask how many guns we own, but will come and take your dogs, regardless of temperament? I am sorry, but that is just WRONG.
Whew, I guess I didn't realize, as I started to type the above info... just how impassioned I am about the subject. My dogs don't chase wildlife... they are the sweetest most loved - by all who meet them - ARGGG! And while this feeling is strong, I think I will go write a letter.

Have a great day all.



Barbara said...

First, let me say how amazing your blog looks! You did a fantastic job!
What are those law-makers thinking? Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be associated with the human race.

Anne of Alamo said...

gosh I liked the old one, but this one seems more peaceful and perfect for your blog! Great fit!
sad about the pitbulls too. I had a pitbull "Piggy Roo" for years...looked just like Petey in Lil' I would draw a purple circle around her eye! lol
Enjoy your day alone, and that stew sounds will smell lovely when hubby gets home!

Crops said...

Beef Stewwwwwwwww.... sounds like a great idea this week!!! And its in the crock pot....that sounds even better, I usually make it on the stove all day long, and yummyyy, but I think I am gonna try this in the crock pot, then I can work on the computer all day....LOL

Blog looks FANTASTIC!!!!! Fit's you rather well!!

So you finally got some time to yourself...YIPPIE SKIPPIE!!! LOL I say that all the time...too funny!
We all NEED that a few times a week...even if its just for 1/2 hour or so! And that doesnt mean shower time either...lmao

Good for you to write a letter, That really irks me... I can't believe they CAN do that, now don't get me wrong, pit bulls, scare the crap out of me and I do stay away from them, yeah, there are some good ones out there, but I like to be anyway, That is really crazyyyyy.... I sure hope they never pass it!! They should BAN all LYING POLITIANS!!!! Now that would be something...LOL
Have a great night dear!!! Chat with ya soon!!!

Melanie said...

Love the new look! And even though I'm in the east, I live in WV so that barn suits me perfectly, too!

Wish I'd read this on FRi instead of today. (sigh) I started my nutrisystem diet today and I don't think I'm allowed to have beef stew. I splurged all weekend eating all my favorites before I have to say good-bye to them. (But I printed it out anyway so I could try it in a moment of weakness!! LOL!)