Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Hola ladies - and gent, (I seem to have a boy follower LOL)

Yesterday, Miss Vicki (from Texas) had some great news. She had done a layout using the amazing Kim B's kit (Hearty Tarty)- and Kim B posted it. It is a really fun layout - to me especially since it had kind of a deja vu feel. I have been working diligently on my massive photograph sort. A couple days ago, I came across a couple pics from a trip I took to a Renaissance Fair in Pennsylvania in 1995 (with a co-worker). We had such a good time. Wellll, the layout Vicki did was of her and her sister locked in the stocks at the RF in Texas (I think my head may explode if I have to try to spell Renaissance one more time LOL!). I held a similar pic in my hands a few days before. So at Vicki's request, I am posting the photo... and I even thought I would throw it into a layout, since that is how we roll here in ScrapLand... (smiling again).

I used Andrea Boyer's Fall Splendor kit for this page. I just love the colors of fall.... OK, and I remember that the RF in Pennsylvania was near Allentown - but not sure where. Maybe one of my friends out there might be able to tell me where it actually is?! You know who you are GF - ROTFLMBO!!!!

While I have been writing this, I popped over to KimB's and I see that Bunny is in need of our prayers. I saw on the news that it had been pretty bad in Kentucky. I will say a prayer for her, and since most, if not all of you read her blog (the woman is just too incredible for words) - you might want to pop on over to her place to leave some encouragement for when she gets her power back. I can't imagine what those folks must be going through. We are somewhat prepared for most of what Mother Nature has to throw at us - even the inconvenience of lost power... yep, the bathtubs stay somewhat full just in case... so we can still flush - although in an extreme crisis - we do have an outhouse on the property (EWWWW - but the guys don't mind it). It is actually kind of posh - toilet seat, and a hanging air freshener on the wall - as well as a light -and coffee can on the wall to hold the TP. We even put Lye in it periodically to dissolve things.... Yeppers, we do 'er up right in Montana! Anyway - to Bunny and all the folks in KY - I am sending my prayers your way.

I need to go out to the guest cabin and light a fire. I have decided that today will be my "put the Christmas decs away" day. We have this handy cabin where our guests stay. It has a bedroom, livingroom, kitchen - cold running water... (and the outhouse - LOL). It actually is pretty nice... stove, frig, microwave, and a coffee maker - what else could you possibly need? One of the rooms is unfinished. I use it for storage. Well... after the "visitor season" passes, we tend to just throw stuff around in the cabin... for me to sort later. Yep - I believe today is that day. I need to step away from photos and computers for a couple days. I have been wanting to get to the cabin... but our drive had been an ice rink for about 3 weeks. We finally got 9 inches of snow - yay - which built a base on the ice that I can walk on... I am a happy girl.

And with that... I am outta here!



txbubbles said...

ROTFLMFAO!!! That's a good one! Thanks for posting it, and see, you got a page scrapped too!
On a positive weather note, it was 25* here this morning, but the rain stopped yesterday, so we escaped the ice storm this time.
Stay warm!

Melanie said...

Ice! Yuck! Yeah, we got a bit of it here but no power outages thank goodness. But we still filled the tub, just in case ya' know! AND I have an outhouse, too. A left over from the "olden days". But it could always come in handy so it's never been torn down! LOL!

Love the pic. I have a similar one, too! Don't we all? Haha! And the layout you did for it is great!

Enjoy your "break" from the computer and pics. (sheesh....don't you know what a BREAK is? That means no work! Not taking down Christmas decs.)LOL!

Crops said...

I am trying to think where the RF is in Allentown...( I ain't spelling it...LOL) I know lots of grade school kids go there for a class trip, I think even my one of mine went, but I wasn't the room mother back then, so I didn't go...hahaha. It's there somewhere and if I ever go that extra 5 miles I'll let ya know...hahahahahahaha I hate going into Allentown!!! SO it won't be anytime soon, unless its AC Moore...which is a craft

Love your scrap page...came out really nice and I'm happy to hear you are getting somewhere with those photos! You still have Christmas Decorations up...ohhh man, I thought I was a slacker this WIN! LOL

I remember having an out house...ohhh those sure do STINK!!!! and I would hate when we had to clean them out....yuckkkkk, thank God or whoever invented the indoor toilet!!!

Well off to play some more, you take care and it was great seeing you post again! Have fun at the cabin!!!

nancy said...

HI EILA, I love your scrapbook page.Looks like you had a good time. Are you originally from Pa or did your friend moved awaY? I miss going to the ice pond myself. Wheh we were kids we had a pond down the street.By the time I got older they filled it with dirt and no more pond and no more iceskating. Even the guys miss it too because they play hockey there too. I hope you have a good weekend.Stay warm girl.Nancy

xashee's corner said...

Your layout is WONDERFUL!! Who doesn't love the Ren fair!! hehe Wow!! a Ren Fair near Allentown! hmm, i use to live in A-town, never knew that! hehe Anywaysss, isn't it awful how bad the weather is for Bunny? i hope she can get back online soon!! my prayers are with her & her community!
oh your guest house sounds INCREDIBLE!! how COOL! if i EVER make it to Montana, i KNOW where i am staying!! hahaha :D
oh i sure hope you get an early Spring! Thanks soo much for your SWEET comments when you visit!! They give me a smile and make my day!! have a FANTASTIC day!! :D

Susie2shoes said...

Take care in the snow, it's my worst nightmare!

xashee's corner said...

small world, isn't it!?! most of my family still live in and around Allentown! :D
oh i hear ya on the hubby dropping things off here or there and then not finding it! hahaha! Thanks soo much for visiting!! Stay WARM!!! :D

alamama said...

Thanks for the award. That was so sweet!

Barbara said...

Just stopping in to say "hello". We did get snow (a light dusting) this past week and my girls played in it until it melted.
Have a warm weekend!

nancy said...

I HOPE you people are doing okay,YOU haven't blog in awhile.I know the mid-west is in the State of emergencies.HOpefully nothing happen. Miss you. Nancy

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Hun

Hope you are okay. It's not like you to not post ..... that's my job :)

Hope you are back online soon
Big Hugs