Friday, January 23, 2009

This could be a long one

It has been a little while since my last post. There have been a number of causes for this. The main cause is that I have just been a little "blah". I will blame it on PMS - and some MAJOR cramps. They say they get easier after childbirth - but it is a lie! I am feeling much better now... and actually have all kinds of things to go into.. so here it is.

First off, in my January 9th post, I posted a recipe for Beef Stew. It is an awesome recipe that I wanted to share. I scanned the physical recipe, because it was easier to display. I would however like to assure anyone who may be sensitive to copyright issues that it is online. It is from an amazing cookbook that I was given - but ALL the recipes are also on the website.

That is what makes this such a great cookbook. It is called Favorite Brands Slow Cooker Casseroles and More (I linked to it on Amazon - they have used copies for as low as $2.78 used $10.00 US new .. and it is worth it!) It is @ 375 pages of all kinds of recipes and cooking tips. The coolest thing is that right inside the front cover is the address for the website. So I am hoping I did not infringe on any copyright laws in offering it up to y'all. Here is the link to the actual recipe - just to be all formal and everything.
OK, my conscience is now clear. As a Photographer, I know how important such issues are - and I know because of all the hard work the scrap designers do... Credit should be given where credit is due. I suggest you check out the recipe site. It is a good one. Personally, I like owning the book.

I got an award, and so appreciate it. It came from Shirley. She is a wonderfully creative blogger I have recently come across. She has all kinds of random fun things on her blog. You might should go check her out.

here are the rules for receiving the Lemonade award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.

(NOTE: there are a few I would send this to... Crops - but Shirley already gave it to her. Vicki (Bubbles who babbles LOL - kidding) - but I hate to make her do any extra work during tax season - but you would have it if you weren't so busy! Mrs Miles - but she just got a bunch of awards, and is in a bit of a "cloudy day funk". I am going to cheat and count you as three of my ten without the burden - and I am linking to you because others should pop on over to your places in case they have not met you yet.)

Anne of Alamo - LOVE your Blog

Melanie - Creekside Cottage Designs - I'm new to your blog, LOVE IT 2!

Barbara~Just Passing Through - Go get her Sunflower Kit ~ AMAZING!

365 Days of Our Lives - Some wonderful Photos and great fun!

Hummie's World - She has so much to offer - Love her blog

Kimmy's Keepsakes - This lady has so much heart - and 2 simply adorable sons.

Susie2shoes - I miss her - she has not been feeling super well this year - so pop on over and send her a little sunshine. Tell her Eila sent her.

WHEW - That was easier than I thought.

Now, onto what else I have been doing. I have been buried in "my life". Holy Cow! I have led a pretty wonderful life so far. I am feeling optimistic that I will be "in order" by Spring. Aah - there is a concept - Spring...

My plan is to get things in order and make a real live book for my son who is graduating from college in May. He will be 29. He got sidetracked by 2 years in the regular Army - and 18 months in Iraq - which puts him pretty much on track for an Engineering Degree. (they take an extra year - extra credits). The coolest thing is that he is graduating on the anniversary of the day I brought his little butt home from the hospital. Funny the things you remember. That was back in the good old days when they let you stay in the hospital for 5 or 6 days to rest. I believe that if men had babies... the insurance companies would give them a full 2 weeks of bed rest! Oh well... it is what it is! We will be going to his graduation, and I even get to have breakfast with him on Mother's day! WOO HOO, I am excited! Yes, I know... I get all happy over the simple graces in life! Just for fun - I took a quick snap of a set of photos I have. The black and White is me at age one - the color is my baby boy at one. Can we spell C-L-O-N-E?! Dang - we sure were cuties, if I do say so myself!

OK, so it is Friday - and though I never got involved in the "Friday Show and Tell" that Mrs Miles used to do (WHICH I MISS - Hers were always so wonderful) ~ I have one today. I am going to take you on a photo tour of my NIGHTMARE photo sort.

After looking at the photos... it inspired me to make this little thing... It says how I feel!

So far, I have watched the American President & Happy Gilmore. Today I am going to start with To Kill a Mockingbird - and see if I can't fit in Sabrina. It is cold and a little snowy - so I feel OK just doing photos and a movie - after all - my kitchen is CLEAN!

Can you believe it... I am finished.

Have a super day everyone!

ciao for niao



txbubbles said...

Hey woman!
Thanks for the "pseudo" award! I appreciate everyone that I get, but finding ten or fifteen others that don't already have it in order to pass it along can be a PITA. LOL! It's really sweet of you to think of me! I am beginning to see the light, I can actually see wood on my desk today!
I love the pics of you and your baby boy, talk about two peas in a pod!
Have a great weekend!
Vicki in Texas

nancy said...

Talking about a missing organizations(tv show from hgtv) I have no idea how a photographer life is like behing their office/home door.LOL. Hey,Eils, I notice that you don't have a contact email on your blog, or am I losing it? I want to know how did you put that scrapbook page from Barbon your blog page? love the photos of you and your son, yeah, that how it is sometime. We can be a little cloned YES I love the Michele's sunflower kits myself,I end up putting it on my blog's header.Have a great weekend. Nancy

nancybrownowl said...

hi Eila, im new to blogs yours looks smashing lots to see love your organized things lol. mine here a shambles I send pics to my blog they finish up in cyberspace. I was looking in lindas then went into a captain nancy thats where i saw your blog saw you how interesting other peopls life are take care god bless from nancybrownowl blog theadventuresofminnie&fergus

Melanie said...

Wow! An award? For me? Gee, thanks! Now, who am I gonna give this to? LOL!

LOVE the kitchen! Will you come do mine??? But wow! I can't believe all the photo albums you have. My photos are still in the bag from the store! LOL!

Gotta run. Not much time this weekend but wanted to say thanks for my blog award! You're the best!!!

Kim said...

Bless you. Thank you so much for the award. God girl for all the digi back up I have learnt twice the hard way. Wish my kitchen was as organised as yours, my cupboards are crammed ful of stuff.
Hugs Kim x

Crops said...

Heaven to Betsyyy, you sure got lots of stuffs....I couldn't even imagine how you found a place to start!!!!!!! I am thanking the heavens at the moment, that I started backwards....LOL learn to scrap, then take photos...LOL looks like its gonna save me months of headaches....LOL Don't get me wrong, still have lots to do, but when I get it done, I get it done, if it doesnt get done, who caresssss! LOL We are our own BOSSES when it comes to this stuff...LOL
OMG those photos of you and your son..... WOW, how cool is that!!! at least you know he is yours and he wasnt switched at birth, I am thinking somehow, mine, (both of them) were switched... now I am on a mission to find my REAL children....hahahahahaha
Have a great weekend and enjoy your movies! I am suppose to be out taking pictures, but it's toooo COLD!!! LOL so I am scanning wedding photos instead! LOL

Barbara said...

Thanks so much for the award. You are such a sweetie! I enjoyed reading your post. The photos of you and your son are amazing! Twins!
My house needs to be cleaned, but alas, I am not a house cleaner. Well, 100 years from now is it going to make a difference? LOL
Have a cup of hot chocolate or tea and enjoy your movies!
Hugs, ~Barbara

xashee's corner said...

i LOVED reading as you caught us up on your week! Your photos are FANTASTIC! i mean the ones you posted! hehe You will get there with the others, one step at a time! i ADORE the photos of you and your son too!! Two peas in a pod look a likes!
Your kitchen is my GOAL! hehe Have a GREAT weekend! :D

Susie2shoes said...

Thank you so much for the award, I appreciate it so much. The photo collection leaves me feeling slightly panicky, but I am comforted by your tidy and orderly kitchen.

Wonderful photos of you and your son, two peas right out of the same pod.

I'm a bit diazepamed at the moment so i must be careful what i write ;0 I feel as if I've had one to many glasses of whisky!

I've just looked at where Montana is on the map because I'm watching CNN and the weather looks grim. Hope you are safe and warm.

big hugs