Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting a Handle on the Past

I have actually been a busy girl. I have been working on a book for my son - that I hope to have by graduation... I am building it in Creative Memories (Story Book Creator). It gives me a chance to layout the pages in the order I choose... and rearrange as I choose. It is somewhat user friendly. I bought the software because I can save the pages as jpegs that way, and have printed however I choose. I can also bring in other embellishments, as well as save some of theirs to use with different page templates. They have a million different book page packages, and you can select from premade pages... which I do, then tweak them to fit my mood LOL.

My plan is to make a book about his family Generational info and photos where they exist... in a photo album type of layout... I have posted the great grand parents - I still have to make a page involving great great - and a couple great great great that I have. That is for another day. I am making the pages as they come to mind - then I will rearrange them as need be. Here are 4 of the most recent pages... I have a few more to do of my father ... This could end up being a pretty big undertaking, but I want it to be something he treasures, and passes on to his children. It has to be powerful - and artistic. For the purpose of the post, I have blurred the names and details of birth dates.... it is the Internet after all.

All were done using the Story Book packages except one which is below - with proper credit for the embellishments I used.

Credit on the stitched frames goes to Miss Vicki in Texas from her March Color Kit You can pick it up here - she has several posts related to it, and it is a very cool kit - Be sure to leave some love if you pick it up.

I was on a bit of a roll yesterday - and decided to go for a lunch with hubby. When we got home, a nap sounded much better than working on the computer. After I awoke refreshed, I decided to hunt out some negatives I have had in my mind to scan. Thankfully my negatives have always been in better order than my photos. Here are a few Yellowstone images, scanned from B&W film. They are from 2001 - 2003. The coyote has a tracking collar. Actually, a good number of animals in Montana have tracking collars, so that FWP can get a handle on travel... especially the Grizzly Bear.

Here you go - I played with the coyote one - 3 photos of the same coyote.

A Bull Elk in Mammoth Hot Springs (with is harum) Yellowstone National Park

Bison in the middle of the road is nothing unusual. This is the Lamar Valley - Yellowstone

This is the route we would take to go to town for supplies. Put Yellowstone on your list of places to go if you have not already!

Originally, that was all I really had to say. But.... I went to the kitchen after I had started this. When I looked out the window, I saw 3 elk in the meadow out back... then another one came out of the woods, and another, and another, and before you know it, there were 13. I had to take some photos... so here you go - and this time, Mrs Miles, it is LITERALLY my back yard. LOL.

Yes, there is still snow - and more on the way for Saturday - YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!! Guess it could be worse, I could be dealing with a melt that is too quick, or tornadoes. My prayers go out to folks in Mississippi, and North Dakota.

Have a great weekend!



nancy said...

Eila, those are great LO, I l did an actual photo album of my parents and still working on my brothers and sisters. They're next on my list. I am the only person in the family does scrapbooking. SO, I want to get it done but I just got to be in the right mood for it.I rather take my time than ruining the layouts and this way I won't waste paper and time. IN the meantime have a good weekend. Nancy

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great layout! I love old pictures... It is a great idea!

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend,


Crops said...

Hey ET! OMG those layouts are rockin'! Love those oldie but goodie photos! I don't have too much heritage in my background, well nothing worth braggin about anyway...LOL But I would bet my last dollar your son and his future family are gonna LOVE this when it's done! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Elk in the backyard...How COOL is that and you got a whole herd of them too...WOWSERRRRRRRRR, that must be sooo neat to see, I bet the dogs where going NUTS! LOL

Stoppin by to wish ya a good weekend and I hope you don't get too much snow this weekend, they are calling for rain here...YUCK! But it could be snow!! LOL I think I'll stick with the rain...
BTW I don't have a facebook account, don't know where even to begin with that!!! You and Mel will have to teach me
Have a good one!

txbubbles said...

Girlfriend, you are on a roll! Super LO's, your son is sure to treasure his book. Love how you used the frame! As always, I love your animal photos, but I've 'gotta tell 'ya, that one of the buffalo cracks me up! The stubborn, hard-headed nature just shines in this pic.
Have a great weekend!

Cicero Sings said...

What a treasure you are creating for your son!

D has been to Yellowstone but I have never been ... would love to go. Maybe one day.

It is snowing lightly here this evening. Sigh.

Anne of Alamo said...

okay, now I look at the elk pictures and drool! lol
the stroganoff was a hit, we are having chicken friend, sounds so funny! next..
your album is just fantastic looking, you are so achieving the elegance factor!
and a nap in the afternoon my fav!

Barbara said...

Your layouts are gorgeous. What a treasured memory book your son will have when it's finished! The wildlife pictures are great. Makes me want to go to Yellowstone.
Hugs from rainy Mississippi,

Melanie said...

Wow! Those heritage layouts look GREAT! You've done a wonderful job laying them out! I love them!

And I like the coyote picture best. Just beautiful!

And I KNOW I saw crops on there. Maybe it was the myspace one. I set them both up within a couple weeks of each other. So maybe I messed up which one. And I'll have to give you my sign-in info so you can play as me for a while. You have got to be the luckiest somebody! I bet on a couple races and came in dead last in all. Then went to the casino and lost a few more hard earned bucks! LOL! I stink! (rotfl)

xashee's corner said...

oh my your book is going to AWESOME!! you are really doing a FANTASTIC job! Thank you so much for sharing such GREAT inspiration AND your WONDERFUL photos too! :) LOVE the bison... oh heck i LOVE them all! lol Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Eila

Just popped over to read your lovely blog. Your life is just a miracle, Montana is so, so beautiful. Your photographs are just fantastic and so are the layout.

I haven't posted on my blog for ages as I've been engrossed in my genealogy project. I'm off to bed now with a hot lemon and honey drink to aid my stinking cold.

Big hugs

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

The pages are stunning and what a beautiful book this will mkae. It really is family history at it's best and something that will be treasured.
Your photographs are amazing and those elk and the snow...what can I say!! It makes my backyard look plain dull!!!
Thank you for the wonderful post and the beautiful images.
The comments and advice you left on my blog were much appreciated. You really are a sensible and lovely lady and I am very lucky to count you as one of my visitors and digi friends.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for the kind words. they are much appreciated...