Monday, March 2, 2009

K.I.S. - Keeping It Simple

Good Morning Blogger Buddies!
And a loverly morning it is! I heard geese when I was out with the dawgs. Do you know what that means? SWEET SPRING! Yes, we still have a ton of snow on the ground - the same snow that has been here since DECEMBER... but there is HOPE! Of coarse, as we all know, there is always HOPE.
I had quite a weekend. I got my new computer for Christmas... and since setting it up - I have had some conflicts. I am thinking it was from pulling my XP settings over from the old PC. I have been dreading fixing it, but I knew I had to. Actually, more than anything, I have dreaded calling support. Saturday, I bit the bullet and did it. I moved all my pics, and documents to the external hard drive and I took the computer back to the factory settings. Then I got back to the task of reloading all my programs. It was going pretty smoothly, until I tried to load my scanner software. No matter what I did, I just could not get it to recognize the drivers. I tried to go to Epson and get their drivers... still not working. FOUR HOURS, I worked on this. (I did take a break and make some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies w/ Reece's chips thrown in... yum!)
Cookies were the distraction I needed. I restored my system back to the point where I had started trying to get the scanner loaded. I found that when taking Vista back to the beginning, it creates a file called C:Windows.old. That file was 25 gig of useless space. I did a Google search (what did we do before google?) LOL!!! I found a suggestion to do a disc cleanup - which I did... and now my scanner is happy. I still have about 50 photos left to scan (I have done 900 already). I really need my flatbed! There you have it... the saga of my day yesterday. I have avoided electronics for years, but in the last 7 or 8, I find I have grown to LOVE all the tech stuff out there, even though I fry way too many brain cells trying to figure things out ~ Eila don't need to read no stinking manuals! I should, but I learn hands on - even though I should take notes, so I don't have to keep relearning the same thing. WOW, now there is a pretty propound thought.
I believe we have several things to learn in our time here on earth - life lessons. I believe God tosses them at us, and what we choose to gain from them will determine whether he feels the need to toss them back at us again. I was so happy to turn 30 (40 - not so much). But I embraced "thirty". The twenties were my longest period in life. I encountered huge lessons (gifts from God) but did not always pay attention so well. It wasn't until I had the revelation that I had already learned this... and learned to just walkaway from bad situations. Each time I feel a lesson coming on, I pause and ask myself if I have already learned this one or not. If I have, I know what t do... I wish I was as good with the computer! I am working on it though... NOTE TO SELF ~ take better notes.
Over all this week had been a pain "technically". On Monday - a week ago - the DVR crashed! It took about 10 movies and 40 programs with it. We don't watch a ton of TV, but we have the shows we like so while we have the ability to record 2 shows while watching a previous recording - it resolves many conflicts. I don't like commercials. I like being able to pause live TV - and I really need to be able to REWIND, in case I did not understand something that has been said. I love my electronic toys. Well, being as we live in the middle of nowhere, we had to wait until Friday for our new one to get here... I am a happy girl once again - we did hook it up ourselves. Me, patting myself on the back... LOL!
Oh yeah, the reason for the post... I have another quickpage to go with the last one. I think it is nice to have 2 pages side by side in the book - that compliment each other. I made two similar, but different ones. I could not decide which to give you - so I decided to give you both, and let you decide which you like better. I like them both - for different attributes... although one is decidedly my favorite. As I told you in the previous post... these are from Barbara's Wood Meets Denim kit - at Just Passing Through - you can get it here. It is an older kit from back in December. Stop over and see Barbara - she is a lovely person, as I am sure I have said before. Also, she is in the process of sharing her Grand Canyon kit. She does wonderful things with colors. You can get the kit at her place ~ here. And please, remember to say thank you, if you snag any of her kits. A thank you goes a very LONG way! (and it is rude not to).
Try not to be too impressed, but I actually zipped the folder - put in a preview, and a TOU - although I need to work on that... I just want credit to go where it is supposed to - not me silly - to Barbara. She is the designer ~ without whom, these would not exist!
Click on whichever preview you would like to download - that will take you to 4Shared... see, I am trying to keep it fairly simple!!!

On that note, I am out of here!!!!


Have a fantabulous day!!!!




Barbara said...

Oh, what would we do without our electronic devices! I'm glad you got it all worked out. I know how frustrating it can be! Great job on the layouts!
Thawing out in Mississippi,

Crops said...

Hey ET...stopping by in between WOW another surprise, geeze girl you are on a roll....LOVE the QP thanks a bunch!! Starting back at square one with computers totally BITES! I've had to do that a few times, ughhh, but at least its done and now you can play......
gotta go its back on......Later Dude!!! xoxoxo

Melanie said...

"Pllbbbbttttt" That's me giving you a raspberry for rubbing in about your 62 and sunny! At least I just missed the BIG snow in D.C. but it's still COLD! But the weekend is coming. Pass the sunny weather right along east, will ya? Thanks for the QP!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing your first qps!!
i am soo glad you got your computer worked out! now i know who to call when mine goes! hehe just kidding! :)
Thank you also for your visits and SWEET comments to my blog! i LOVE 'em!! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Mrs. Miles said...

Your QP'S are wonderful, my friend... you've come SO far! You'll be famous and in a shoppe before we know it!

Sorry to hear of your tech problems... been there many times.

Sorry it's been so long since I visited, my loss, I'm sure!

Wishing you a good and happy and tech-happy too, day!

♥ Barb

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Eila

Great post today, I love peeking into your snowy world. Well done getting all that technical work done. Big pat on the back to you for that one.

My brain can be a bit of a minefield some days ... sometimes I remember things and sometimes I have even forgot my middle name. Oh the menopause is such a trial.

Hope you get the rest of your photo's scanned in soon.

Big hugs

Susie2shoes said...

See how stupid I am .....

I forgot to thank you for the fab QP.

*~ Thank you ~*


Anonymous said...

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