Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Visual of My World

OK, so you can see our yard... and our neighbors who are just below - although we cannot see their place... and they are only there a couple months each year... Yep - that is our "town" Not much here... I put a pic of Missoula in at the same zoom to show just how much of nothing is here...

The Griz Corridor shows the two mountain ranges that the Griz have been tracked passing back and forth between them... yes, we live in the middle of it. LOL.

These Satellite images are a little outdated... they should be mostly WHITE... since it is snowing again today - LOL.

I am feeling somewhat pleased with myself. I am not one to read manuals often... but I finally learned something from a trial and error attempt. I am intrigued with screen shots. They have always seemed a little daunting. My key issue was getting them to a jpeg. I never could figure out the clipboard, or find it for that matter. I knew if I did a ctrl+PrtScn I could take a literal photo of my screen... but where did it go? Then hubby told me I could do the PrtScn thing and open WORD and paste it there. But that still did not give me a "Photo" - and WORD confuses me a little too. I use it, but do not get overly complex with it. (KEEP IT SIMPLE - my motto). SO I had this revelation... What if I paste it in a new Photoshop Image? Hmmm - I wonder if that will work... Guess What!!!!

It even SAYS clipboard in the description. One thing I did was change the resolution to 300... and though it changes from clipboard to "custom" you just click OK - then the blank page shows up - Go to Edit > Paste ... and Yippee Skippee - there is your screen at a somewhat decent resolution... then you can downsize it to whatever res you need for web work. Now, you all probably KNOW this already, but I am feeling awfully pleased with myself for figuring it out. I even checked it in PS CS... and it works.

I just wanted to get this post up... and now I am off to finish my coffee, and my day.

Bear Hugs all around!



nancy said...

Eila, I would go crazy if I live in the mountain and no neighbors live besides me. I just the way we were brought up and live in different part of the world may feel the same way I live. Thanks for sharing your great backyard.LOL> Have a great week. Nancy

Crops said...

Get Outttttttttt!!!!!!! I never knew that!!! I had to try it myself and OMG it worked!!! How simple too...Ohhhh ET you are tooo smart!!!!! Thanks for my lesson for the week, man knowing you is sweeeeeeetttttttttttt.....LOL
Sending you HUGEEE HUGSSSSSS!!!!

Barbara said...

Oh My, Eila!!! I never knew that's how you got a screen shot. I thought you had to buy some sort of software to do that. Oh my... that opens up tons of possibilities for cool tutorials... if I ever had the time! Thanks so much for sharing that cool trick.
By the way, it was 72 here today!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! :) i always had trouble with them too! Have an AWESOME day!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

You live in a dream place! I'd love to have (nearly) no neighbors.... Here, you can never be alone, even in the countryside or mountains!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

In Switzerland, which is a very small country compared to the US, the quantity of inhabitant per square meter is one of the highest in the world (overall population density similar to India).... Therefore, it is impossible to isolate yourself. See this link:

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, it makes you think! Your comparison shocked me! Yes, I'd love to choose be able to choose between heavy population or solitude.... I like people, but I'd rather live in a rural place with no neighbors being able to peek into my apartment ;-P!
Have a nice weekend!

Anne of Alamo said...

so sorry for not getting back to you...
the bank~it was an error from them, they clicked the wrong button...and we spent 4 hours on the phone and it was a mess...I was petrified, and trust me I don't get scared easy. I felt violated and vunerable because we have all the bells and whistles...well our system worked fine, Wells Fargo needs to train their number was all on their end...good thing I keep my nose to the grindstone!

Anne of Alamo said...

I wanted to post a non rant post!
my husband is the one who does those satelite shots, well one of them, he works with GPS mapping and does all that
and I was whinning yesterday, the neighbors cat, which I love has been marking our front porch...I'm thinking your "cat" is not friendly and I won't whine
and I am gonna make cookies and reread the screen shot tutorial

Melanie said...

Hmmmm.....I KINDA knew this cause somehow I once saved something to clipboard but didn't know where it went and when I opened my PSE....there it WAS! And that WASN'T where I wanted it! Bwahahahaha! And thanks for sending the warm weather MY way! It was actually 84 degrees here in WV yesterday! YEA!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

What a wonderful place to live!! I would love it..all that space amd more to the point..peace and quiet!!
The print screen and paste into photoshop is a great thing to be able to do, thanks for explaining it so clearly..and are one clever lady!!

GSCreations said...

Hi, popped in to say hi!! Wow your "town" looks like mine LOL!! ALthough yours is far more BEAUTIFUL!
Have a good weekend! Thanks for the tip, never knew either:)

Mrs. Miles said...


I use Picasa for all my screenshots, it does a phenomenal job! As long its open you just hit the prtsc key and it takes the snap and stores it there in the program, then its a snap to resize it and export it, email it, share it, blog it whatever!

I'll have to try it your way too.

Very cool to show us where you live!

Have a wonderful week!

Melanie said...

Are you buried in snow there? You haven't been here in a week. (Well, it was about 2 weeks for me but I was busy on Facebook. I didn't know that was there! Just look what I've been missing. LOL) Are you still diggin out from that last storm? Hope all is well.