Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?!

I am a little surprised that I have not posted since the 5th. I guess I must have gotten busy? Or maybe just a little cabin fever? Dunno... but I am here now. It has been so unbelievably cold here. Sub zeros are tolerable in January - December even - we have come to expect and accept it... almost hope for it in terms of killing those evil little Mountain Pine Beetles. By March, we are pretty over tat... and would appreciate if Mother Nature would be too. OK, so I am finished whining.

Melanie at Creekside Cottage Designs posted a new (a couple weeks) kit called Heritage. You can pick it up here, and please remember your manners - say thanks, although I know my readers are all pretty polite. I made a couple similar, but different layouts using the same basic elements. I am a balance freak in a sense. Since I am making a book for my boy... which I really need to get rocking on... I feel it is good to start somewhere near the beginning. I am trying to get "facing each other" pages to coexist peacefully. These layouts are of my grandparents, his great grandparents. My grand father Johnny passed away when he was only 39. He was truly the love of my Grandma Ronnie's life. She never remarried. She spent most of her adult life taking care of my mom, and then taking care of a Catholic Priest, who had been bedridden from a stroke for 12 years. She was a good woman. She passed away 8 years ago, and I truly miss her. I do know she is back by Johnny's side, so it makes it alright.

The second one is of my father's parents... The oldest grandchild (my uncle's son) could not say grandma and grandpa when he was first starting to talk... he said "Moe and Boppie" and thus that is what they became to ALL the grandchildren. What a simple time that was. With our grandchildren there seems to be so much confusion. Our oldest grand daughter calls hubby Papa, which makes his daughter (hubby's daughter) angry because they had reserved that title for her husband's father. OK, so stay with me here. Her daughter did not come along for another year after he had been deemed Papa. So now he is grandpa to one and Papa to the others... silly, and petty, I know. I just think it gets a little complex. My sis decided she would be G-Ma to her grandson... and it stuck - sort of - she is G G since that was easier for him when he was little... it works though. I guess to me, it is the names that your grandchildren give you that are the ones that matter.

Moe and Boppie were special to me. I was their grand daughter and god daughter. I was the only child out of 26 grand kids that was both. We had a special relationship throughout my childhood. I miss them as well. Boppie left us when I was in the 4th Grade. Moe stayed until 1985... I was so blessed that she was able to meet my son.

So there you have it, the start of the story for Bosco's Book (oh, do not tell him I called him that LOL). It has been a long road, but I have finished scanning all the family photos (@700 in all) plus all of the lost photos- that I found YAY! That was a couple hundred more. The massive photo sort is also complete. OK, I guess I know where I have been. Give me a little credit, I have stopped in to say hello to some of you. I just wasn't feel terribly inspired to post.

So here is a photo of what organized pics look like...

Oh yes, and for the fun of it, this is what 10 days of wood looks like. Hubby built this rack, so we can fill this and then pull wood from the garage to fill the inside wood box - which he also made. I am sure glad he got the table saw! The garage wood rack is so cool because it folds down into itself for easy storage when we aren't using it. It pays to marry an engineer. LOL Personally, I will be happy when we are no longer in need of the wood stove... (SUMMER anyone?!)

I am pleased I was able to pass on info regarding screen shots. I thought I was the only one who had trouble with them. It completely blows my mind how simple it actually is. I had looked it up originally on google - and there found that the screen shots went to the clipboard, which I had to jump through some hoops to find... and when I got Vista, Ihad to hunt for it again. But Vista left it out... OHHH do not get me started on Vista. (or The Company That Bill Built!!!!) Vista + Me = BAD THING!!! I have a wireless mouse and keyboard. It is a Microsoft - so you figure it would jive with Microsoft products. NOT!!! Apparently, my screen saver does not work because of the mouse.. and this just started with Vista. They know about it, and have known for quite some time - but do you think they would make a fix... NOOOO! I have been hunting down what to do. I did finally get my Hibernate to work, but it almost took an act of Congress. You see, as user me - I have Administrator privileges... but am not really the Administrator. The Admin is hiding somewhere in my puter... and I am on a mission to unhide her (me)... every time I go to do anything I have to get permission FROM ME!!!!! Now what kind of craziness is this. It does not help the whole concept of WORK FLOW! ARGGG!!!

Gee aren't you glad I showed up all sunshine and smiles?! Tomorrow I will go to town and hopefully return refreshed. I am thinking I really have to shake this cabin fever. Hawaii is sure sounding good! I have air miles.... hmmmm, do ya think hubby would go for it...

Have a great one... I am out of here!

ciao for naio,



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

So pretty! You are very organized!



Melanie said...

There you are! I've missed you! Even though I haven't blogged in two weeks, I still go visiting my friends. Very pretty heritage layouts. That "see through" alpha looks good on there.

I looked for you on Facebook but couldn't find you. So you find me, ok? I'm under Melanie Fouse in WV. I've been playing word challenge but I'll give your game a look-see tonight. If I get my work done.

nancy said...

I love looking at other people's family photos. You did a nice job on the layputs. Glad you got a chance to write an entry of your family's heritage. Your children will be glad they'll have a photo album to look back on. I'm still working on mine. I do the real albun not the digital. Have a great week.>>HUGS TO YOU<< TY for commenting on my sister. Nancy

Anne of Alamo said...

I am a balance person too...figured the rest of my life is completely off kilter, my scrapping can be balanced!
wow! that's some wood, thatis waht we use for the whole winter! We did one HALF a cord...
you will laugh it is 60ish outside, but windy and wet, so I have a fire
big applause for finishing the pics!

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE your layouts and stories of them! WONDERFUL old photos! :)
i have been TRYING to be a better blogger too but life sure has a way of letting time slip by.
oh i bet you are HAPPY to be done with the photo organizing! but looks like you did a GREAT job! :) Thanks for sharing! Have an AWESOME evening! :)

Crops said...

Well long time no It's about time you update this thing! hahaha
So you still got that cold weather, man, I don't envy you that's for sure, it's gonna be another mild day tomorrow, I'll send some your swishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....that's me blowing some warm air your way...LOL

Cool lookin' layouts! That is gonna be one fantastic book when you are done and he is gonna LOVE it! I am sure! Keep up the excellent work gf!

Well, it's getting late here, not that late, but Idol is coming on and I HAVE to watch it....I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO!!!
Take it easy gf!!!!

Barbara said...

Wow, you have been busy! I know you are thrilled to be done with all the scanning. I know your son is going to love his album. What a great legacy.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love looking at old photographs and especially enjoy the stories they tell. Thanks for sharing these memories.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

The layouts are wonderful, what a beautiful way to preserve the memories. Great work!!
You are so organised...I am really impressed..I need you to get me going with my boxes of old photos.
Spring has finally arrived her and it's wonderful!!!!

xashee's corner said...

just stopping in to say hi! :)

Jazzy said...

What awesome heritage layouts and I love the stories..Heritage lo are my very favorite to scrap..I thought I had massive amounts of old pictures but I believe you have me beat by a bit..I had hundreds scanned and in the computer when my drive crashed havent had the heart to rescan..keep on telling us your stories..have a great weekend..maybe the weather will get better since its the first day of Spring..

Laurinda said...

Wow! You're in Montana too. We're practically neighbors. Anyway, you posted a question on my blog today and I wanted to respond. Yes, some people do grab other peoples graphics by right clicking on them. My message wasn't intended to accuse you, but to make those that do intend on steeling them stop and think about it. I didn't mean to offend you. I may have to go back in and change that message. Also, you can usually open another page with CTRL + left click. I'm sorry if it caused you any trouble. I enjoyed hearing your input...Thanks
By the way, cute blog, love the layouts : )

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi E -

I have been lax at both posting and visiting (well you would know this as I've not been here) Life just keeps moving on - we get caught up! Well its funny when you think of it, without getting busy enough so we CAN'T blog - there would be nothing TO blog. haha. An oxymoron.

We have the pine beetle problem here too - nasty thing. I think some companies are actually producing goods made from the beetle killed pines.

I still recommend using Picasa (its FREE) and when you have it open (just leave it on) then when you are on the web or in another program you just hit the PrtSc key and it will INSTANLTY take a pic of your screen. Then you can either catch the little tag that comes out right away in the bottom right corner of your screen to go right or just look in your picasa folders for SCREENSHOTS. You have a TON of features in Picasa so you can right away crop/adjust etc, and even EXPORT whatever size you want right away too - even EMAIL it. I've come to LOVE picasa for all it does.

:) Barb

Hope you get it all sorted! So glad I could come stop in on you!