Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 Days left

It really is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas. It has been very cold here. Yet I am finally feeling pretty festive. the packages have been sent - most of the goodies have been made... most of the presents are wrapped... and the sun is shining for the first time in about a week. We did not get as much snow as they had been calling for - but this is doable. Hard to believe the temp is zero in these photos. BRRR. We have been keeping the fire going for over a week. Usually, we let it die down during the day... not this week. No way LOL!

I haven't had much time to blog. I had a pretty large order come in a week or so ago. I had to scan 9 images, clean them up... crop etc - then print 3 copies of each. They look great I might add. Then the client wanted me to cut mattes. I have a matte cutter, but have not cut mattes for awhile... and certainly not in that volume. It brought back my college days. We had to matte all our final projects - which was usually 10 to 20 prints. I was a little intimidated when I started yesterday, but amazingly knocked them out in no time. I guess it is more of a challenge when your grade is on the line.

Today will be a fairly easy day. We leave in a few days to go house sit for a friend. It worked out so nicely. We weren't going to be able to go see the kids (grand babies) until the 26th, because of dog sitting issues. A friend called me and asked when were going to be in Bozeman for Christmas. It turns out that they want to spend Christmas at Old Faithful Lodge... (Who Doesn't?). They need someone to stay with their dogs. WOO HOO... we get to see the family ON Christmas. We don't have to pay lodging, and we don't have to pay a dog sitter - cuz the boys are going with us. Talk about luck! I will get to do some final shopping on Tuesday in Helena, and Wednesday in Bozeman. I love where we live, but at this time of year, I miss the ability to spontaneously shop. I don't miss it the rest of the year. I had just gotten into the mindset to get things finished, when we got all this snow and deep freeze. It is not a good idea to travel at such times. Hopefully Tuesday will be a decent day to be out on the roads. We have to go @ 250 miles. We'll have to have the extra snow clothes, food, water etc. It is funny how prepared you have to be when you live someplace like this.

I am sure looking forward to seeing our grand children. They are just too cute. I made this layout yesterday. Actually I only used one scrap element (Barbara ~ Just Passing Through) papers from her wood meets denim -which is my fav kit of hers - so far, because she is always coming up with such fun stuff. Anyway, the print is 8 x 22 inches. I had a really beautiful frame stored. It is a gift for our son and DIL. They don't have alot of artwork in their house, so I thought this would be fun for them. Aren't they just the cutest kids you ever saw. I should have been a little more creative... next time. LOL

Have a Merry Merry Christmas all - and to all a good day!


OH - I almost forgot - I got an award from Crops - Thanks so much - I want to acknowledge and express my appreciation. Woman, you rock!


Crops said...

There you are... I thought you got lost in the real world...LOL Welcome back to cyber space....hahah I know how things get, so hectic around christmas, even I aint on the computer as much as I like to be, but in another 6 days everything should return to normal, except for the few parties we have to attend, but that is nothin', cause I am NOT hosting them....hahaha

Your neck of the woods sure looks pretty with all that snow! We finally got some yesterday and are expecting another storm tonight, so I was out getting all the food needed for Christmas...I didnt get any cheese....LOL but I still got time, I just hate shopping the day before christmas...people are so angry and MEAN....and they hate to see a smiling face, so I try and stay away the day before...

Your Grandchildren are adorable.... and I gotta tell ya, you certainly don't look like a granny!!!! And why didnt my grannies ever look that good!!! I just remember wrinkles galore...LOL

Have a wonderful Christmas cool you get to spend it with the family....I think I would be a basket case if I couldnt be with my family on the holidays... yeah, they do mean the world to me, but dont tell them, I don't want them to know....LOL

Ok, I better end this, I was out taking picture of our house decorated and got some tree pics I gotta sort through, I sure hope some of them came out!

Take Care and MERRY CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!!!!!!

txbubbles said...

Beautiful photos, but I am glad that you have all that snow and not me! LOL!!! It was 80* here on Saturday, and this morning it was 22*, that's crazy Texas weather for 'ya! It is plenty cold enough for me. Glad to hear you're going to get to see the kiddos on Christmas, have a safe trip and loads of fun! Merry Christmas!
Vicki in Texas

Barbara said...

So glad to hear from you. We have had crazy weather here in Mississippi. It was 70 on Saturday but today I woke up to 17 degrees! I'm so happy that you will be able to spend Christmas with your family. Your grandchildren are so precious! The layout looks great. The photos of the trees are magnificent! I'm praying that the roads will be clear for your trip. Stay safe and warm and have a Merry Christmas!
Love and hugs,

Crops said...

Hey Lady!!! Just had to respond to ya! Yes!!! I have a tripod!!! LOL and I did use it too.... I think it was my BALLS....hahahahahaha I forgot, last year I threw out my balls, cause they were shot, when I went to put up the tree...guess what??? NO BALLS!! So I run to the store and all they had were these cheap plastic balls, I had to get them, cause that's all the had! LOL Maybe I will find some good ones this week! I should of played more but I was losing and why perfect it this year, I still hope to have many more years to do that...hahaha
I don't want to know everything this year....LMAO Hubby did get me the zoom lens with the stabilizer on it...ohhhhh, she's a beauty!!! Now onto the macro lens!!! lol

Hope your having a wonderful time!!! I'm partied out and in me jams today.....HEEEHAWWWWW!!!! lol
Talk to ya soon!!!! Gotta get back to making my layouts... 8 done and more to go....

nan said...

Hello, I'm new here love your site, checking you through from Barb's site Just Passing Through. I love the flowers pics and what you did to them. Lovely family you got there. Happy Holidays! Nancy from Cap't Nancy