Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giving Thanks

I just created a page layout, and I wish to thank Carol for her lovely Christmas kit and add ons - go check her out! She Rocks. I know I need to tweak the page some, but it is a start.
Ciao for now - have to go make some dinner.


Crops said...

You are something gf!!! I gotta tell ya again....this background looks STUNNING!!!! Coming to your blog and seeing this just makes me soo OOHIEEEEEEEEEE.....lmao
I have this song in my head and it goes something like this....Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....have ya ever heard that one before.....hahahahahaha
all you need is the falling snow....LOL
Thanks again Eileen....if you havent thought you made anyones day today....THINK AGAIN!!!!!


Crops said...

It looks GREAT....thanks head on over to me blog, I got something for are the one that ROCKS girl!!!!!!

Kim B said...

Eileen just popped over to tell you that Croppys Blog looks AWESOME and so does yours! She is so thrilled and THANK YOU! Love the *icey* borders - GREAT JOB!

Melanie said...

Just saw Crops' blog and she told us to give you a visit! This is SO pretty! You're a very special person to make her designs into a blog background for her (and yourself). As she's a good friend of mine, I wanted to Thank You for making her SO very happy!

Melanie @ Creekside Cottage Designs