Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter is here

The above photos were taken just the other night (at midnight). The moon was almost full, and I was amazed at how bright the meadow was.

This is the official kick off for our winter. We are experiencing 12 degrees (fahrenheit), and going down... and the wind. It snowed last night, so I was happy... now there is a big ole tree across our drive - so maybe NOT so happy. I am not looking forward to clearing it when it is this cold... but as my motto has always been ~ "it is what it is" ... so off we will go.

The saying goes "be careful what you wish for". Maybe I should not have wished so hard for winter LOL. Actually, this will just be a little inconvenient. We are ready for power outages, in case that is the plan. We have 2 bathtubs full of H2) for flushing - 10 gallons of water for drinking - all the wood we could ever need (with a new row of wood laying in the driveway - ARG!!!) We both have cap lights, and many candles and oil lamps... we are set... although I would prefer the power stay on...

I am going to go address Christmas cards, and make goodies... So have a wondrous day out there in scrapland!



Mrs. Miles said...

ohhh - you and me BOTH - snow coming down abuckets since YESTERDAY and its cccooolld.

I hope you make the most of the day and snuggle in.

thanks for sharing your corner of the world, my friend.

Hope you get all your cards and goodies done... wait! do I smell.... cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger??? mmmm

Barbara said...

Oh how my daughters want it to snow here! Sounds like you're ready for a long winter in. The deer on your header are simply beautiful as are the pictures of the mountains and the meadow. Today my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary. Woohoo!
I REALLY need to do my cards but, alas, I haven't! Oh well!

Crops said...

As always, gorgeous photos!!!
No snow here, thank goodness!!!
Glad to hear you are already for a power outage...YIKES!!! I HATE when the power goes out!!! Even in the winter I need a fan to fall
Got half of my baking done today..made 500 miniture cupcakes, 250 nut tassies and last night did 200 kiffles, still got more kiffles to make and of course cookies...but that will have to wait until my body is working, I am soreeeeeeeee....LOL
Hope you got your cards done and some goodies made!! Chat with ya soon!!!


Hummie said...

Oh, how beautiful! I guess it's good to get physched up for power outages....I'd rather not though!

What a beautiful blog you have here.

xashee's corner said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!! it sure looks bright enough to be daylight!! :D Thanks for sharing!! Happy Holidays!