Friday, December 5, 2008

A New Layout - and a pic or two

Happy Christmas,

I spent longer than I should have working on a new layout for a friend's birthday. I challenged myself on this one. One of these days, I will try to think out of the box as far as how I balance things. I tried a tutorial that I found on Barbara's (Just Passing Through). I had never heard of an OOB before reading it on her blog. I kept meaning to get back to it. My example is not as stunning as hers, but for a first time out, and in light of the image I wanted to use, I did OK. I'll get on some of my buffalo, coyote, bear, and moose photos, and see if I can't come up with some cool stuff. I'm running several images through my mind as I type. For now... this is the one I had to work with. That is my story, and I am sticking t it!!! LOL. Other credit goes to Lesley at Digikeepsakes. She does amazing work - check her out. The paper belongs to Vicki Parker (AWP). The frames are from Linda at Bon Scrappit. They are all very talented ladies - and I am so grateful for all their hard work. Go check them out, and leave them so love it you snag any of their goodies.

For you Crops... here is a photo from last year... the tree, which grew a couple feet this year. Note the really HUGE trees behind the house (shadows). Hope they never fall on us!

This is my exploding Christmas tree - I was experimenting... LOL - kind of like my head after the holidays!

This last one is nothing special, I just like the sparkly stuff.

I am off to go hang some more decs for the deer. Have a lovely evening, and please try to stay warm.



Barbara said...

I think your OOB turned out great! When I first saw that tutorial I made so many. They are quite fun but time-consuming.
Your trees in the back are humongous and the tree you decorated outside looks very grand. The deer are spoiled, aren't they?
Stay warm!

Crops said...

LOL That tree looks so tiny compared to the others...Hey, I got an idea....why don't you decorate ALL the trees and if you do I will definately come out and take a picture or two....lmao
It really looks pretty though, we have 2 huge ones in our yard, but I never decorate them...way too high for me and if I let hubby do it, I know we be in the emergency room, not really worth it, besides, I don't have any deer here, so what's the point! LOL

LOVE LOVE LOVE your OOB! Yeah, they are time comsuming, but believe me, the more you do them, the easier they get. I love doing them, still havent mastered it, like some I have seen. Maybe someday. They certainly are fun to look at!
I don't see any name on this layout, so I am gonna assume its YOU...LOL CUTE ET!!!! You gotta put names on these, when you are gone, and peeps are looking at these, they are gonna say WHO IS THIS!!!!!!! LOL

Not sure what that effect is for your exploding tree, kinda looks as if you were laying down under the tree and stuck the camera up the middle to take a shot...oh, whatever ya did, it looks kinda cool looking!
And please tell me you didnt use the macro for the other photo...I like that one....simple, yet festive!

One more thing before I shut up....LOL I sure hope you got yourself a plow for that my back is starting to hurt just thinking of shoveling that!!!! LOL

Have a good one!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

LOVIN' the new look on your blog, my friend!

Hmmm, never heard of this OOB stuffs, will have to vestigate when I get time

You're amazing me with your layouts - they are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your festive looks - its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... everywhere. Its cold here, but nowhere what you have, I'm betting!

Hummie said...

Those are WOW photos! Love the exploding

I appreciate all the comments on my you ever post in my forums? I'm trying to put two and two together. Would love to have you.