Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

Finally, enough snow to make it at least have the illusion of winter - It is not nearly enough in my opinion, but I will take it. It is such a challenge to get into the Christmas festivities, when there is no snow in Northwest Montana. I truly don't mind decorating for the deer - really I don't... I even have visions of late night gatherings of the squirrels, fox, big cats, deer, and elk. I see them singing Christmas carols around that big ole evergreen. I dream about it, really I do. LOL.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. To me, that is something that should be celebrated every day. What I mean is that no matter what your belief is, it is about giving to those less fortunate, and just trying to promote peace and love everyday, in all that you do. The packages and all the things you are "supposed" to do just don't seem to have much of anything to do with the birth of Christ. Serving at a homeless shelter, giving gifts to Toys for Tots, helping those in need - that, to me, is so much more important than filling the wish list of people who already have too much. Do not get me wrong, I do believe in the joy of children when they receive a gift they really want. Augh, I don't know, I just remember a simpler time, as I am sure many people do.

I have been to town twice in the past 2 days, and quite frankly, it just wears me out. I remember how I used to see signs that said "Drive Friendly" when I lived in Texas. I want a big flashy sign to put on my car that says just that. The people in town were just plain crazy. I do have to admit that I did do a pretty impressive job of getting in and out of town on Monday. I had a dentist appointment about 20 miles from where I was shopping. (yes, novocaine and needles were involved, but I survived LOL). I got to Kalispell at 11:00 and had to leave town by 1:30 to make my appointment. I managed to go to the upholstery shop, Walmart, Costco (grabbed lunch at the drive thru) Ace Hardware, The grocery store, and even picked up a Take and Bake pizza on my way out of town. I even got every single thing on my list.

I have about a week before everything has to be finished... guess I should get to it. Hopefully I will have something nice to show at the end of this busy time. Be well all... TTYS


Barbara said...

You are so right that Jesus is the reason for this season and EVERYday we should live our lives to glorify Him. Our Pastor asked us recently how many useless gifts we were going to buy for people who had everything they "needed"? He was not trying to be mean, just making a point about what Christmas should mean to people. Yes, I love to see children with their eyes full of the magic of Christmas but we need to focus on what the season is all about.

Merry Christmas and I'm glad you finally got snow! My daughters would love to come and play at your house. Stay warm.

Hummie said...

You are such a good person...what a wonderful focus on the real meaning of Christmas for others to read.