Friday, February 6, 2009

Somebody has been a bad blogger...

The last time I stopped in to say hello, I was heading out to the cabin to tidy up a bit. That is it above, as well as the woodshed, and outhouse. It is close to the house, yet lends to the privacy of our guests.
Here is the before photo (inside):
...and here are a couple after:
living room


There is a bedroom behind me, which you cannot see... LOL - because it is behind me.... I love our retro little red table. It was a find on ebay, which we got surprisingly cheap. You see, it was being sold by someone who lived in the town where my son lives... so we were able to pick it up. Most people who wanted to bid on it chose not to because the shipping was sooooo expensive. So we lucked out and got it for $100.00 AND got to see my son on Mother's Day when we picked it up.
I am trying to wrap up a bunch of work related editing jobs, and have just not had time to pop in to say hello. I am almost finished sorting the photos. I hope to be done by tomorrow. As soon as I finish here, I am going to go back to the work room and try to knock it out.
I think I am getting a little of the "winter blahs"... so bear with me, if I don't show up much for now.
Have a great day everyone!


Barbara said...

Your cabin looks so cozy. I can just imagine those old-fashioned glass Coke bottles sitting on that red table! :) I know how you feel about the winter blahs. You haven't been the only bad blogger. I'm looking for Spring!
Hugs, Barbara

txbubbles said...

Well, now I know where I'm staying if I ever get brave enough to go that far north! ROTFL!!! And yes, your little red table and chairs set is TOO cool! Don't 'ya just LOVE ebay?
Sending warm hugs,
Vicki in Texas

nancy said...

Eila, You're not a bad blogger you just trying to taking care of things and your family.That more important. I love the red kitchen sets you'd got there and I agree with Barb about the Coke glasses. I'd never order on ebay and heard alot of people uses it. YOU have a good weekend and take care. Nancy

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to spend my weekends in such a comfy cabin! Great!

Thanks for passing by.