Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Melanie!!!!

Just wanted to pop in "on the fly" to wish a very Happy Birthday to Melanie (over at Creekside Cottage Designs). She is talented and I enjoy reading her blog. Hop on over and wish her the best of days!!! I made her a card, with a little help from some of my friends... and want to point out that I have decided on a new month. In honor of the fact that she does not care for February - we will, from now on, have a combo of Jan and March (or Jarch) ...just for you sweetie.

OOPS!!!! Almost forgot - Melanies gets credit for this kit - it is from her DSO December color challenge... LOVE the colors!!!!

Have a super~fantastic day!!!!


nancy said...

Just for that thought it is nice of you to make a birthday card. so Happy Birthday Melanie. Can you believe the weekend here already? I can't get over the victim on the flight 3407. This is north of Buffalo near Niagara FAlls. I am south of Buffalo. So, have a great weekend. I am going to stop at your friend and say Happy Birthday. Nancy

Melanie said...

(sniff) Thanks SOOO much! I've had a terrible evening and so went looking for my digi-friends. I actually burst out with a big-belly laugh when I read your post. (rotfl) When I saw Jarch on the layout I wondered what foreign language you were speaking. Now I know it was friendspeak. Thanks again! And thank all your "friends" in the layout, too! LOVE it! Next time I'm out your way, can they come over to play? LOL!

Crops said...

And here I thought you were drinking again....LOL JARCH!! I like it!! It's perfect for Mel! She is a sweetie, isn't she! Love the card too!!!
Have a good one, now you can get back to that drinking again! LOL

Melanie said...

(rotfl) I LOVE that layout! I'm going to "steal" it when I get home from work.

I was so depressed Fri night and this REALLY cheered me up. And to be fair to the stepmother, it was SIX kids from newborn to age 9. But I manage to watch them all the time. In fact 4 of them live with me! LOL! And although she watched them when Rachel has this last baby, she had 3 other adults in the house as well. LOL! Oh well. It was a nice try. Don't know if we'll ever get to do it now. Maybe when the grandkids are grown enough to watch themselves.

Thanks for the comment on my layouts. I've found out that I'm more creative with layouts when I haven't done any for a while. And I had to work HARD on these but I was working on a particular technique, too and went looking for special pics and kits that would lend themselves well to what I wanted to accomplish. So I'm particularly pleased with how they came out. Thanks again! Can't wait to see your new layouts! Glad I inspired you! LOL!