Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A HUGE Surprise

A good afternoon it is, here in Montana. It's a balmy 40 degrees, and the weather man says there is a fun little snow storm on the way. I can live with it... I know Spring will get here eventually. The cold and snow has given me a chance to sort the photos, scan the photos... and generally reflect on my life and family. I am so blessed.
Several members of the family gave me a huge stash of family photos. They span back to my mother and father's childhoods, as well ours. I finally decided it is time to just get it done! I have scanned over 300 so far, and think I have only about 150 more to do. That does not include the medium format negatives my mom has given me to scan. ARG! But I do it for LOVE... The negs are next on the "hit parade". This is what I SHOULD have been doing today - but it is not.
This is where I am... There are a few people in scrapland that just plain inspire me... on a creative level, spiritual (true) level, and a down to earth level. They are kind, thoughtful, and just - hmmm - looking for the word ~ Oh Yeah - Genuine. I stop by to read their thoughts. Sometimes I treat myself to a gift they have offered... and say a very heartfelt thank you just for being who they are.
I have no excuse - but I have not really given anything back. I don't know if it is being shy - YEAH! NO! or self conscious. Yep that makes more sense. I am talented at that which I care about... but I am nowhere near as talented as so many people I have come across in this little society. I am humbled... I have made a few layouts, and today I decided to take a layout I had made and turn it into a quick page. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Yes, I said I have a huge surprise - actually, I should have said SHOCK! I have even uploaded it to 4shared and everything. You see, I really did make an account there way back when. (which I discovered I must sign in at least once in 30 days - oops) It is all good. I have nothing to loose - since I had not put anything in there yet. But I have now. And although I have a lot to learn - it is what it is for now.
I would like to share a little about this QP. It is from Wood Meets Denim by one of my favorite designers Barbara, at Just Passing Through. My guess is you recognized yourself above :o) ~ Before she even released the kit, she made me a birthday card from it. You have no idea how much her thoughtfulness touches me. She is a very strong christian woman - and she is genuine. I respect and appreciate it. She is about to release her latest kit - Grand Canyon. You may want to pop on over and say hello. If you download any of her kits, be absolutely sure you say thank you.
So there you have it. My first gift. I hope you can find a use for it. And do not pass out from shock. Thanks to those who have encouraged me... if only by thoughtful words.
Click the preview to download (I hope LOL!)

Have a great day!



txbubbles said...

(Big squeal!!!)
This is fabulous, GF! You have been holding out on us! LOL!!! This is a wonderful kit, it's perfect for you. BTW, when you get done with your photo sort, I have about five boxes I can send your way. ROTFL!!! Glad to hear ya'll are getting a small break in the weather, it's 77* here right now, I am so tired of the up and down temps, I'm sure you remember those 40 degree in one day Texas weather swings!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Crops said...

Wahoooooooo, look at you!!! Fabulous QP!!! I knew you had it in you! So actually I am not that surprised! LOL What a fun layout!
You did REALLY GOOD! I know I got some pictures that will fit in there perfect! You should never second guess yourself, the possibilities that lay within you are endless...(I heard that somewhere before, don't know where, but I think it was appropiate for you at the

Scanning photos is not FUN, then ya got to touch them up, which is even worse! All those pictures... I would be pulling my hair out! How do you scan a negative??? I've never heard of that before....

Get all your picture scanning done and let me know when you have time.
Again, fabulous QP I love it!

Barbara said...

The layout is fabulous and I know you feel that a little corner of the weight has been taken off of your shoulders for scanning all those photos. If you're like me, it feels good but will feel MUCH better when the job is DONE.
Take care and stay warm in that storm! ~Barbara

xashee's corner said...

You did an absolutely FANTASTIC job on this qp! and thank you so much for sharing! :) Have a WONDERFUL evening!

Melanie said...

Yippee! A freebie! I just came to tell you I tagged you on my blog and got a gift while I was here! LOL! I'll have to come back to get it later as my granddaughter wants me to come to bed with her. But yeah, You've been tagged! So stop by my place on the web and get your instructions! LOL!

Laura said...

Thanks for the lovely quickpage. By the way, your two new layouts are fantastic!

Susie2shoes said...

How lovely, thank you so much for this fab gift. I find QP soo darned hard to do, so I really welcome this one as it suits me just fine :D Can I be in line after Bubbles please? I have hundreds and hundreds of photos to scan in. I can't waste any more time as some from the early 70's are losing their colour.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

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