Saturday, February 7, 2009

OK - so I lied

It was a small fib. I was heading to sort the photos, but I wanted to get this up for Crops. She wants to go to the zoo. Recently she also posted a layout with elephants. While sorting, I found two photos of me on an elephant, so I made this little layout in her honor. I used Barbara's - Just Passing Through Bear Kit.

I strikes me as amusing that this is the second time that one of my favorite designers has posted a layout which has images that match some that I have been recently coming across. It must be some kind of sign that I am supposed to be getting my images in order. And so I am. And with that, I am seriously out of here.

Have a super~fantastic day!



txbubbles said...

How cool is this? Love your LO! At least with all the snow you are accomplishing something with your photos!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Crops said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Yep, I screamed!!! LOL That is soooo cool!! I LOVE it!!!!! WOW you actually got to ride on an elephant and have photos to prove it! That is really awesome! Love how you did the layout too! Now, I gotta go catch me an elephant...LOL In all reality it would scare me to death..hahaha

I've about had it with this weather myself!! I actually HATE February...the shortest month of all of them, but it always seems to be the longest month... Hubby saw a robin the other day, which means spring is coming, but it can't get here fast enough! LOL

It was great seeing ya post again, get all your stuff done, so you can come out and play! LOL I can't wait to see those mountains behind your house full with all kinds of greens and no more of that white stuff! LOL

Have a great weekend, I think I gonna burry my head in a snow bank! LOL

nancy said...

That is so cool. you did a nice job on the sb page,also when the kits came from Barb. Glad you'd been posting. YOu take care and stay warm.WE are having a heat wave here in Buffalo,NY.Up to 50's today and down to the 30's in the beginning of the next week. Nancy

xashee's corner said...

The elephant layout is GREAT! and i LOVE the cabin pictures too! hope you get lots done this weekend! :D

nancy said...

That challenge is at..
The woman is also a photographer herself,. Check it out.

nancy said...

oh, bye the way the lady also doing an alpabets challenge with your name. It'll be awhile for that one so check the blog and look on the right for dates for challenges. Ps you might want to delete it after you read my last comment. Nancy

Melanie said...

Love the OOB effect! Great job!

Barbara said...


The layout is great. It's perfect for the OOB effect. I've been on an elephant myself but don't know where the photo is.

We've been having warmer weather. It's 65 right now. Spring is right around the corner!


Crops said...

Heyyy, you got to get one of those SHOUT thingamajigs....LOL
I got something for you on me blog.