Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I Did This Crazy Photo Sort

I now really understand just what a good thing I have done to sort my "bazillions" of pictures. Now if I have an idea that involves a photo I know I have, I go to the box... pick out the section it is in... and I have saved hours.

A friend made this wonderful nature quilt for me to use on the day bed in the cabin LR. The problem is... as much as I love it, it is 2 feet too short. We actually did a trade for it - 8 hours of tutoring on my part for it. So I do not feel bad for returning it. I absolutely love it... but have no place it would really work (I want someone to have it that has a place for it) I have come up with an alternate plan. I am going to design it, create a custom fabric using my own photos... and then pay her to put it together using my specs. Then came the quandary... do I want wildlife images, or scenery - or both. Off to the back room I went. I started with the Cooke City images... before I knew it, I was a scanning maniac! Wanna see some of what I found...
Do you believe in angels? Some can see her, some cannot... this first photo was taken in Billings in 1999. It has always been one of my favorites. I know I have a guardian angel ~ and I know she was on that walk with me that day!
Often, you can find incredible beauty in some pretty broken down things - people too! I loved this winter walk... It was at a time when I lived on the edge of Yellowstone... The next pictures are all from that area. Truth be told, as much as I like "here" I would rather be there!

same day - same general location....

this is the view from our "porch of sorts". It was a big ole spool and a couple chairs on the creek bank. It was where we sip a glass of wine at the end of the day. Or just hang out with coffee and a good book... the sound of the water was so soothing.

Oh yes... another favorite. It was a glorious sunny day... I was on my way home from a walk to a friend's place. I had my camera, and was just having so much fun "pointing and shooting". I spied a moose, and decided to try to catch a snap shot. This was a "cheapo" camera... and the moose was trying very hard to escape my lens... he actually "almost" did. I decided to have a print made for the owner of the cabin (who I had never met). I asked around to find out who they were. One day I spied a truck there in the early spring... so I stopped, knocked, and presented this stranger with my gift. A few days later, I popped into the local Post Office/ convenient store / fly shop... and there was a note inviting me over for a beer creek-side. I went... and The Davis' and I have been GREAT friends for going on 10 years. it is funny how a random act of kindness can turn out so well. I was into RAOK before it was a catch phrase... just because it is just "good" to try to do nice things for others.

This is from the same day I was trying to shoot the moose (NO! Not like Sarah Palin shoots them!!! LOL!) A lens flare can sometimes be such a happy accident. Look up Cooke City on the Internet sometime, just to see a little about the place. There are some "interesting" characters there. So the next photo reminds me of the "Beam Me Up Scotty" thing. We used to joke that alot of folks there (myself EXcluded) probable landed there on that Tractor beam. And... it is a stunning photo.... That was the view from the house I lived in that winter. I do love that little cafe so.

Same place - different season - note the buffalo by the pay phone.

bears in Yellowstone - Momma an couple cubs

A moose North of town

and a buffalo in the drive way.... Never a dull moment.

This next photo is of two "favorite" peaks. They are called Pilot and Index - and they are amazing. I used to love to come "home" from town - these peaks would lead me in. Such a special memory.

And there you have it! This is why I am so glad I sorted things out... Now I can create some fun things and feel good about my life so far....

Have a great day!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

OMG, that's the kind of place (mountains, forI'd love to see!rests, rivers, wild animals, etc...). Your pictures are beautiful!

Thanks for passing by!



Crops said...

Yes, I do work on Wednesdays...sometimes Fridays too.. LOL Ohhhh those photo are delightful to see!!! You certainly got some GREAT ones! How cool too see all the animals in person...that must be soooo COOL!
I think I would take my camera out just to get the mail, in case there was something out there waiting for me....LOL You got any tigers running around there??? LOL

Good to see ya were missed! Take it easy now, and find those TIGER photos...LOL

nancy said...

Speaking of buffalo I wish I could have on in my driveway/not! and to put in my header got some real nice shots of those animals. My eldest nepnew was called mickeymoose when he was little, he couldn't pronounced Mickey MOuse.Ever since he'd got a collections of moose as well as his mother. Thanks for sharing your phoots, I loved the winter in the mountains photos best. Take care. Nancy

nancy said...

I forgot to meantened that angel photo you were showing. I do believe in Angels in many ways. My big sister is one. She is not with us, but when I see one as a picture or things, that when I stop and think that she's looking over my shoulder smiling. She'd collected angels and Willowtree Angels before she passes in Nov. 2007. I do misses her very much. I am so glad that she got two beautiful daughters to remember her by. So, have a good weekend. Nancy >>j<<

txbubbles said...

Yup, you KNOW I believe! I saw her at first glance! I've gotta tell 'ya, the photos of the snow are fabulous, I just like to look at them, though. I still haven't made it far enough South to get warm! LOL!!!
Big Texas Hug,

Melanie said...

Wow! Gorgeous shots!! That was a fun post, I really enjoyed seeing all the photos you've un-earthed. But I don't see the angel. Looks like someone's breath on a cold morning to me. LOL! Oh well, I believe in angels but I guess I tend to look through them, not at them.

Thanks for the advice on the computer. I took it and bought a new one at a good deal and now I'm back and having a great time! Couldn't wait to start creating and then this terrible wind storm came through and I had to shut down the computer in case of power outage. I'm jinxed, I tell you! LOL!

Cicero Sings said...

Lovely photos! I'll be most interested to see the quilt project unfold.

mikky said...

what an amazing place!!! thanks for sharing these through your lenses... :)

xashee's corner said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! your photos are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!! GREAT job with the 'point and shoot' method! hehe
Thanks, too, for your WONDERFUL visits and comments! i soo look forward to them! They make me smile, inside AND out! Have a BEAUTIFUL day and a SPECIAL holiday! :)

Melanie said...

OOOhhhhhh! There she is! Wow! That's so COOOOOL! Great shot!

Barbara said...

I loved looking at all of your photos. God sure has created lovely places for us to enjoy. The lighting is amazing!