Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a little note

I just wanted to pop in before I turn off my computer for the weekend... to let you know - the snow in the picture of the cabin... is the same snow that fell December 15th. It will be here until April... maybe even May. It snows - then a little melts - then it snows some more. I love Montana, and this is great for keeping forest fire danger down... but by the end of February, I am ready for Spring... this year, I am ready now! Just thought I would share that with my Southern Sisters - and my Sis in England who is currently HATING the snow!
My thought for the day - "It could always be worse"
Have a fab weekend!

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nancy said...

We have the same snow for a couple of week now. NOw it is raining and it is a dreary day out there today.I rather sleep all day but my sister came over. I am the youngest of seven children and loving it. With lake like effect here in Western New York its snow quite a bit on and off. Stay warn and enjoy your early spring(dream about it) lol. Take care! Nancy